Another World through the Black Hole

We were travelling through outer space when we there sucked through a black hole and we fell into a new world with only two surviving people: Claudia and me.


1. A new world can be a dangerous place.

Descending below the thick vapour was revealed giant mushrooms looking like sentinels over this strange new world. I ran back to the spaceship that had crashed onto this plant. It was easy to run because of the gravitational pull similar to Earth’s. I checked the ship for any survivors. Max was dead and appeared to have been grabbing onto the upturned floor pieces. I walked to the door and opened it. No oxygen spilled out and I realised that either this plant was similar to the atmosphere Earth had or the oxygen had disappeared into this planet’s atmosphere. I looked into the room. Half the room had been torn away. The Captain, to which I had never caught his name, was also dead. The other female, Claudia, must have been tossed out the ship when it entered the stratosphere of this unknown planet, or had survived and wandered off. The medical kit must have broken off with the fall. With what was left of the room, I started up the computer and looked for any life or dangers around a three kilometre radius, nothing was nearby. Then I zoomed out and tried to find out how big and far from Earth this planet was. When I had zoomed out as much as possible, I searched the planets around the outside of this one which were small compared to this one. It turned out it wasn’t even in the solar system we knew about. I zoomed on one and soon enough realised they were moons. These moons were the size of Jupiter. Implying that this planet was a monster and Earth was a speck in the dust. How had we ended up on this thing? Possible magnetic forces, meteor shower, portal, black hole...? I thought of my broken family, of my three dead daughters, my only living child, Sidney. He would be at my sister Angel’s house with my brothers; Rick, Beau, Dion, Drew and my adoptive brother, Terrance. They also had children altogether twenty-seven grandchildren my parents have, but 37 counting the deaths of some kids. If death was upon me and this world or if there was no hope of returning, Sidney would have to live without a mother. I have to find a way off this planet and back to Earth before time runs out. Since Claudia could no longer make contact with the ship, because she had left most of the communicational equipment with the spacesuit she had taken off and left outside, I tried to locate her with the ship’s heat detection. Claudia was walking away from the ship but she knew where she was going. She held a beacon and was walking to higher ground. I tried to identify any other devices that she may me carrying. There was nothing other than the beacon and a couple of hearing aids. If I could maybe change one’s connection. I had played around with the device on the computer and- I could hear breathing- it worked. “Claudia, do you copy, over?” I asked. She replied with muffled noises then she tuned it in slowly. “Tell me when you can hear me, over”. “I can hear you, Claudia are you okay? Are you hurt? Why did you leave the ship without searching for survivors? Over” I asked. “Yes I’m okay, only minor bruising and a large cut down my side. I doubted anyone would have lived through that crash and if I was to die I wouldn’t want to die with my last memory having seen dead bodies, I also wouldn’t want to live with that negativity in my life if I do survive. Are you hurt?” She replied. “I’m fine, next time, if there is a next time; please don’t wander away without equipment for survival and communication. Just because this is your first time in outer space, doesn’t mean you don’t have to follow the rules. You’re still a child compared to us who have experienced the moon and other things. Please don’t venture into danger”. “This is an amazing place, you should see it, it is beautiful and full of sunlight,” Claudia said in wonder. “Stop, Claudia this is a plant bigger than thought imaginable. It makes Jupiter look like a bouncy ball and Earth a speck of dust in the wind. We may have been through a meteor shower or lost control and gone through a black hole. We are not even in our solar system. It is unexplored implying that it might be dangerous. I don’t want anything to happen to you, you’re the only one I can trust to drive me crazy enough to live longer.” ***** I walked out of the ship wearing my everyday clothes that I wore on Earth. After seeing Claudia’s tracks and crumpled spacesuit on the ground, I also ditched my space uniform because it would only be deadweight. I had found a GPS navigator for any land I walk on, a heat detector and a communicative device. I kept my eyes on the land around me and Claudia. “How much longer do you think we have to live? I think maybe a day, a week maximum, at least before a creature eats one of us,” Claudia tried and failed at scaring me. “Shut it Claudie, it’s not very likely we’ll die on my watch,” I rolled my eyes and switched heat locations to Claudia’s spot. “Claudia don’t panic but there is something moving in your direction quite swiftly”. “Sure there is seriously, if you want to freak me out try harder, because it’s not working”, she laughed. “Claudia, this is not a laughing matter run, NOW! It is huge and gaining”. I looked more closely at the giant ball of heat. It was monstrous and bigger than The Hulk and King Kong put together and multiplied. And she was the size of grass to a gorilla. “Claudia Melita, run now for your life,” I screamed at her. The creature stopped. It was so big that I could literally see the hair on its body and she shape of it. “It’s right behind you!” Claudia screamed. A gigantic arm descended and gripped at an ant sized thing and held it above his mouth. Its yellow and orange heat waves turned darker and became red on the screen in my hand. “Claudia!” I screamed into the communication device...
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