Don't trust styles

Meet Marie Mayne she dated Harry styles from that boy-band One Direction she loved him until she found out his secret....

This is my first movella so sorry if this is crap.

There will be content language and dirty scenes. 16+ sorry:( and I have parts open for Louis, and Harry and Marie's friends


7. chapter 5

A/n: I decided to skip the hospital bit and start something else. The hospital bit will be added in this chapter. Enjoy!!!

Marie's POV

It has been a month since I've been in the hospital and tomorrow is Valentine's day!

I'm so excited and I think Harry and the boys have something planned out. I also worked out everything with Harry and we are happy as ever.

Harry's POV

I'm so excited about tomorrow I'm taking Marie out to a special restaurant. It's the restaurant that I took her on our first date and she loved it, I'm so glad I didn't lose her that one faithful day, we've worked out everything and she promised not to touch another razor blade ever again.

Liam's POV

I have had a girlfriend for about 2 months now and I really love her she makes me so happy. Her name is Rebekah and she has the prettiest hazel eyes and the most perfect brown hair. She's the sweetest girl, she also loves sports and music. I was thinking of taking her to a picnic date tomorrow because she told me her idea of a perfect date would be a picnic. I really want to impress her tomorrow all because I love her more than ever.

Niall's POV

I have been dating this girl for 5 months now and she's really sweet and funny. Her name is Schuyler (skyler). She has the bluest eyes and brown hair that make her eyes sparkle and stand out. I was thinking of where to take her tomorrow. I thought about the nicest restaurant in town but Schuyler doesn't like it when I spend too much money on her and I think that makes her special. I want to ask her to move in with me because she's the perfect girl for me. She also is really short which is cute and she loves volleyball.

Zayn's POV

I have been dating this girl for a year now. Her name is Jayden. She has long brown and pretty brown eyes (Cody Simpson song!) she loves to dance and play volleyball especially beach volleyball. Tomorrow I'm going to ask her to marry me and she's already living with me so it makes it more better.

A/n: hope you guys enjoy this chapter.

Jayden, Rebekah, and Schuyler I added you guys in this chapter hope you liked it :)

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