The perfect two

Kylie is just returning from college. Can here and Louie keep their relationship going or will someone get in the way?


9. All I care about

***no ones POV***

It's has been 3 months since kylie was first in her colma. Everyday for 3 months Louis would stay by her side, hoping that she would wake up.

For the first 2 weeks he even slept at the hospital right by her side.

***kylies pov***

I could feel him by me. I could hear his words. His voice leading me out of this dark tunnel I was in. "You know, I'm so sorry this happened, I wish it would be me. You still look great. Beautiful. Come one just open them wonderful eyes of yours please." I could hear him start to cry. The desire to see him, touch him,and just hug him became to much to bare. I felt a tear slide down the barrier I was holding. The light at the end of the dark tunnel had gotten brighter.

I fluttered my eyes open slowly. The first thing I saw was Louis face down in his hands. I didn't say anything. Just to see him again was like a dream come true. Then.. He looked up.

His eyes were huge in shock but that lasted only a few seconds before he hugged me.

"Your awake! Your finally awake." He said with a a wimpery happiness in his voice.

I tried to hug back but I couldn't I was so weak. I couldn't sit up cause I was strapped down. Why?

" I've missed you. So much." He said pulling away.

"You were there." I said

"I was where?"

"You were there. With me. Guiding me out if this dark tunnel I was in. You never left. You was there for me." I said to him

"I never left. The first two weeks I never left your side. I'm so sor-" he said as I cut him.

"Stop. It's not your fault. ARE YOU MAD AT THE KISS THING!" I said almost crying.

"I don't even care. I all care about is that your ok."

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