Half a Heart (Narry)

Niall has always liked Harry, how can he not?! The desperation he has to be with him pains Niall, but there are so many obstacles in the way from being with his Harry.


4. If I'm Louder, Would You See Me?

I didn't say anything the rest of the interview, or the ride home. I was just plain broken. None of the boys seemed to notice, though. As soon as the Van parked, I walked inside the house and into my bedroom. I flopped onto my bed with a sigh. I looked over to my clock that read 5:07. As much as I wanted to go right to sleep, it was too early for that.

I walked into the living room, where the other boys were sprawled across our large couches, scrolling through their phones. Nobody had noticed I entered the room. I sat besides Liam, who didn't look up as I took my seat. "Hey." I said awkwardly. "Hello, lad." Liam greeted me without even glancing up. I sat there awkwardly before saying,"Guys, we should get outta the house. Go somewhere." That was when they all looked up. I refused to look at Harry's bright green eyes. "Like where?" Zayn questioned. "Nandos!" I said immediately, my eyes lighting up. The boys chuckled and stood up to get dressed.

Thirty minutes later, we were driving to heaven on earth. Louis was talking our ears off, as usual. "It was so funny! Her face was priceless! I couldn't believe that we pulled that-" I stopped listening and just stared out the window, thinking about how Harry hadn't said what he admired about me. What if he didn't admire anything about me? I couldn't help but think to myself.

Louis pulled me from my thoughts by saying. "I feel like I'm the only one talking. Hey, Niall!" "Yes, Lou?" I said tearing my eyes from the window to look at him sitting besides me. Harry was besides him. "Ramble about food!" Louis demanded. "I'm sorry?" I was confused about what he was asking of me. "You love food, ramble about it!" He told me. "Okay..." I began awkwardly. "Yeah, I love food. How can you not love food, really? I mean, it's really tasty. Umm... Food comes in many varieties, which makes it good. I love all kinds of food. If I had one day left to live, I'd just eat food. I love the word food. Food. Food. Food."

The boys, including Harry, were cracking up and I smiled a bit, glad Harry found that funny and not strange. It somewhat made up for the hurt that had been running through my head all day.

We finally pulled into Nandos parking lot. I jumped out of the car, saying "FOOOOD!!!"

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