Ida Black, the girl who escaped

We all know that Harry Potter is the boy who lived, but not many people know that four years later, Voldemort sought out another unfortunate child but not to kill.He sought this child out because unlike Harry who had the power to defeat him, she had the power to bring him back, but his plan went horribly wrong. Instead of regaining a body, yet again he was defeated by a child. Ida Black, Sirius Black's daughter, was left alone to fend for herself, for if she stayed in one place too long she feared that Voldemort would find her and try to force her to bring him back to power. Now it's time for her first year at Hogwarts. Will she tell Harry of their linked past, or will she meet her death with the unknown darkness that only she senses?


3. Rose

I knocked on the white plain door, and about a minute later it was opened by a fairly tall blond witch wearing robes with different shades of red decorating it and a red witch hat with identical colors. "Ida! It's wonderful to see you dear." She said in an excited voice as she welcomed me in. "It's great to see you too!" I exclaimed. Rose is one of the few people that know the truth about my father and me. After she closed the door I have her a big hug and showed her my letter. She gasped and smiled widly. "Your sure to be in Gryffindor." She said happily "That's not what Milly said. She said I'm a sure Slytherin, and Amanda says I'm a true Hufflepuff. Rachel says that I'll definitely be in Ravenclaw." I said matter of factly. "Well we'll just have to find out when your sorted now won't we?" She said happily. No matter what, Rose always had a way of being excited about something. Maybe that's why I like her so much. Her happiness has a way of being contagious, and she was always carying, like a second mother. That's exactly how I thought of her, as a mother. That night I wrote to all my friends (who had also received letters and decided to throw a little celebration.
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