Don't trust styles

Meet Marie Mayne she dated Harry styles from that boy-band One Direction she loved him until she found out his secret....

This is my first movella so sorry if this is crap.

There will be content language and dirty scenes. 16+ sorry:( and I have parts open for Louis, and Harry and Marie's friends


2. chapter one

Marie's POV

Hi there my names Marie Mayne. I know weird name right?

But anyways here's my story:

I met Harry Styles about 2 years ago and I have been dating him ever since. Let me tell you something: it's not easy being his girlfriend because he's always on tour, working, and recording, and there's never any time for us it's just work, work, work for him. I am actually getting tired of never having time to spend with him.

"Hey babe." Say to Harry as he walks into the room

"Hey love."

"Are you busy later?"

"Actually yes I am I have to record a song. Why?"

"Oh I was just wondering if we could go for a walk."

"Not today love sorry"

"It's fine."


And with that he just walked out without me saying anything. I was pretty mad on how he ignored me.

Anyways there's some of my story


Hi guys. I'm sorry that this was short but I had to start over again because apparently I had 76 chapters most of them were chapter 4 over and over again

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