Half a Heart (Narry)

Niall has always liked Harry, how can he not?! The desperation he has to be with him pains Niall, but there are so many obstacles in the way from being with his Harry.


3. Reality Ruined My Life (Part 2)

The interview wasn't exactly my idea of thrilling, but the interviewer did ask one question that caught my attention. "What do you like and dislike about each other?" We all sat there awkwardly, but Louis came to the rescue by saying, " Let's start with Zayn! What do we like and dislike about Zayn?" We all thought about this while Liam said, "I admire Zayn's hair." This situation was awkward for me, but I answered with,"I admire Zayn's earlobes" The boys stared at me weirdly, and I grinned. After going through all the other boys, we started with Harry. Louis said he admired Harry's eyes, Liam said sensibility, and Zayn said smile. They stared at me. I wanted go say so many things. I loved him with every inch of my heart. He occupied my brain every second of every day. I loved everything about him. "I admire Harry's curls." I said lamely.

Then we said what we disliked about Harry, but I didn't answer that question. Then the other boys said what they liked about me. Liam said my attitude towards life. Louis admires how I can speak fluent Spanish. Zayn said my eyes. As thankful as I was they admired me, I was most excited to hear Mr. Curly's response. I waited and waited. It never came. We ALL said what we liked about each other, why didn't he tell me? That bothered me. A lot.

It broke me, actually.

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