Rapunzel's evil twin sister has been totally forgotten about through the years. She has survived on her own and surrounded by hate, bitterness and misery. what happens when she captures Rapunzel and takes her identity too have the throne? Will the Kingdom be doomed to some dark years or will she be stopped?


4. A ball

Rapunzel's POV

I'd been here for three days. Every evening, Evenia would come visit me and tell me to teach her how to act like me. She was usually very annoyed at how she had to act to be like me. She said it was too "girly". Gosh. She was going to be here any minute now, for another "lesson". Beautiful, just awesome (note the sarcasm in my voice). Oh, here she comes.

"Hello." I say. I really don't want to be nice to her but I have to since she might do something to hurt Edward if I annoy her too much.

She didn't reply. That was weird.

"Is something wrong?" I ask her.

Again, no reply. Okay, something was definitely not going well for her.

"What happened, just spit it out already!" I half shout at her, exasperated.

"Maybe you weren't as girly as i thought..." she says to herself.

Gosh, was she doing that on purpose to just to irritate me?

"Okay, I know something happened but if your not going to tell me, i won't be able to help you." i tell her.

"Fine! They're throwing a ball and I have to start the dance and I have no idea how! Happy? she screams at me "Maybe I should just do something to make it end..." she added as an afterthought.

"You know you could just ask me nicely to teach you how to dance?" I tell her.

"shut up or I will kill him. " she says while glaring at me.

Okay, so maybe getting her pissed at me wasn't such a good idea.

" about we start your dance lessons now?" I ask her awkwardly.

Still glaring at me, she walks over to me and allows me to show her dance steps and different types of dances. I hope she won't go hurting Edward because of this. That was the only reason I was helping her with her acting. Because of Edward. She'd not yet broken the engagement because that would look weird but she still could...

Evenia's POV

After two hours of tripping over my feet and slamming into walls, I danced decently. Rapunzel and I twirled around the tower and I started to actually feel happy. I shook my head. No. I stopped dancing. "Okay" I said sharply "Lessons are done." I'm going now. Taking a deep breath, I threw my braid on a hook outside the tower and before I let myself fall, I tossed a bag of provisions at my sister. "Here you are" Then, I jumped.

I draped the traveling cloak over me and pulled the hood over my head. I approached the guards. "Hello William." I said, trying to keep my voice friendly and light. "Hello your highness" He said "prince Edward of Caledonia will arrive shortly." I nodded and entered the castle.

I stood stiffly as the makeup artists added a final retouch and weaved flowers in my braid. "There, your done, your highness" said one of the artists. I nodded grumpily, walked out of the room, my head held high and into the ballroom.

I stopped as I saw what awaited me. Thousands of people where twirling gracefully around the room. The royal valet grabbed my arm and dragged me along the floor. "there you are! hurry, we need to introduce you!" He dragged me up the steps and onto the elevated platform. " Your royal princess Rapunzel!!" He announced to the crowed. They broke out into applauses and cheers. "You look stunning, as usual" Said a voice in my ear. Spinning around, I found a tall, handsome guy. He had dark brown hair, deep blue eyes and was well built. Totally NOT my guy. " Prince Edward of Caledonia!" Announced my Valet. Oh crap! I'm engaged to him. Yup, he totally has to go. He grabbed my hand and pulled my onto the dance floor "May I have this dance?" He asked and, without waiting for my answer, put my left hand on his hip, doing the same with his right, and placing my right hand on his shoulder, also doing this with his left. Then, he led me around the ballroom, dancing.


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