The Box, A Story of Truth

This is a story about a boy named Miles. He over hears a pirate talking about a box where everything is real. Unicorns, Griffins, Medusa... Everything thought, read, spoken... is all real, including your worst nightmares...

Miles doesn't believe this 'story' and looks it up on the internet, he finds out more about it and sets out to find it, he then comes across a girl named Elise. He has to find portals and stop the Pirate before he destroys the box.

This story is unreal and based in the 18th century, with today's technology.


4. Meeting Elise

The waves were crashing and a wall of sea water flew above the deck. Miles smiled as he took in the feeling of riding in a boat and what it felt like, as he had never been on one. The man, whose daughter he had saved several moments ago, walked toward him, “What did you say your name was again?” he asked. “I didn’t say, but it’s Miles, Miles Brown, sir. Excuse me for asking but, what is yours?” Miles asked. “My name, Miles, is Sir William George Kent. But you can call me Sir or William,” William replied. “Is your daughter okay Sir? I mean is she better than before?” Miles asked William. “She is fine though she does want to meet her rescuer. You can go inside if you want” William assured him. “Okay Sir,” Miles walked over to the cabin. He opened the door and looked in. She was sitting on a bed in the middle of the dim room. “Who are you?” she asked. “I’m Miles, I saved your life,” he replied. “Can you come closer, so I can see my rescuer, Miles,” she asked. Miles took off his hat and walked closer till a reflection of light coming from somewhere to his left shone in his face. She also made movement and lit a candle on the other side of the room. She was taller than he had thought. She looked his age. She must have dried and redone her hair and dressed in another dress. She walked closer, looked into my eyes, “you’re searching for something, more specifically some things. What are you searching for Mr...?” “Brown, my name it Miles Brown, but just call me Miles. I’m searching for, no it’s okay, hang on how did you know that I was searching for something?” he asked her confused. “I search for things in people, signs of their wishes, of their feelings toward people,” she told him. “You are embarrassed, you’re reddening in the face,” she smiled. He leaned out of the glinting light. She blew out the candle and moved to another place around the room. She turned on the cabin’s light and closed the drapes. “My name is Elise Kent. Mr Brown-” “Just call me Miles please I’m only eighteen,” he said shyly. “Me too, I knew you were my age. Come on let me get you out of those cold wet clothes,” she pulled him toward a wardrobe and opened it.

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