The perfect two

Kylie is just returning from college. Can here and Louie keep their relationship going or will someone get in the way?


10. How?

**Kylies POV***

Louis had called everyone and told them the news. Bella and jasmine came Within 12 minutes running into my room. His cast was off by now.

"Your awake!" Screamed Bella

"We've missed you so much!! 3 months without Kylie is 3 months waisted!" Said jasmine going to give me a hug but Lou stopped her.

"What's wrong ? I can't give her a simple hug?"

Asked jazzy.

"No.shes still very weak. Her back is healed but she is still very fragile. That's why she is strapped down to the bed."

"Oh..sorry." Said jasmine

The table in my room was filled with flowers, stuffed teddy bears, and the worlds finest chocolate. I would never eat it because I absolutely hate chocolate.

The room filled with the aroma if all the gorgeous flowers everyone had brought me. I had missed out on everything. Me and the girls (jazzy &bella) had 4 gigs that we could have played at but they canceled them because of the Colma thing.

"Guys I'm so sorry that you two had to miss out and cancel the gigs because of me. Y'all could've just performed without me." I said.

"We couldn't do that!" Said jazzy.

"It wouldn't be the same without you." Said Bella.

That made me smile.

At that moment the doctor came in. He did a little check up on me and said everything is fine just to take it easy on my back for 3 weeks. I was good to go home.

My cousin Clara was there and she helped me change back into my regular clothes. I couldn't really walk by myself. My legs we really weak.

She helped me walk out the bathroom and there was Lou waiting for me.

"I'll take it from here." Said Lou with a little smirk to Clara.

"Ok just please be careful." Said Clara

"Trust me. I would never hurt a single bone in body." Said Lou.

She helped me over to him. He picked me up bridal style and I giggled a little.

"Your a lot lighter than I remember." Said Lou.

"I guess I lost a lot of weight you know not eating for a while." I said.

"They didn't put the feeding tube down your throat till a week later when u were stable."

Said Lou.

We walked outside to the car and if course the paps were there waiting for the latest scoop on my Colma. I tucked my head into Lou's Chest while the bright flashing lights were taking pictures of us.

"Kylie,Kylie tell us about you cheating on Louis! I want the details! What's the scoop on your affair!?" Screamed one of the men. I quickly lifted my head.

"Are you and Niall together now?!? You whore! Your nothing but trash!" Screamed another man.

Louis put me in the cab and walked over to the man.

"She is none of those things and don't u ever say anything like that again!" I could hear Lou scream from outside the car. He open the other door.

He sat down looking at his lap. He gave a little sigh. And the cab started driving away.

"You know they are just trying to get attention." Said Lou looking over at me.

"They're right.." I said in tears.

"What are you saying? Your none of those things." Said Lou grabbing my hand.

"Yes I am. How did they even find out about the kiss. I'm nothing but trash.." I said.

We drove up to the house an the cab dropped us off.

"Don't let those things get to you babe. They just want to make u feel this way. You way better than that.come on. Let's go inside and I'll make you some tea." Said Lou jumping to the the other side to open my door. I tried to get out but he beat me to it. He was all ready carrying me at this point.

"You know I can walk?" I said to Lou looking into his beep blue eyes.

"I know but I want to help you as much as I can."

Said Lou.

We walked in and the house was surprisingly clean.

"How did u keep it so clean?" I said to him.

"Clara came and helped a little." Said Lou.

They were like brother and sister.

He set me on my feet. I balanced my self. I had to wear this stupid back brace every time I walked or did something besides sitting.

"I'm gonna take a shower." I told Lou and tried to walk upstairs. The first step was easy but the second was painful.

"Ow!" I screamed Lou came running over.

"What's wrong?!?" Said Lou worried.

"I can't really walk up the stairs.." I said a little embarrassed.

"Oh I'll help u love." Once again he picked me up bridal style and gave me a quick little kiss on the lips.

He brought me to the bathroom.

"Need any help with.. Your clothes or the water or something." It's not like he hasn't seen me in my bra before. Not sexually or anything but while changing. When u travel as much as we do, u gotta change in front of people. It's kinda weird but not when I'm around him.

"Uh yeah. With my shirt. That's it."I said.

He helped me with my shirt.

"Is this my shirt?" He said laughing.

"Yeah Clara brought the clothes. I like wearing your shirts." I said with a little grin.

"I like it too.." He said in a whisper to where I could barley hear him.

"What was that?" I said just to make sure i heard correctly.

"Oh nothing.. Be careful."

I stripped down after he closed the door and took a quick shower.


Sorry for this short chapter but I will update soon:) ~Kylie <3

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