Tater Toter

Chapter 1 the beginning
Chapter 2 suicide
Done ! ☺️


2. chapter 2 : suicide

So now that I fell off my Tater Toter I got in line with a chubby person just so I could be on top and get SOMETHING ! I always thought that suicide was a plan B and I thought of many schemes but I NEVER got to do them because there was a tiny piece that was missing !

- knife - too risky

- burn my body - they'd die too

- hang myself - we don't have rope !

- stand on rode so I get ran over - that is WAY too risky

- pills ? - where the hell would I get pills ?

See I've thought it over and I have a thin sliver of being able to kill myself so I just cut ..... It's not good but you don't see me telling you how to live your life so don't tell me . So now I'm in a restless sleep Yes I said RESTLESS ! So I'm just dreaming of my perfect life which is far from my regular life so ... Let me dream ! Hey it won't kill me !

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