Half a Heart (Narry)

Niall has always liked Harry, how can he not?! The desperation he has to be with him pains Niall, but there are so many obstacles in the way from being with his Harry.


7. A Game I'm Destined To Loose

*Niall's POV*

After eating at Nandos, we piled into the Van again for the drive home. I ended up sitting by Zayn, who was next to Harry. Liam and Louis were in the front to seats. "Why do you always get the window seat?!" Zayn whined to me.

"The Irish always get their way!" I replied, sticking my tongue out. He rolled his eyes, smiling at me. I looked out the window, admiring the gorgeous sunset. It was almost as beautiful as Harry. I was drifting off to sleep, when I heard the Best Song Ever blare out at full volume out of the car speakers. Louis had put the CD in, and all of the boys were singing along.

"Isn't jamming out to our own song a little divaish?" I yelled over the loud music. "Yeah, buddy!" Harry yelled back, stealing my catch phrase with a cheeky grin. I found myself singing with them by the second chorus, though. After awhile, we pulled into the driveway.

We all went into our separate rooms to change into out sweats. Then, we met in the living room to decide on a movie to watch. Harry suggested Love Actually, like always. "Harry! We ALWAYS watch that!" Zayn groaned. "'No', Zayn protested!" Louis exclaimed, making us all laugh. "No, the whole room protested!" Liam corrected, making us tear up because of laughter.

After debating forever on a movie, we decided to just play Truth or Dare instead, much to Liam's complaints. "Someone always ends up injured or heart broken!" He had said. We all replied with a, "Daaaad!!!" Louis was the one who finally talked him into it.

After grabbing beer and popcorn, we sat on the couches, Harry sitting besides me, making my heart jump. Zayn sat next to him, followed by Liam and Louis. "I call starting!" Louis said. "Hazza, truth or dare?" "Umm... Truth!" "Ugh! I had a great dare for you! Fine. Biggest regret?" Louis asked. "Dating Caroline." Harry answered with a shudder of disgust.

"Kay. Harry, your turn." Harry turned to me, saying," Truth or dare, Niall?" I thought about this before saying....

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