The perfect two

Kylie is just returning from college. Can here and Louie keep their relationship going or will someone get in the way?


3. confession

***next day***

***kylies POV***

I had woken up to a twitter notification on my phone from Niall. It said "had fun last night with @kyliemerrell (other peoples usernames) still up for that rematch?" I didn't know how to respond so I just left it alone. I rolled over and noticed Lou wasn't in bed. I had smelt something cooking in the kitchen. I hurried and took a quick shower,blow dried my hair , and put on my sweats with the matching sweat shirt + my bunny rabbit slippers with little carrots in the mouths. Lou loves em:). I walked down stairs and saw Lou cooking breakfast half naked in his pink American eagle boxers. I giggle. "What's cookin-good lookin?" I say hugging him from behind and snuggling my nose in his neck. "Bacon egg omelet with extra cheese."he says giggling. "My favorite?"I say with a little smirk. "Of course!Anything for my beautiful girlfriend!" He says. I felt my cheeks get a little pink. As we sat down to eat , I had asked him about their tour they had just finished."It was smashing! Met tons of new people,traveled all over the world! It was a blast!" He says with a mouth full of food. I laugh. "So love ,how was your first night back home?" He had asked. "Good. You do know u snore right?" I say laughing. "Do not!" He said standing up. "Do too! You sound like a little piggy!" I say snorting and teasing him. "That's not cool. Do not call me piggy!" He says playfully but strict. "Piggy-piggy-piggy!" I say mocking him. "That's it !" He says. I take off running around the living room while Lou chases me. He finally catches and tackles me on the couch. He jumped on top of me trying to tickle me. "Loui William Tomlinson! Stop tickling me! I can't breathe!" I say laughing. "Say Lou is the best boyfriend ever and is not a little piggy!" He says. "NEVER!" I say back. "Say it or I will..." "You wouldn't dare!" I say. "Oh I would! Say it! Say Lou is the best bf ever and is NOT a little piggy!" He says still tickling me. " is not.a.little.piggy!" I say in between breaths. He leans over and licks my cheek. "Hey I said it didn't I?!? What was that for." I say a little grossed out."I felt like doing it! he says hugging me. "We'll Mr.Tomlinson, I have a little Suprise for you."I say with a little smirk."oh yeah? What is it?" He says looking confused. "Come here." I say gesturing him to come closer. As our lips are centimeters apart I pull away and flip him over to where I am now on top of him. "No one licks my face and gets away with it!" I say starting to tickle him. "AHH! Stop! No.more.tickling!" He says in between breathes. " say kylie is the best gf ever!" He repeats. I stop. Now I'm laying on his chest as he plays with my hair. I turn my head ,I'm facing the tv and notice the Xbox is still on from me as Niall last night. Oh crap! Me and Niall! I have to talk to him. I look up and see Lou fast asleep. I carefully slip away without him waking up. I get out my phone,go to the back patio and call Niall. Within 3 rings , he picks up.

Authors note:

N-Niall && K-kylie. Keep reading :)


K-hey we need to talk

N-I know. And let me say I'm so sorry I didn't know what I was thinking.I don't want to come between u and Lou.

K-thank you! I'm starting to think i need to tell Lou. You know.. About what happened.

N-NO! Let me tell him I would rather have Lou mad at me ,than him mad at you.

K-when are you then?!

N-I'm gonna tell him today at rehearsal.

K-ok thanks again. Bye.


I hang up. I walk back inside to Lou still sound asleep.he's so cute when he sleeps. I bend over and give him a kiss on the lips. I feel him kissing back. " you should wake me up like that a lot more often." He says sitting up."what's up? Is something wrong?" He says rubbing his eyes. "No. It's time for rehearsal." I say looking sad cause I know what's gonna happen there."is it really? I'm sorry I'm always sleeping.Ill make it up tonight at dinner. I'm gonna take u out." He says rubbing my arm." go get ready."I say smiling. "Ok love." He says kissing my cheek. As he is running up stairs he screams." Oh and wear something fancy!" He says with a winks."ok." I say with a smile. When Lou had left I texted Niall and told him. 10 minutes later he replies and says "he just got here.About to tell him.please don't worry." I can here Lou in the back saying "Niall get off that phone. Lets go!" I laugh. " I think u have to go." I say with a giggle."yeah talk To later?"he says. "Uh I guess..." I say. He hangs up. I fall backwards on the couch and just stare for a second. I need to talk to someone. I look through my contacts and see Bella and jazzy in my favorites. A send a 3 way text saying," hey can u guys come over?" Bella replies."yeah I'm at Starbucks be there in 10." Right after that jazzy replies. "I'm going to drop savannah off at her house and I'll be there in 10." I reply a simple ok and lay there in relief. 10minutes pass. I here some one at the door. I open it and it's jaz and Bella. " hey K! What's up?" Asked Bella. They walk in and sit on the couch. "I have to tell u guys something." I say playing with my thumbs. "OMG! Your pregnant!" Screams jazzy. "NO NO NO IM NOT PREGNANT! Why does everyone assume that someone is pregnant?!? " I say. "Then what's up?" Says Bella. "Me and Niall.....kissed. He was helping me clean up from the party, we shook hands on a rematch of C.O.D and it just happened. Of course I didn't kiss back. I told him to leave right when it happened." I say holding my breathe. " you kissed him or did he kiss you? Be completely honest." Asked jazzy." He kissed me but I pulled away as soon as it happened!"I say letting out a breathe. "Does Loui know?" They say at the same time."Niall said he was gonna tell him at rehearsal today. I wanted to tell him but he told me no.Lou was supost to take me out to a fancy dinner tonight but now I don't know." I say almost crying. "It's gonna be ok. I promise, we will be here for you through thick and thin." Says jazzy. "Thanks guys what would I do without you!?"

***nialls POV*** at rehearsals

We had just got done working on some new music.i really need to talk to Lou. I don't want him to go ballistic on me.ok. Here It goes. "Hey Lou can I talk to ya for a second?" I say. "Yeah mate what's up?" We walk over to the other side if the room away from the rest of the boys."Kylie's part was pretty fun huh?" I say. "Yeah it was amazing.she is amazing! I'm so happy she's back. Hey didn't she beat u at C.O.D too?" He says with a smirk. "He yeah." I say rubbing my neck. " I need to say something. When everyone left I had stayed to help clean up the place. We'll I told her I wanted a rematch on C.O.D we shook hands and I kissed her." Lou starts laughing. I stand there wondering. "Why are u laughing ?"I say confused. " I'm laughing because your lying. Kylie would never do that. And if you did "kiss" her why didn't she tell me?" Asked Lou. "I told her not too because I wanted u to be mad at me not her! She pulled away right when it happened." I say. "We'll when she tells me I'll be convinced." Lou says walking away. We carry on with rehearsals.

***jasmine's POV***

"So.wait he kissed u right?" I ask kylie. "Yeah." She says back. "We'll maybe Niall didn't tell him." I say shrugging my shoulders. "Your right I should tell him. I'm his gf. I'll tell him at dinner. Dinner! I have to find a dress!" She says almost freaking out. I laugh. "It's ok we will go shopping!" I say looking at Bella. Shopping anyone?" Says Bella pulling out her debit card!

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