The Box, A Story of Truth

This is a story about a boy named Miles. He over hears a pirate talking about a box where everything is real. Unicorns, Griffins, Medusa... Everything thought, read, spoken... is all real, including your worst nightmares...

Miles doesn't believe this 'story' and looks it up on the internet, he finds out more about it and sets out to find it, he then comes across a girl named Elise. He has to find portals and stop the Pirate before he destroys the box.

This story is unreal and based in the 18th century, with today's technology.


5. The kiss

Half an hour later, after trying on most of the clothes he walked out in new clothes and new shoes. Elise brought him toward the mirror. “Wow” he was amazed. She looked at him in the mirror and turned to face him. He also turned and looked at her. Then he felt a strange empty feeling in his stomach. He hadn’t noticed it before but she had sparkly, green eyes. She leaned toward his ear and whispered, “My father likes you, and would approves of you, staying as long as you want. He trusts you. And so do I”. She pulled back and looked at him. She closed her eyes and leaned closer. Miles also closed his eyes and let everything come to him, and he leaned forward. They kissed and kissed until Elise pulled away and looked at Miles. A big smile spread across her face “Come with me to show my father your makeover,” she squealed, proud of her handy work. They walked out of the cabin. William was talking to the skipper, discussing coordinates. “Elise my beautiful daughter!” He lovingly smiled at her. “Daddy, I gave Miles a makeover, I hope you don’t mind him borrowing your clothes,” Elise asked her father. “Not at all, hey Miles we’re nearing the coordinates.

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