The twitcam

It all started with a twitcam and two girls Named Logan and Lori when Logan gets a privet twitcam from niall

Logan is my

Age 16

Loves one direction has a brother named Noah


2. the twitcam

Me and my brother and lori are about to do a twitcam mom I said

L Logan

N Noah

Lo lori

L um I heard one direction is coming to California

Lo: ya I know

N: what was that for

Lo: what

N:you sounded like you have something planed

Lo:I do

L : what

Lo: I got us tickets that are v.i.p and front row

(Yes my brother is a DIRECTIONER)

Omg we all screamed

We started to do our twitcam when i noticed a name that said @NIALLOFFICIAL IT SAID ARE YOU SINGLE LOGAN TEXT ME OF YOU ARE

I looked up @nialloffical and it had his number so I got his number and texted it while we where still doing the twitcam I texted

(N:Niall ( l:Logan

L hey you told me to text you and is this the real Niall horan

N yes it is and are you single and if you are I want you to come to one of our concerts

L which one

N the one in California

L oh I already got front row and VIP tickets to that concert

N oh cool I'll see you then 💚💜💙💛❤️

Omg Niall flippen horan just asked me if I'm single I screamed

I forgot the twitcam was still on

I turned it off and looked at Noah and hugged him

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