Ida Black, the girl who escaped

We all know that Harry Potter is the boy who lived, but not many people know that four years later, Voldemort sought out another unfortunate child but not to kill.He sought this child out because unlike Harry who had the power to defeat him, she had the power to bring him back, but his plan went horribly wrong. Instead of regaining a body, yet again he was defeated by a child. Ida Black, Sirius Black's daughter, was left alone to fend for herself, for if she stayed in one place too long she feared that Voldemort would find her and try to force her to bring him back to power. Now it's time for her first year at Hogwarts. Will she tell Harry of their linked past, or will she meet her death with the unknown darkness that only she senses?


1. A Dark Memory

Being the beautiful night it was, I decided to spend it somewhere I could see the stars. The best place I could think of was a clearing in a forest with green soft grass covering its floors and beutiful flowers of many colours dotting through the grass. I fell asleep gazing at the beautiful sky expecting a peaceful night. How wrong I was. Not long after falling asleep I felt a cold tingling in my spine accompanied by an uncomfortable sensation that my heart we being held in two cold hands. My dashing bright blue eyes fluttered open. I wasn't in the woods anymore. When I opened my eyes, I was back in my old house where my mother raised manger until I was five, and I was about to relive the nightmare that took her away from me. The door swung open and the cold eyes of Voldemort glared greedily at me. He took a step forward And my mother stepped infront of me, to protect me. I stared infront of me. My mother, many loving caring mother, was standing infront of me. I wanted to just state at her. I wanted to hug her. I wanted her to come back into my life. But I couldn't. I couldn't hug her. I couldn't bring her back and I definantly couldn't just stare at her. I could feel myself growing weaker already. I had to stop something. I concentrated hard on every happy thing that ever happened to me every happy memory and shouted "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" a silvery mist escaped my wand. Gradually got stronger, but I didn't have too many happy memories. For three years I've been tortured by a deatheater and the other three being hunted by him, so many patronus didn't last very long, and once again I was back at the house. But this time outside. My mother and I were pin broomsticks trying to escape. As we flew my mother spoke to me quickly. "Ida, I need you to promise that no matter what, you'll stay strong. Promise you'll never give up and that you'll never lose hope." She said with tears streaming down her cheeks. "I swear." I said with tears running down my chin. Suddenly a very angery Voldy threw the door open. I watched him march angrily into the yard. "ACCIO BROOMSTICKS!" He shouted. I watched in horror as my mother fell to the ground with a thud. The monster pointed his wand to my mother's face and laughed wickedly (like how he did in Deathly Hollows2). "Come on down Ida, come join the party. Unless you want your filthy mudblood mother to die." He said cruelly with another laugh. I turned around, but my mother still had her wand. "I love you Ida." She said before she pointed her wand at me and performed her last spell. "IMPERIO!" She shouted. I was forced to disappear with her screems ringing in my ears. It was the last time I saw her. I was about to black out. I could feel myself weaken. I forced my eyes open. Infront of me was a dementor. It was black and its cloak was tattered. I watched in horror as its black skeletal hands removed its hood and slowly swooped in. No I thought. No. "I won't let this happen. My mom died so that Voldemort wouldn't use more to bring him back. She died for me and I want let that go to waste." I said aloud with determination. "EXPECTO PATRONUM!" I shouted and the demntor was forced back. I knew that I was special and could do things that others couldn't and I used many abilities to send the dementor back to Azkaban. That night I cried myself to sleep feeling guilty for what happened to my mother and thinking that I deserved to be locked up in Azkaban much more than my innocent father Sirius Black.
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