Ida Black, the girl who escaped

We all know that Harry Potter is the boy who lived, but not many people know that four years later, Voldemort sought out another unfortunate child but not to kill.He sought this child out because unlike Harry who had the power to defeat him, she had the power to bring him back, but his plan went horribly wrong. Instead of regaining a body, yet again he was defeated by a child. Ida Black, Sirius Black's daughter, was left alone to fend for herself, for if she stayed in one place too long she feared that Voldemort would find her and try to force her to bring him back to power. Now it's time for her first year at Hogwarts. Will she tell Harry of their linked past, or will she meet her death with the unknown darkness that only she senses?


5. platform 9 3/4

The night before Sept.1 I slept in the clearing in the woods (thankfully unaccompanied by a dementor). I woke up early and got ready quickly. When I was ready I appeared just outside Kings Cross with about 30minutes to lose. Having shrunken my luggage and putting it in my pockets, I had nothing to slow me down. I thought nothing could bring my high spirits down, that is until I saw Max. He was standing beside the barrier between nine abd ten. The only way to the Hogwarts Express. He was looking for me. Searching the crowds of muggles with his black,beedy eyes. If I tried to appear past the barrier, the muggles were sure to notice. And out I tried to dash past Max, he was sure to catch me. I had to either wait him out or try to blend in. I waited for ten minutes, but it seemed like so much longer. When I couldn't take it anymore, a family of redheads approached the barrier. Me and my long black hair and bright sky blue eyes would never blend in with this group, but I had to try something. I snuck to the left side of the barrier unseen. Just as the last of the family charged through the barrier I tried to skip through. Almost...halfway....hurry, hurry...I was gonna make it, just one hand out.....grab. I felt his hand latch onto mine forcefully followed by a very uncomfortable sensation that I was being smashed into a tiny tube. It wasn't nearly as comfortable as my way. We arrived in his dark "Basement". It seemed much more like a dungeon. Everything was black. The walls, The floor, the ceiling, everything. And on the floor were blood stains from his victims. As soon as we arrived he shackled me to the floor. "CRUCIO!" he yelled I leaned on the edge of my chains determined not to yell and not cry. But it's hard. I shook violently. It was if a thousand knives were piercing my skin and my bones were in fire. I tried to focus on blocking out the pain and concentrating on disappearing. I lied on the floor trying my best....five minutes left.....keep trying....the...don't give minute....thirty seconds...made it. I appeared in the front of the train, and since everyone els was already in a compartment, I was unnoticed. I caught my breath and tried to fix my wild mess of hair. I walked down the train, hoping against hope to find an empty compartment and bumped right into someone and fell back. I looked up to see a red haired freckled boy looking at me with concern. He seemed to be in his third year. He held out his hand to help me up. "Are you alright?" He asked. "Yeah, I'm fine." I answered. "Are you sure , 'cause you seem kinda, pale." "I'm alright." I said quickly. "I'm Ida by the way." I said changing the subject. "I'm Fred." He said slowly still not believing me about being ok. "Wanna come sit with us?" He asked. "Sure." I said. I followed him to a compartment with to people already sitting there. "Ida this is George, my twin and Lee Jordan, a friend. And this everybody is Ida." He said introducing us. For a while we talked about school and houses and quidditch. Then we started talking about ourselves. "So, Ida, do you have any siblings?" Asked one of the twins. "No." I answered lightly. "I have six." They answered together. "Bill and Charlie(graduated), perfect Percy,Little Icky Wonnickens (he perfers Ron) Ginny, and him." They finished pointing at eachother and then pretending to of hurt eachother's feelings fight, then make up. I laughed the whole time. They then told me about their famous pranks and I told them of mine. Then the conversation switched its topic. "My dad works in the ministry, and mum usually stays home to watch over us, like we need it. We behave!"they said together (as always) " Of course you do." I said sarcastically. "We do!" They said pouting. "No you don't." Said Lee. I laughed. "So Ida, what are your parents like?" He asked. I paled and flinched as I normally do when I think about what happened to my mom. It's not something you can get over easily. I doubt I'll ever get over it at all. "Are you alright?" Asked Lee. "Yeah. I'm fine." I said with a smile. "So, you didn't answer the question. What do your parents do? Are they muggles?" He asked. "My patents-" I paused, unsure of what to say. "Aren't around anymore." I finished slowly. One of the twins ( Fred, I think) put his arm around my shoulder." It's ok." He said attempting to comfort me. "What happened?" Asked Lee sympathy in his voice. Suddenly, i couldn't take it. I just wanted to get out of there, so I jumped up and left. I found a compartment with only two people and asked to sit down. "Sure." Said a black haired boy with electric green eyes. I recognized him immediately. It was Harry.
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