Don't trust styles

Meet Marie Mayne she dated Harry styles from that boy-band One Direction she loved him until she found out his secret....

This is my first movella so sorry if this is crap.

There will be content language and dirty scenes. 16+ sorry:( and I have parts open for Louis, and Harry and Marie's friends


3. chapter 2

A/N: a long chapter

Marie's POV

I sat on the couch wondering why Harry left me. I hope he's not mad or anything.

Harry's POV

I was wondering of Marie is mad at me because I left without letting her speak. I feel really bad now I just walked out on my girlfriend hopefully she's not mad I really hope not.

~2hours later~

I finally finished recording I'm craving Starbucks really bad.

Marie's POV

Harry walked into the game room while I was watching the boys play FIFA, he sat down beside me, put his arm around me, and gave me a kiss. I wonder what has gotten into him?

"Hey love, I was wondering if you wanted to take that walk now?" Harry asked me

"Yeah sure. Where are we gonna go?"

"Erm... I was thinking Starbucks?"

"Yeah let me go and get my coat."


After I got my coat we were off to Starbucks.

While walking we got attacked by paparazzi but I didn't care I was used to it.

~at Starbucks~ (still Marie's POV)

Harry went to order our drinks while I found a table. I wanted to ask him why he had walked away earlier but I don't want to get on his nerves. So I'll just keep it to myself.

Harry's POV

I had just ordered our drinks and the waitress was checking me out and being all flirty with me and I was pretty annoyed so when she handed me our drinks I took them and left. When I sat down in front of Marie I noticed that a phone number was written on my drink. I was extremely mad right now.

Marie's POV

I noticed that Harry's drink had what looked like a phone number I was mad and I looked over at the waitress and saw that she was looking at Harry MY BOYFRIEND! I walked over to her and asked nicely,"hi there... Umm Chantelle if that's you're name. I noticed that you were looking at my boyfriend and I wanted to know if you could stop, thanks."

As I was about to walk away she said stubbornly," well even if he is your boyfriend I'm still gonna look at him, I'm my own person you can't tell me what to do."

I turned around and I really wanted to punch this girl out. " well even if you are your own person I want you to stop looking at my boyfriend."

"I don't have to if I don't want to."

She really pissed me off so I said," listen here Chantelle I can file a complaint of you not working but looking at my boyfriend while on the job. So I suggest that you stop looking at him or I'll tell your manager."

I could here her mumble." Bitch."

"Oh that's it I want to see your manager right now!"

"How about no."

I barged through the counter door and went to the back and barged through that door too!

"Hello are you the manager of this place?"

"Why yes I am how can I help?"

"Well I have a complaint about one of your staff members."

"Oh is it Chantelle?"

"How did you know?"

"She gets a lot of complaints around here and I think I'm going to fire her, but what is your complaint?"

"Well instead of doing her job she was checking out my boyfriend and have him her number on his coffee cup."

"I'll see what I can do."

"Thank you so much."

And with that he went to the front and called Chantelle to his office. About 10 minutes later they both walked out and Chantelle didn't have her uniform on. I guess she got fired, as she was walking by she gave me the dirtiest look you can imagine.

Harry's POV

Marie had went up to the counter and started to talk to the waitress that had helped me. I wonder if she saw the number on my cup. After about 5 minutes of taking Marie went behind the counter and didn't come back until 10 minutes later. A guy appeared behind the counter and had called the waitress to go with him. Marie had came and sat down.

"What did you go and talk about to them?"

She didn't answer me I guess she thinks I flirted with her.

"Marie?" "Are you mad at me?"


"Why what did I do?"

"Oh don't act fucking stupid Harry I know you flirted with the waitress."

"What are you taking about all I did was order our drinks and sat down here."

"Can we not talk about this here."

"Fine lets go home and talk about this."

After her not responding the girl and the guy came out of the back. I swear that girl was fired and she gave Marie a dirty look.

A/N: I wrote this a long chapter with drama. Comment what you think and if you have Kik, snapchat, or Instagram I can give you mine :) if you ask!

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