The Box, A Story of Truth

This is a story about a boy named Miles. He over hears a pirate talking about a box where everything is real. Unicorns, Griffins, Medusa... Everything thought, read, spoken... is all real, including your worst nightmares...

Miles doesn't believe this 'story' and looks it up on the internet, he finds out more about it and sets out to find it, he then comes across a girl named Elise. He has to find portals and stop the Pirate before he destroys the box.

This story is unreal and based in the 18th century, with today's technology.


3. Saving a life

“Thanks for the paper,” Mile thanked a man selling news papers. “No worries,” replied the man. Miles looked at the paper he had just bought, properly. The Headline bore ‘Man terrorizes many, riding strange creature’. Miles read the start of the article; ‘Mr Henry Porter, also known as Captain Porter, was seen last night riding a large creature the height of a building, -’. Strange how the ‘dragon’ had been able to fit around his neck, then next thing you know it is the size of a building, Miles thought.’ –with scaly skin and wings that carried him away.’ Miles skipped to the bottom of the article. ‘If you have any information regarding this article, please call us on 1800News4U’. Miles squashed the newspaper in his bag with the left over jam toast he had chucked in without thinking earlier that morning, and pulled out the map. “We’re almost there Phillip, just cross the Caribbean Sea to somewhere in the middle of all these islands and we’ll be there. I just need to find a boat I can borrow,” Miles confirmed to a small rat eating away at the left over jam toast. Miles was seated by the jetty. His hair was dancing wildly in the wind. Miles thought of ways he could get a boat; he could steal or borrow permanently or-. A girl of a young age was screaming and falling into the water. “Somebody help. My daughter is drowning. Please help she can’t swim. Somebody get her out.” Shouted a man aboard the boat the girl dropped from. Then it hit him, do something courageous and they’re sure to help you. Without thinking Miles jumped up and ran off the jetty and into the water. The water was a sensation of a cold, wet sheet, sucking all the air and heat out. He gasped for air as he swam toward the now sinking little girl. He took one last gasp for air then under he went. He opened his eyes. All he could see was darkness and a large white thing drifting down. Miles pulled himself toward her and grabbed her wrist. He put his hands under her arms and pulled her to the surface. They both reached the surface and the man who had been calling for help grabbed his daughter and pulled her out. She coughed and spluttered. Miles climbed a nearby ladder, water dripping down his clothes. “Is she breathing?” the man asked. Miles had learned at his Survival Skills lessons how to resuscitate a person, he ran to the lifeless girl’s aid. He knew the danger was gone and that she wasn’t responding either. He told someone to go get help and to come back to check on her. He checked her airways and got rid of the water. She wasn’t breathing but she was going blue. He would have to go into CPR. Miles took one deep breath and after one minute of rescue breathes and compressions she came to. She looked around at her surroundings and took in what had happened. “Oh my god, Victoria, I thought you were dead!” The girl’s father looked around at Miles. “Thank you, you saved my daughter’s life,” He hugged his daughter closer. “No problem, Sir, I just saw your daughter and though she needed rescuing,” Miles smiled and walked toward his bag when- “Wait, son, do you want anything? I will offer you whatever you want,” he offered. “Well, I would like a ride” Miles eyed their boat.

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