Soft Grunge. A michael clifford.

Ayley Hughes, a girl with perfect blonde hair, a perfect face, a great body, and a wardrobe of soft grunge any girl would want to have! Taylor Hall her best friend, brown dyed hair, a cute little face and a wardrobe of soft grunge too! Ayley doesn't know but when she goes to a party and meets a boy named Michael Clifford, she doesn't know what will come after this party. Read Soft Grunge to see what will happen to Ayley and Michael and if they become friends or more than friends. Maybe there will be more than one friendship that comes after this party! Read to find out more!!!


2. The coffee shop.

Ayley's POV:


I woke up to a text from Michael.


Don't be late.xxxx


I didn't text back again I just got up took a shower. After my shower I started to get dressed, all I put on was a white v neck with black skinny jeans and my black high top converse. I just left my hair wavy and down my back. I got my phone and left.

I finally texted Michael "which coffee shop." And he replied "the one by Walmart." At least or was close to my house. So I started riding my long board there.

***At the coffee shop***

When I walked I looked around for Michael and spotted him by the wall looking at his phone. I walked over there and sat down, he looked up at me and smiled. I just stared at him, and asked "why did you want me to meet you here?" " I just wanted to hang out and I know I couldn't just ask to hang out so I stole your phone and yeah you know the rest." I looked at him got up and started walking off but before I could get any farther he grabbed my wrist and tugged my back. "Where are you going?!" "To get coffee! Or do I have to ask permission to do that?" He just let go off my wrist and I went up to order. After I ordered I went back to him and he just stared at me and finally asked "Why did you ignore me at the party?" "I like to talk to people who don't always think they can get any girl." "I don't think that I know that." "See that's why I like Luke better he's nice, protective, quiet, shy. I could go on and on about him." After I said that you could see he was getting jealous. Haha suits him right!

*Michael's POV*

When she started talking bout Luke I couldn't help but be jealous. I mean she's hot and all and I wanted to get in her pants at first but now I know there's something she's hiding. I know there's a past that she has but hasn't told anyone about. I want to get to know her but the more I open my mouth the more I just say wrong. "I'm sorry if I came off as a little cocky last night." "A little! Ha that's funny." She's making me so angry I just want to flip this table over! I don't understand why she needs to pick ever nerve I have left. She already drank her coffee so I should ask her now, "hey do you think we can start over?" "Michael, if it means you'll be nicer then sure." I thought about it and I though sure. " sure I guess I can do that!" She just smiled and nodded at me.

Ayley's POV:

I hope this will be different I'm tired of messing up with guys. Only Taylor knows what happened but no one else. Not yet. "Better get going" he just looked up at me and nodded. "Okay see you later?" "Sounds good to me." I wonder if well actually see each other? Why am I thinking of him like that, he just wants in my pants!

When I got home I called out for Taylor and she wasn't home I found a note on the table it said she went out with Calum for the day, great I'm stuck at home alone. MOVIE DAY! I went up to my room changed into some big sweats and an old nirvana t shirt. I got all my favorite Disney movies and started with lion king, my favorite. I'm getting a little tired so I just took a little nap.

When I woke up, I woke up to 11 missed calls from Michael and one from Taylor, and 20 messages all from Michael. Ugh that boy, I just met him yesterday and he acts like we've know each other forever! I better text him back before he has a panic attack on me. 

To Michael:

Sorry I took a nap, what do you need so badly?

That should be good. Two minutes later he replied.

From Michael:

I was just wondering if you wanted to go to a All Time Low concert with me tomorrow?  


To Michael: I guess that's fine but next time don't text me so many times or something bad will happen to you. LOL! xxx

From Michael: Sorry. But it is an All Time Low concert! xx

I didn't text him back, I didn't need to he already knew my answer so I just picked out my clothes for tomorrow.


If you liked that chapter tell me in the comments. Please give me some tips of what I could do better. Thanks!!!!!

-t.c. <3

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