Chila is a 17 year old girl who can't wait to complete high school. She has an abnormal reason for wanting to go though. Her mother died from cancer when she was just 9 years old and her sister, Jules, died a mysterious death that no one has found the reason for. It is just Chila and her dad. What could go wrong? More than you could think. And for Chila, it's a reality. But what if there was someone who she new loved them? What if it was a band? Who would she chose?


8. Party?

I arrived at the party and there were people already completely wasted in the front yard.

Whatever, maybe I just need to loosen up a little bit more.

Is this a regular teenage life?

"Hey........................................... Chila, right?" Kelsy sounded SUPER drunk.

"Yeah, hi." I had no enthusiasm at all in my voice.

"I have someone I need to introduce you to!" she slurred.

Then she grabbed my arm and dragged me inside. And it was crowded. So many kids grinding on each other, and people making out on couches.

She dragged me out to the garden and there was a guy sitting on the bench.

"Chila, this is...um-" she got cut off by the guy.

"Brent." he said. Isn't he like the biggest player in school?

"Yeah! That's it!" Kelsy giggled a bit. So drunk.

"So, Chila, you wanna ditch this party?" he asked.

Then it hit me.

Kelsy was trying to make me Brent's one night stand.

What a bitch.



Sorry I haven't updated. I have been UBER busy.

So I might not update for a while

I am sorry my carrots.

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