The twitcam

It all started with a twitcam and two girls Named Logan and Lori when Logan gets a privet twitcam from niall

Logan is my

Age 16

Loves one direction has a brother named Noah


3. the consert

Me and Noah was waiting for Lori to get here to go to he concert.We heard a knock on the do and answered the door to lori. we screamed in happiness we walked outside and got in the car well my brothers.we got to the stadium and a few people were there because we where early. All of the empty seats were now filled with screaming girls and boys. the music started playing and 5 boys walked on stage everyone was screaming and then i saw the one and only NIALL HORAN he looked in the front row and stopped at me he looked at me and i was on my phone and he took my phone and texted are you logan.


"are you logan '' Niall text-ted on my phone

i shook my head yes and he smiled and started to sing Story Of My Life



We showed the Gard person and walked backstage in to there dressing room and i saw Niall he walked up to me and smiled and said

"are you single" niall said

'' yes" i said

"well can i take you out sometime" niall said

" I would love to "i said

"um where do you want to go " niall said

" it really doesn't matter to me " i said

" ok ill pick you up tomorrow at 8:00 ok and i will see you then love niall said while kissing my cheek.

Noah and lori just looked at me and gave me a confused look and said um i saw that they said

and we met the rest of the boys and went to nandos and went home i got on facebook and saw a friend request and it was Niall J. Horan and it was niall and i excepted it and looked throw my facebook after i was done i put my pjs on and went to sleep.



hey i hope you liked this chap love you my little readers
















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