The perfect two

Kylie is just returning from college. Can here and Louie keep their relationship going or will someone get in the way?


4. The Dress

~at the mall~



We had been shopping for at least two hours now. I was looking for something to get for me and Liam's 2 year anniversary. I really didn't know what to get him exactly. Our anniversary was only 2 weeks and I didn't really know what to get him. I know he liked batman,music(obviously), and turtles but I was just blank.

"Hey I'll catch up with y'all in a second." I heard Kylie say from behind me. I said ok while me and Bella walked over to this jewelry boutique. It's had tons of gorgeous jewelry. For men and for women.

***Kylie's POV***

I had told the girls I would catch up with them after I went to Starbucks to get a coffee.

"Hi may I take your Order?" Asked the girl working.

"Um yes I'll have the grandé white mocha frappé with extra whipped cream please." I said flashing a smile.

"That will be right up."she said

"Thank you... Eleanor." I said looking at her name tag.

That name sounded really familiar. In about two minutes my Order was ready. The same girl handed me my drink.

"Hey I'm going on break now." She yelled to the manager. "Do you mind if I sit with u?" She asked me.

"Oh no please take a seat." I Said gesturing her to sit.

"I'm sorry but I didn't catch your name."she said to me.

"It's kylie.Kylie Merrell." I said sipping my drink.

"That sounds really familiar. Where have I seen you before?"

"we'll I'm a performer. I sing/dance with my two friends. Isabella Johnson and Jasmine Nasser." I said to her.

"I have heard u perform but there's something else I have heard your name from..." She said with a confused look on her face.

"We'll have u heard of the band One Direction?"

***Eleanor's POV***

Of course I knew who she was, & I knew who One Direction was. I had knew them very we'll. I nodded at the question. "We'll I'm Louis Tomlinson's girlfriend." She said. That's was it. The girl Louis broke up with me for. UGH! Her name! The sound of her name made me cringe! "Yes that must be it ." I said faking a smile. "So ..... How long have y'all been together?" I asked.

"We'll i just got back from finishing college and that lasted about four months, so now.. It's been about a year. A year exactly in a month." She said smiling to herself. "Wow..congrats." I said looking at the clock. It was now 1:15pm and my break ended at 1:30pm.

" look I know we just met but can i tell u something?" She said.

"Uh yeah sure . Go ahead." I said.

"We'll Lou had thrown me a welcome home party and at the end of the party, Niall helped me clean up and we kissed. I didn't kiss back. Niall kissed me. I don't know how Lou is gonna react when I tell him tonight at dinner." When she diss that my eyes lit up. I saw an opportunity and took it.

"Look it's all gonna be ok. I'm sorry but I have to go.See u later." I said and walked away.

"Nice meeting you !" She said. Walking away too.

***kylie's POV***

I said goodbye to ... I have already forgot her name. I threw my cup away and found Bella and jazzy at this cute little jewelry boutique.

***Bella's POV***

"Hey guys, what are y'all looking at?" Asked kylie.

"We'll I'm trying to find a gift for me and Liam's anniversary to give to him. I wish I knew what he was getting me!" Said jazzy. Me and kylie already knew but we kept our mouths shut.

"Hey jaz what about this?" I said pointing to a watch with a sliver color to it. The background of the watch was batman or course.

"Oh my gosh Bella this is perfect! Thank you!" Said jazzy killing me in a really right hug.

"How much?" She asked the man working there.

"£120. But for a lovely lady like u I'll make it £100." Said the man with a smirk.

"Oh wow thank you so much."said jazzy

"Yeah her boyfriend will love it!" Said kylie staring down the man. He stared at his feet. I laughed a little to myself. We went to one more store before we left.Dillards.

***Kylie's POV***

We when walked in jazzy and Bella ran over to the dresses, I followed them. I got pummeled by all the dresses they threw at me to try on. With all those dresses, there was no luck. I just didn't like the way they looked on me. The. I saw this one dress. It's was a darkish red color. It was flowy and had little straps. I grabbed it and ran into the dressing room. I put It on and let my hair down out of the messy bun and the curls fell down.

I took a step out the dressing room and faced the girls. They were speechless.

"What's wrong?! You don't like it!?" I said looking sad.

"NO! I love it! U look amazing , Lou will love it!" Said Bella. I also found these beautiful pearly white color slip on shoes that looked great with the dress. I looked at my phone and saw a message from Lou. It said "got my clothes from the flat and going get ready at li's see u tonight beautiful." I smiled . Looked at the time and hurried. I responded . "Ok and can't wait!" I payed for everything and we hurried to our flat!

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