This Moment

Hi I'm Panama. I'm 18. I live in Ireland. I am or was neighbors with Niall Horan. We where best friends growing up but the Niall became a star.


2. Two

Me and Niall had grown into best friends over the years. I was ten when the school I had been going to said I was smart enough to go to a middle school where I live.

That meant me and Niall could go to school together. My mom had to sign a paper and I would be going to a brand new school next month.

The first thing I did was run over to Niall's. I had become so close to Niall's family that I can just let myself inside their house. I ran up to his room and opened the door. He was just siting at his desk doing homework I think.

I ran and jumped on his bed almost scaring everything out of Niall.

------------ Niall's PoV------

I was just sitting at my desk working on homework and all of a sudden I hear I loud them and a scream. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH " I screamed. "Haha it's only me" Panama laughed. "That was funny" I said seriously. " Ya it was" Panama said trying to catch her breath. The look on her face was the best so we both cracked out into insanely loud laughing.

------------- Panama PoV------

"Ok I have great news I said trying to catch my breath. "What is it " Niall said under is breath. " My teacher said I could go to your school"I said

We both broke out into laughter but became silent when his mom asked if we want some lunch.

I'm sacred of the new school but I hope Niall will keep me company.

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