The perfect two

Kylie is just returning from college. Can here and Louie keep their relationship going or will someone get in the way?


2. The kiss

***Kylie's POV***

When we got in the car , Lou made me put on a blindfold. They had told me that they had another surprise for me at the house me and Lou bought a while back. As we were driving Harry took all these crazy turns because get was trying to confuse me. I started to feel dizzy,lightheaded & a little car sick. "Are u ok love?" Said Loui in concern. "Yeah I just feel a little car sick that's all" i say. "Here lay on me. Just focus on me ,ok? Not the car." He said pulling me on his shoulder. That made me feel a lot better:). As we arrived, everybody had hurried and jumped out the car. Leaving me and Lou in the car alone. "Where are we?" I say to Lou. "You'll find out soon. It's no where fancy. It's gonna be a Surprise remember? Just.. Trust me your gonna like it." Says Lou. " ok I trust u." Lou's phone goes off. "Who's that?" I say to Lou. "It's Bella. It's time to go to your Surprise now." Says Lou opening the car door. As he helps me out the car , he picks me up bridal style and carries me up the stairs to the front door. He attempts to open the door with me in his arms, he finally gets it open. When we walk in he puts me down and he guides me. We come to a stop. I feel his hands go away from my shoulder. "What's wronge?" I say. No response. "Lou are u there?" Still no response. "Hello!" I say almost screaming. In a panic, I rip off my blind fold. I open my eyes and see everybody screaming SURPRISE!!! They had threw me a little welcome home party. Everyone was there. Bella,Jazzy,Lou,Harry,Zayn,Niall and even savannah and her boy friend. Austin Mahone. "Welcome home love:)" says zayn and Niall giving me hugs. "Is this for me?!" I say in shock. "Yes anything for my beautiful girlfriend." Says Loui giving me a kiss in the forehead. "Sorry I gave you such a scare. I wanted it to be a perfect surprise." He says sweetly. "It's ok and you were right I do love this Suprise :)!" Hours pass. Lou and Zayn are outside trying to BBQ. "Hey kylie!" I here. It's Niall. "Hey Nialler. What's up ?" I say back. " I go the new C.O.D(call of duty) wanna play?" He ask. "Eh . Idk" I say back

"What ya scared?" "Oh no I'm afraid off hurting your feelings when I crush you! Hand that controller!"

***Nialls POV***

We are playing call of duty and the score was 48-48.

She pause the game and threw her hair in a messy bun. "Ok now stuff just got real! " she says laughing. Gosh her laugh. No Niall stop. I tell my self. I look over and just stare. She was to focused to notice. She looked flawless. I took a look at the score she was ranking up points like crazy. In the end she had won 62-56. " so Niall how does it feel to get your butt kicked by a girl ?" "Honestly... It feels pretty bad!" I say with a fake pouty face. "Don't worry u will beat me. When I'm dead!" She says. "That can be arranged !" I say looking crazy. She runs and I chase after her. We run to the back patio. She hides behind Louis. I stop. "Wow babe what's wrong?" Says Lou. "Oh nothing I'm running from Niall because I beat him at C.O.D!" She says mocking me. " ok u win this time but u just wait till next time!" I say walking inside. "Yeah ok! " I hear from outside.

***kylies POV***

~2hrs later~

Lou was passed out on the couch. Niall had stayed after everyone else had left. He was helping me clean. I walk over to Lou on the couch. I give him a gentle kiss on the forehead. He wakes. "Hey loves how long was I out?" He says with a raspy/sexy waking up voice. "About 2 hours. Hey how about u head up stairs and get ready for bed and I'll met u up there when I'm done ok?" I say smiling. " ok love." He gets up and stumbled trying to get upstairs. I stood there and laughed. "Thanks for staying and helping." I say to Niall. " no problem. Hey! I really do want a rematch on C.O.D! " he says back. "It's a deal!" I say shaking his hand. He looks me in the eyes. He just stood there. Then he pulled me in for a kiss. He pulled my head and kissed me. I pull back. " um maybe u should go." I say wiping my lips. "Uh yeah. See ya later." I close the door behind him. I head up stairs and get ready for bed. I attempt to get some covers from Lou. Then he wiggled around and wrapped his arm around my waist with my back to him. He snuggles me closer to him. I just lay there thinking. Did this really just happen ... With Niall ?!?!

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