Chila is a 17 year old girl who can't wait to complete high school. She has an abnormal reason for wanting to go though. Her mother died from cancer when she was just 9 years old and her sister, Jules, died a mysterious death that no one has found the reason for. It is just Chila and her dad. What could go wrong? More than you could think. And for Chila, it's a reality. But what if there was someone who she new loved them? What if it was a band? Who would she chose?


7. Try

Today I am actually excited to go to school. I need to complete my plan, and quickly. 


at school


I was in the hall trying to observe who would be trustworthy enough to tell. I tried to observe how groups interacted and I also tried to see who was gossiping. Because I definitely don't want friends like that. No one looked at all trustworthy.

Then Kyle walked up to me. He looked angry so I just walked away, hopefully escaping his wrath. But then I ran into a girl who I think was called Kelsy. Yeah. She seemed pretty nice.

"Hi!" she said cheerfully.

"Hello" I replied barley audible.

"Do you want to come hang out with us?" she asked, and seemed very believable.

"Um, sure." we started walking down the hall and getting to know each other.

After school I decided to go over to Kelsy's house. Apparently she was throwing a party.

She started going on and on about how this guy, Brent, would be perfect for me. But I know who Brent is. He is a football player. And a player with ladies.

I don't know how this party is gonna go.

Maybe I should just see what happens. And then maybe Kelsy will actually want to be friends with me.



I am sorry I haven't updated in like FOREVER! But I am gonna do a whole bunch of short chapters this weekend, then make them longer. I just have to leave you at cliffhangers.!!!!


I love you all!

Stay Amazayn, Phenomniall, Extrodanharry, Fabulouis, and Brilliam!

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