This Moment

Hi I'm Panama. I'm 18. I live in Ireland. I am or was neighbors with Niall Horan. We where best friends growing up but the Niall became a star.


3. Three

It's the first day of school in Mullingar. The principle asked me if I happen to know anyone in my grade. I smiled and told her that I'm best friends with Niall.

She led me threw the long hallways. Into a small room with a lot of children in it.

She introduced me to the whole class and pointed to an empty seat in the front row right next to Niall. Niall isn't one of those boys that will get annoyed when you hang out a lot.

Me and him had all of our classes together and we spent the whole day together. I was worried about the bus ride and how I might have to sit alone. But luckily Niall sits alone but not anymore.

----------- Niall's POV--------

I'm so happy that we go to the same school. All of my other friends made fun of me and said that I was dating her. Which was not true. We're best friends and that's it.

--------- Panama POV--------

~ 1 week later~

" Mom do in have to go to school today" I cried

"Yes Pan" my mom said

P.S my nickname is Pan

"But all the bullies I can't stand it ! It's like that want to make my life miserable"I moaned.

" Niall will keep you company if you start to get bullied start talking to him" she suggested.

" Well I guess your right" I said walking out to the bus stop.

I slowly walked to the bus stop letting all the emotions get to me and it felt like I could burst out crying at any second. I managed to make it to the bus stop without a tear. I couldn't hold it in any longer but the one thing that made my emotions over the limit was when Niall asked me "How is school going" I don't know why but it did. All of a sudden I'm hugging Niall telling him all about how the girls have been making fun of me.

Being the nice kid he his he talked me through it and didn't leave my side the rest of the day.

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