Rapunzel's evil twin sister has been totally forgotten about through the years. She has survived on her own and surrounded by hate, bitterness and misery. what happens when she captures Rapunzel and takes her identity too have the throne? Will the Kingdom be doomed to some dark years or will she be stopped?


5. Dancing

Evenia's POV

I breathed a sigh of relief when the song was done. The prince kept stepping on my feet! I gently massaged my foot and sat in a chair. The next song started up and I groaned. "Are you alright your highness?" A deep, soft voice asked. I turned and found myself looking at a man. I nodded and turned my attention to the prince as he came up, pulling me to my feet. He kissed my hand, and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I resisted the urge to shrug it off. "Come on sweetheart." I inhaled through my nose and he pulled me through the crowd, twirling.

* * *

Edward dragged me along behind him. He led me into the garden, and sat me on the bench beside him. My feet hurt so much. "-so, we just got engaged and all, and you look so lovely tonight." I realized he had been talking to me. Edward paused and stared at me in the eyes. Before I knew what was happening, his lips were on mine. They were rough and hard. His lips parted mine and his tongue entered my mouth. Anger pulsed through me. I bit his tongue. Hard. a shocked yelp escaped him and he pulled away. "Honey, what's wrong?" He asked me. He was staring at me like I had three heads. I glared at him and ran away, disappearing into the night.

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