The perfect two

Kylie is just returning from college. Can here and Louie keep their relationship going or will someone get in the way?


7. What Happened?

When I had awoken, I was strapped down to a hospital bed from the waist down. What happened? Where was kylie?!? Last thing I remember I was on a date with kylie.tons of questions came to my head, which was pounding. I had a thick bandage wrapped around my forehead .

As I got up I felt a sharp pain in my left leg. It was wrapped in a white hard cast.As I sat back down the doctor came in. "Ah your awake." Said the dr. "Uh yeah why am I here?" I said worried. "You see, you were in a horrid car accident. You have minor bleeding on your brain but that will resolve itself. Along with your leg, it will heal in about 6-8 weeks." "Why so long?" I said to the dr. "We'll u broke your leg in 3 places."

"Was there anyone else in the accident with me?!" I said.

"We'll.." There was a long pause between his words. He let out a sigh. "Yes. A girl she is in the next room but she-"

Befor he could finish I was already out of my bed hopping on one leg into the hallway.

Then I saw her through her room window. She was bruised up. Her hair was still in perfect loose curls.Her motionless body had wires and I.Vs in her arms. Just the sight of her like that made my heart sink.

I barged into her room and all the nurses turned around. I ran over to her bed but a nurse stopped me. "Sir let's go back to your room now." Said the nurse softly. I didn't even respond to her. All I was worried about was her. "Sir, let's go!" Said the nurse.

"NO! I have to be with her!" I said yelling almost.

I could hear her heart monitor start to slow down. Then it stopped. Her heart had just stopped...

"NO!" I said screaming.

"DOCTOR WE NEED YOU NOW!" Screamed one of the nurses.

They pushed me out the way to work on her. They pulled out the Defibrillator and started them up. He pushes once on her chest and she jumped. Nothing. They did it again. Still nothing. Then they did it one more time and her heart rate started again.

I relaxed a little and went back to my room where Bella,jazzy,and the guys were all there.

They all stood up.

"She's not dead.... Her heart stopped. The car flipped... She said..." I stopped "YOU!" I screamed at Niall. "You did this! This is all your fault!"

"What?!? How is this my fault?" Said Niall

"If you would've kept your hands to yourself we wouldn't have been talking about the kiss!"

"I-I " Niall stuttered

"I'm sorry. But this can't be my fault It was the person that hit you."said Niall

"We we're hit.?"

"Yeah. They hit you from the back and u flipped."

Liam pulled me away from Niall.

"You kissed Kylie?" Asked Liam to Niall

"Y-yeah.. At the party. It didn't mean anything. I swear I don't want to Come between you two. I am truely sorry mate." Said Niall.

"We'll lets just hope u wakes up! She in a freaking Colma! She just died 3 minutes ago! I don't know what I would do with myself if she was gone.."


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