Half a Heart (Narry)

Niall has always liked Harry, how can he not?! The desperation he has to be with him pains Niall, but there are so many obstacles in the way from being with his Harry.


2. Reality Ruined My Life

My name is Niall Horan. I'm in the band One Direction with Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles. They are all fantastic lads and incredible singers. We are a pretty interesting group. There's Louis, an immature and fun to be around guy with plenty of charisma. Zayn is his partner-in-crime, but is a bit more sensible. Liam is the most mature, with the nickname, "Daddy Direction"... Then there's Harry Styles, the guy I'm in love with. Did I say that? Ummm... I meant- yeah, I can't save myself from that. Yep, I'm in love with him. The problem is, he's a boy as well, and I'm positive he's straight. I've liked him for quite awhile now, but I haven't said a word to anyone else. I don't plan to, either.

He's my best mate, it would just be awkward. It's hard not to love him. His eyes, his curls, his dimples- "Niall!" I heard a loud and obnoxious British accent address me. I looked up to see Louis getting out of the Van. I realized I had been staring at the back of the seat in front of me. I sighed getting out of the Van as well. We were doing another interview. I stand next to Liam, stretching after the long ride. "I am too tired to do another interview!" I groaned. Liam put a hand on my shoulder, saying it would be short.

We walk inside the building, sitting down on the coach they had. I sat on the far right of the couch, and Liam sat next to me. Louis sat next to him, and Zayn sat by Louis. Harry was sitting on the opposite side of the couch from me. Of course.

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