Rapunzel's evil twin sister has been totally forgotten about through the years. She has survived on her own and surrounded by hate, bitterness and misery. what happens when she captures Rapunzel and takes her identity too have the throne? Will the Kingdom be doomed to some dark years or will she be stopped?


7. Suspicion

Evana's POV

When I got back to the castle, Edward was talking to one of his guards. I ducked behind a wall and listened:

"Rapunzel has been acting weird today! She nearly bit my tongue off!"

The guard shrugged uncomfortably.

Edward sighed and walked away. I followed him up onto the roof. He paused and looked up at the moon, "How on earth am I going to become king if Rapunzel is not as gullible as she was before?!?"

A wave of anger and protectiveness for my sister washed over me. Growling, I approached him. He spun around, shocked.

"Rapunzel! What are you doing here!?!" He asked with a nervous laugh, his eyes flickering between me and the stairs that led up to the roof.

"Oh, but Rapunzel isn't here." I smiled pleasantly. Then I shoved him off the roof before he could say a word.

His scream echoed in the night.

I turned around and walked swiftly away before the guards came, smirking to myself.

Rapunzel's POV

I waited patiently in my tower, glancing at the clock every few minutes. Evana was late by half an hour for her etiquette lessons. It didn't seem like her to be so late. Despite the fact that she was the one that locked me up in this tower, I felt worried that something had happened to her. She was my sister after all.

"Hello Rapunzel." a voice behind me said coolly. It was Evana.

"Hello." I greeted her. Then I noticed the look on her face. "Is something wrong?"

"How do I put this...Edward didn't really love you, he was just using you because he wanted to be the  king of this country, so I pushed him off the palace roof and killed him." Evana said all in one breath.

I looked at her in shock, tears forming in my eyes.

"You killed him?! Why?" I was sobbing now, my vision blurring from the tears.

Evana gave an annoyed huff.

"Didn't you hear what I said? He was using you, so I killed him. You should thank me for getting rid of the liar for you."

I walked over to the armchair in the corner of the room and slumped down, my body shaking.

"I loved him. It doesn't matter if he didn't love me, I loved him. And he's dead." my voice broke at the last word. I felt empty, as if I would never be happy again. Edwards was gone. Gone. Forever. I kept trying to convince myself that this was just a bad dream, a nightmare, but I knew that it was true. Edward was dead, and nothing I did could bring him back. "But how dod you know that he didn't love me?"

"I heard him say it, obviously." Evana said, rolling her eyes. The action made me furious, because I could tell that she didn't care and didn't think it was much of a loss. "He was talking to himself on the roofs. I heard him. End of the story."

I turned away from Evana, burying my face in the armchair. I waited until I heard her leave, then threw myself on the bed and cried my heart out. That's the position that I fell asleep in, lying across my bed with dried tears on my face.

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