Don't trust styles

Meet Marie Mayne she dated Harry styles from that boy-band One Direction she loved him until she found out his secret....

This is my first movella so sorry if this is crap.

There will be content language and dirty scenes. 16+ sorry:( and I have parts open for Louis, and Harry and Marie's friends


8. chapter 6

~the next day~ Harry's POV its finally here Valentine's day! I still have the ring when I was going to ask Marie to marry me (lol it rhymes). I have everything planned out for tonight. I'm going to take Marie to the restaurant and talk to her and before we leave I'm going to propose. This is going to be the best Valentine's day ever, I can't wait for tonight. Zayn's POV Tonight's Jayden's night I went to the jewellery store today to get the ring. I can't believe that tonight's the night I'm going to marry her. This past year has been the best especially since I got to spent it with my mates touring and Marie, and especially Jayden. Niall's POV I'm taking Schuyler out to the fanciest restaurant tonight and I'm asking her to move in with me and on her birthday I might ask her to marry me. It's going to be the best days. I'm so excited to be with her and she's different than other girls and that's what I love about her. Liam's POV I have everything for me and Rebekah's picnic tonight and I think she'll love it because we are leaving at sunset and it takes a while to get there so we will be there under the stars and the moonlight. That's her favourite time of the day and I want her to feel special on this one day because she makes me happy everyday, so I thought she'll love this. A/N: hey sorry if there's any spelling mistakes and sorry its not a long chapter but when I update it will be Harry and Marie's POVs about their date and everything and ill update after school about Zayn or Liam's dates and at night it will be Niall's. oh and I also need Louis girlfriend.
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