The perfect two

Kylie is just returning from college. Can here and Louie keep their relationship going or will someone get in the way?


12. I assure you.

We had had leftovers from when Lou had went to nandos the day before I woke up.

I got tired and we went to bed. I was laying in Louis's arms starting to think again. He never said why he loved me..

"Lou?" I asked.

"Yeah ?" He replied

"You always say that You love me and it's nice knowing that you do but why?"

He sat up and thought for the longest time. The pause was killing me inside.

"How about Instead of telling you the reasons why I love you, I'll show you."

"How?" I said sitting up. Me turned and softly pushed me down back on the bed. He put his hand on my side,he hovered over me and moved his head to the crotch of my neck. He kissed softly and I let out a little giggle.

I could feel the smile against my skin and I said

"Lou,I-" , "shhh." He brought his index finger to my lips telling me to shh. Then he finished.

"This isn't how I'm gonna show you by the way. I don't plan on having 'it' with you till we're married, I respect you to much to take advantage of you like that. But." He paused " I assure you that my surprise will be very sweet.

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