Rapunzel's evil twin sister has been totally forgotten about through the years. She has survived on her own and surrounded by hate, bitterness and misery. what happens when she captures Rapunzel and takes her identity too have the throne? Will the Kingdom be doomed to some dark years or will she be stopped?


2. Kidnapped

Rapunzel's pov

I woke up in a good mood. Today, there was going to be a ball to celebrate my engagement with  the son of the king of the neighbouring country. His name was Edward of Caledonia. He is SO cute!! I get up and let the royal stylists do their job. they undress me and bath me in six different concoctions. when I'm done, they dress me in a fine, silk, pink dress and fuss about what too do with my hair. My hair is EXTREMELY long, it has tangled all over the room. They decide not too do anything and place a tiara on my head. Then, my maids come in and do my bed and untangle my hair. Finally, they all leave. I sit down looking out the window while brushing my hair. I look into my reflection in the mirror. A seventeen year old girl is staring back at me. She has deep, sparkling green eyes, light pink lips, skinny, tall and beautiful. I look past the window and into my garden. I've always loved flowers. I get up, smoothing my dress and walk out of my room.

*  *  *


I go down the three hundred and fifty one steps that lead away from my bedroom tower and proceed too the dining room. The crystal chandeliers are turned on to a rosy glow. I sit at my place in the long and empty table. Servants come and offer me food. When I'm done I head towards the castle gates, enveloping myself in my cloak. The guards block my path with their spears. "your not permitted too leave the castle miss" One says " I'm just going for a walk William" I say and they nod and let me through. I pull up the hood obscuring my face.

*  *  *

I walk through the village, letting the hood fall. People wave friendlily at me " RAPUNZEL!!" I feel someone jump on my back and turn and see three village girls running up too me. The weight on my back shifts as it jumps down. A young boy around 6-7 with curly brownhair and a big grin smiles at me. " Hey Benji" I say as the girls run up too me. They curtsy and the eldestscolds the boy " Really Benji? You do NOT behave that way too royalty" " Good morning April, Sunny, Ava, How are you?" I ask politely. They start yammeringabout their life and more kids come out of their house too join us. They girls demand too brush my hair and the boys set up a kick ball game for my entertainment. At noon, I leave, promising them that I will be back tomorrow. I walk through my garden and make a bouquet of lilies and roses. I sniff them contently. As I head deeper into my garden, I feel a gaze on me. My skin crawls and I shift uncomfortably. I keep walking, faster and brisker, determined too get inside. I hear a noise and break into a run. I can hear footsteps behind me but I don't turn back to look. I just keep running. I know that whoever is behind me will outrun me because of my long hair and high heels but I don't care. If I can get close enough to one of the castle entrances, I can scream and the guards might come save me. I am about to open my mouth when I feel someone violently pulling my hair, making me turn around. All I see before getting knocked out is a pair of green eyes.


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