Ida Black, the girl who escaped

We all know that Harry Potter is the boy who lived, but not many people know that four years later, Voldemort sought out another unfortunate child but not to kill.He sought this child out because unlike Harry who had the power to defeat him, she had the power to bring him back, but his plan went horribly wrong. Instead of regaining a body, yet again he was defeated by a child. Ida Black, Sirius Black's daughter, was left alone to fend for herself, for if she stayed in one place too long she feared that Voldemort would find her and try to force her to bring him back to power. Now it's time for her first year at Hogwarts. Will she tell Harry of their linked past, or will she meet her death with the unknown darkness that only she senses?


4. The Celebration

Milly, Rachel, and Amanda came early to help set up. Together we decorated the house with lions, snakes, badgers, and eagles. We backed a cake and since I'm close with the minister (close enough for him to of asked to adopt me which I had to refuse) We were aloud to charm the house so that muggles wouldn't notice it and we could play quidditch. Around 2:oo the guests began to arrive. First came Jack and John (talking about quidditch), then came Fletcher and Louise (bickering as usual), then Tori and Sara (chatting about Witches Weekly), followed soon after by Jane and Jake. We joked around a bit before starting a game of quidditch. Quidditch. There's nothing better than riding a broom. Although it took me a while to feel comfortable on one after what happened to my mother, when I was no longer haunted by the terrorizing thought, I realized how much I loved flying. We played two games. Tori, Louise, Sara, Jane and I played against Jake , John, Jack, and Fletcher. We played two games Tori, Fletcher, Jack and I played as chasers, while Jake and Jane plagued as keepers and Sara, Louise and John played as beaters. We played two games 3o minutes each before coming in. Many team (which haf all the girls) won the first and the guys won the second narrowly. We came back in discussing the games and were about to get some cake when suddenly I felt an all to familiar dark presence. We heard a knock at the door and silence filled the air with intensity. It was Max. I went into the room Rose added to the house for me since I stayed over so often and listened as Rose answered the door. I disappeared and reappeared outside near Max but at an angle so that he couldn't see me. I was ready to jump into action if necessary, because everyone in that Houser knew about Max and how he tortured me for three years because I wouldn't bring his master back, and they all hated him for it. Things could get ugly. "What do you want Max?" Rose's usually warm voice was cold as she spat the words aft him. "Where' s the the girl?" He asked in an even colder voice as he stepped forward and pointed his wand at her. The little hope I had out him simply leaving vanished. I had to do something. I stepped into view. Since he was turned with his back to me, He didn't see me, but Rose did. I saw fear flash in her eyes and realized how much she cared about me. I'm not used to people caring about me. That's what three years with Max will do to you. While I was with him I forgot what it's like to have people care for me. I nearly forgot what it's like to care. "Hello there Max. I don't remember inviting you." I said calmly. I watched as he jumped and spun around with his wand pointed to my chest. I laughed. He doesn't scare me any more. "Nice dance there twinkle toes. Did you practice that?" I said determined to show him that I wasn't afraid. I was sick of him. "Your coming with me." Here said fermly. "You'll have to catch me first." I taunted. He lunged for me, but I was too fast. I easily stepped to the side and disappeared. We did this for a while. I'd disappear a few feet away he'd try to catch me and I'd do it again till I got bored with "our little game" and decided to end it. I yelled "Sherwood Forest!" And disappeared. I don't really need to yell everywhere I disappear to. I only do that around Max so I can escape easier. I appeared in the woods with Max close behind and easily lost him in the trees and arrived peacefuly at Rose's. When I reappeared in the living room everyone jumped. I laughed a bit. Everyone seemed shocked that I took the indecent so lightly. Why do they act like this? They know me they know I'm not normal, and it bothers me when they react this way. It so annoying! When are they gonna realize that I can't just make Max stop hunting me and I can't just let him catch me. The only sensible thing to do is to fight back, but they don't see it that way. The adults put protection charms on the house so that Max couldn't come back. That night we decided to all stay at Rose's and go to Diagon Alley as a group the next day. I can't wait to get to Hogwarts. The one place I'll be safe from Max, the safest place on Earth.
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