The perfect two

Kylie is just returning from college. Can here and Louie keep their relationship going or will someone get in the way?


15. Why A Toy Store?

Zayn opened the door and I got in. I trusted him he wouldn't do anything. This was probly a part of Lou's little game , so I played along.

The whole way to where ever it was he was taking me, I looked around out the window and tried to recognize the scenery. Everything was too dark to see anything.

"Zayn where are you taking me?" I asked.

"I-I can't tell you. It's a surprise." He said with a kind of upset tone.

Within 10 minutes, he parked the car on the side of the road. He got out and jogged around to my side to open the door and opened it.

He offered me his hand to to help me out. I grabbed it and got out, making sure I didn't fall in my new heels.

The door shut behind me after I got out. He opened the back door and closed it to get something. He gave me a rose with a note card stuck to it.

"He told me to give this to you.." Said zayn.

I took it from him and smelt it. I read the card. It read,

Reason 2: your scent- you're unaware of it but whenever we cuddle, I take in your scent and I feel like I'm in a field of roses.

I turned the card over and read the back.

Next stop, toy shop across the street.

"Why a toy shop?" I asked zayn.

He just shrugged his shoulders

I looked around and sure enough, there was a small toy shop across the street.

"Goodbye Kylie I got to go..goodluck with the thing-"

After he said that he got in his car and drove off.

I walked across the street and went into the toy store. The bell above the door rang as I walked in. The minute the lady in the store saw me she walked over to me.

"Kylie?" She asked.

"Uh-yes?" I said in reply. I didn't know who the lady was.

"Okay good, just checking to make sure it was you. Follow me please." She said starting to walk towards one of the toy aisles. She led me towards the back a little. When she stopped, she pointed to a small rack of toys.

"Look through here and you find your next clue." She smiled and walked away.

There was a bunch of little items there. I began rummaging through them, looking for the clue.

I finally found it tied around a little teddy bear.

Reason 3: when u lay next to me, your just so soft. Just as cute and cuddly as this teddy bear:) next clue at the register.

I smiled to my self and walked over to the counter.

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