The Box, A Story of Truth

This is a story about a boy named Miles. He over hears a pirate talking about a box where everything is real. Unicorns, Griffins, Medusa... Everything thought, read, spoken... is all real, including your worst nightmares...

Miles doesn't believe this 'story' and looks it up on the internet, he finds out more about it and sets out to find it, he then comes across a girl named Elise. He has to find portals and stop the Pirate before he destroys the box.

This story is unreal and based in the 18th century, with today's technology.


6. The Whirlpool

Just then he saw a black, swirling whirlpool going deep into the sea bed. “Sir? Do you see that?” asked Miles. “See what, there’s nothing here but the horizon. Are you seeing things?” William asked. “No, but there’s a black whirlpool and it’s huge,” Miles replied with amazement. The boat was sailing away from the black hole. Miles instantly pushed aside the skipper and turned the wheel toward the dark pool. “Miles, what has gotten into you boy?!” William shouted, surprised by the sudden bad behaviour. “It’s okay Sir, I’ve got it under control”. The boat was metres from the whirlpool when a sailor grabbed him from behind and pulled him back. “Stop, let go of me,” Miles shouted at the man. He then kicked the sailor in the knee and ran to the now turning boat. He steered it back toward the whirlpool. The ship’s stern began to lift and the bow leaned downward. “Here we go!” Miles shouted at the horror stricken faces. As the ship fell toward the portal’s wall, Miles saw water drifting up, as if a plug had stopped the water going down a drain. He was leading all these people to their death. He closed his eyes as the ship went under and engulfed them; all that could be seen was black, then a most beautiful sight...

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