The perfect two

Kylie is just returning from college. Can here and Louie keep their relationship going or will someone get in the way?


18. One more part-

"Lou this is incredible.." I spoke.

We were now on the very top of the building.

There were thousands of pictures hung up on these little strings all across the roof.

I looked at one that was from the summer of 13'

when we first met on Orange Beach, Alabama.

There was some pictures I didn't even know he had.

"How did u get all of these pictures?"

I said in shock.

"This might sound cheesy but I went through tons of magazines just to find pictures of us. I mean I had a few hundred all ready..but I wanted this to be perfect."

he spoke softly to me.

I walk over back to him and wrap my arms around his neck.

"Well Mr.Tomlinson, this can't be more perfect."

I said giving him a kiss on the lips.

"We'll I have one more part to this little surprise."

he told me.

he knelt down on one knee and reached in his pocket. He pulled out a little black box and opened it.

"Kylie Elise Merrell. Will you please do me the honor and be my wife?"

I didn't have any words. I just stood there with my hand over my mouth and the other one trembling.

I looked at him and he was looking down. I had waited to long to answer.

"I-I- yes..." I whispered.

"yes..?" he asked.

"YES.YES.YES. 100%.YES!" I say with tears in my eyes.

He slide the perfect ring on my finger. I looked at it for a second.

Then I grabbed him for a hug. He picked me up spun me around ,set me down and kissed me.

I look over and the door opened.

There was Harry and Isabella.

Jasmine and Liam.

Then Niall and Zayn.

"Is it okay to say congrats?" asked Liam.

I nodded and they all came running over to me and Lou.

"you knew?" I asked zayn.

"yeah." he said rubbing the back if his neck.

"hey." I said making him look up at me.

"Thank you. Your my Bestfriend. and i love u."

I told Zayn and gave him a hug.

I was pulled away by bella and jazzy.

"we'll, let us see the ring!" screamed jazzy.

I showed my hand and actually looked at it my self.

It was Gorgeous.

"You made a fine chose Tomlinson." said Bella.

"yeah he really did." Said Zayn.


A/N: sorry it took so long for me to update. I need sometime to think on the next book. I'm thinking PREQUEL!?!?

To show what happened befor me and Louis met, why Eleanor hates me XD, and why Zayn Is so mysterious.

Don't worry there will be a 3rd book too(:

so comment what you think about the idea!



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