Chila is a 17 year old girl who can't wait to complete high school. She has an abnormal reason for wanting to go though. Her mother died from cancer when she was just 9 years old and her sister, Jules, died a mysterious death that no one has found the reason for. It is just Chila and her dad. What could go wrong? More than you could think. And for Chila, it's a reality. But what if there was someone who she new loved them? What if it was a band? Who would she chose?


4. Revision

I decided to go lie on my bed and think of a better plan then pretending to walk to school. The school would call my dad and he wouldn't rest. 

I have always been pretty intelligent student, but my brain just wasn't functioning right now. How hard can it be to think of a plan? Oh, probably because Dave is a complete psycho who will murder me if he finds me after I escape.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm lets see......................... Maybe I could get some sort of lady to come and distract my dad, then I make a run for it. Nah. He would be waaaaaaaaaaaay too curious and might murder the woman if once he finds out that I am gone.

Urgh. Trying to escape a psychopath is very difficult. Just you try it. No plan will work because they have resources and will lie and cheat until they get what they want. 

Instead of the school calling my dad, I could actually go to school, then go hide in the forest.

Wait, my teachers would contact the office, who would contact the police to see if I had gone missing. I know right? Crazy school. Most people would just call the parents if that just happened. But NOPE. My school is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different. 

So what other plans could work. 

It would be difficult to jump out the window that is 2 stories up. 

I have no friends to help me whatsoever.

I don't have that much money to buy anything to help.

The police won't help that much because my dad checks my calls every day at 1 o clock.

Urm, there seems to be nothing that I could do. Unless I could magically get friends in the next like what, few days. Seems almost impossible.

I guess I could at least try and get friends. But I don't know who would understand. 

Well................... There is this boy that I just feel that I can trust. But he is too popular.





I am so sorry that this chapter is so short, but I felt the need to leave you at a cliffhanger and today I went to the park and brainstormed ideas and came up with some plans.

Please vote on the member of One Direction that Chila will try and impress!

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LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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