Chila is a 17 year old girl who can't wait to complete high school. She has an abnormal reason for wanting to go though. Her mother died from cancer when she was just 9 years old and her sister, Jules, died a mysterious death that no one has found the reason for. It is just Chila and her dad. What could go wrong? More than you could think. And for Chila, it's a reality. But what if there was someone who she new loved them? What if it was a band? Who would she chose?


1. Attempts

No matter how hard I try I just can't escape it. I wish I could be one of those girls who had it easy. But I have to do everything wright or else, there is severe punishments. Illegal even. But who knows? Nobody. I am 17. Not old enough to leave. But, I am working on graduating high school a year early so that I could go to college and escape my dreadful home. 

I have barely any nice clothes. All our money goes into materials for my punishment. Including condoms and any other kind of protection we need to keep Dave happy.

Dave is my dad. I don't even call him dad anymore. He makes me call him master. 

All the times that I hear girls complaining about how they have it hard, I just want to yell at them and tell them how I feel. But I can't. Because the police would come. He would blame me. 

If the police come a knife will be injected into my body. If I refuse punishments I either have a severe beat down or something sharp is injected into my body.

If he stabs me, he will take me to the hospital and make up a very believable excuse. They need to use those lying machines on him, then they will know the truth.

This is my only way of complaining to anyone. My thoughts. Unless he gets mad at me for telling you. I am also really weird. I call my thoughts my carrots. So my carrots, I have tried many times to get out of this hell hole, but I haven't been able to make it. I am afraid to try again.

What if he gets more angry this time? How will he punish me this time? I can't take any chances. He is already mad at me for not cleaning the kitchen correctly. I have soon to face my punishment. Once Dave comes home and settles down and is ready, he will say something like 'Oh Chila darling! It's time for your punishment. At least it's pleasurable!' but little does he know that it just hurts and I can barely get out of bed in the mornings. He does it for his pleasure not mine.

I just don't want Dave to somehow find me if I leave. Cause he will be super angry and kill me on the spot. I will pretend to walk to school, call in sick, wait until Dave leaves, go back inside, get my suitcase, money, and some food, then go to a hidden part of the forest that almost no one knows about.

Well, at least the police and Dave don't know about it.

I heard the door open and knew that Dave was home. My carrots, I am sorry but the time is coming near. You young carrots might not wanna see my punishment. I heard him open the refrigerator and munch on something.

The time is getting closer just a matter of seconds till he says-

"Chila, it's time for your punishment! You will have lots of pleasure tonight! Because we are going all night. I rested up just for this!" he said all happy and rested. When he says all night. He means ALL NIGHT. I am sorry my little carrots. But, it is time. A scary time I might add.



OK. So I call all my readers my carrots, so why not have Chila call the audience her carrots!

Also, the next chapter is gonna be a bit in detail, sooooooooo. I will briefly go over important things that are gonna be said in the next chapter, in the chapter after that. 

ALSO: If you have been reading my other Movella "Becoming Me" you are amazayn, if you haven't............. you should totally read it. And you are Amazayn too.

A CARROT! FOR ME? YOUR TO KIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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