Soft Grunge. A michael clifford.

Ayley Hughes, a girl with perfect blonde hair, a perfect face, a great body, and a wardrobe of soft grunge any girl would want to have! Taylor Hall her best friend, brown dyed hair, a cute little face and a wardrobe of soft grunge too! Ayley doesn't know but when she goes to a party and meets a boy named Michael Clifford, she doesn't know what will come after this party. Read Soft Grunge to see what will happen to Ayley and Michael and if they become friends or more than friends. Maybe there will be more than one friendship that comes after this party! Read to find out more!!!


1. prologue!!

Hey thanks for checking my book out. I'm new to movellas so don't judge yet. But if you have an idea for this book please tell me and I'll take suggestions. The cover of this book characters are on it, the on in the top left corner is Ayley, the right too corner is Taylor and if course next is Michael and then the next is the title which is Soft Grunge. Thanks!



Ayley Grace Hughes: As a random soft grunge girl

Taylor Lynn Hall: as a random girl (soft grunge)

Michael Clifford: Michael Clifford. ( whatever colored hair he will have)

Luke Hemmings: Luke

Calum as Calum

Ashton as Ashton.


Ayley's POV:

Today is the day me and Taylor finally go out! Go out as in to a party, of course we've been to many parties in the past but I feel as if this one will be different. I can't wait to go drunk it's been a while. A while as in last weekend. I don't get drunk a lot. But when I do it must be a good week. Anyways I don't want to bore you with anything else so yep.

~~~2 hours later~~~~~

Still Ayleys POV

Taylor will be here in an hour so I got to get dressed! Tonight I will wear something simple but cute, I will wear a studded nirvana crop top, with jean high wasted shorts, and of course my signature black doc martens. Simple but yet cute. *ding dong* that must be Taylor. I race down stairs almost falling down my stairs, and meet her at the door and the inpatient person she is she knocks and rings the door bell constantly! I open it just as she starts to ring the door bell again. "Well hello to you too!" "Sorry Ayley I'm hungry and ready to party! Go get dressed and I'll invade your kitchen!" "Okay well then bye" I go up stairs and start to put my outfit on. When I'm done I simply straighten my hair again, redo my make up only putting a nude eye shadow to bring out my blue eyes, and black eye liner. I go back down stairs to see Taylor eating animal crackers, that's pretty much all the snacks she ever eats unless it pizza. When I tell her lets start to head out she tells me she needs to barrow my plaid jacket. She can pull it off better than I can! Well when she gets back down here I look at her outfit and she looks great. She's wearing a golden studded black crop top with a pair of jean high wasted shorts and of course her black vans.

~~~~ at the party~~~~ Taylor's POV

When we get there it's already packed! We pull up in Ayley's black dodge charger, and we can all ready smell the alcohol from outside, red cups were everywhere bit what do you expect with a teenage party! Here we go. We go inside and I already lose Ayley she probably went to find the drinks. I go through tons a people sucking face with probably a total stranger they just met, people grinding on each other like no tomorrow, and all ready drunk people, but what can I say I'll be one of those people sooner at later! I go the ought the house looking for Ayley and I see her with a couple boys, she had her back to me but one boys was standing by her and the other two was up against a wall. I went over to her and touched her arm, she looked at me and said "there you are I was looking for you but when I found my friends I guess I forgot what I was doing!" "Thanks I appreciate it!" Ayley looked back to the boys that stood therewith a confused faces. She turned back to me and said "this is my friend Taylor Hall" I turned to them and waved she introduced them to me and first was the guy standing next to her which wad a guy named Calum, he had black hair with it kind of messy looking, he had cheek bones you could see a mile away, a black sweater, black skinny jeans, and black vans and he was hot!The next one was introduced as Luke he was tall and skinny with broad shoulders, he had a blink 182 tee shirt on, black skinnys with black vans and he wasn't that bad looking. The last one she introduced was Ashton he had curly messy hair, he had dimples as deep as the ocean and a laugh anyone would die for, he was wearing a my little ponies shirt on and black skinnys with combat boot looking shoes on. He wasn't that bad looking but I think I like Calum the best! It was in that moment where a guy with a fringe hair with it bleached and he had a def leopard shirt in with a plaid shirt on with the sleeves cut off. He looked hot but I was more into Calum. but by the looks of the guy seemed to like Ayley more, but Ayley was talking to Ashton then watching who was coming up. When he came up it seemed the guys knew him and Ayley didn't really seem to care who he was. He tried to talk to her all night but she wouldn't even look at him I'll have to find out what is wrong with her tonight after the party. He have up and started talking to the guys, but Calum wanted to talk to me which of course I didn't care. "Hey my names Calum" "Taylor" we shook hands and started to talk about the most random things he told me stories about him and the other guys, it seemed they all lived together and the new guys name was Michael. After awhile Calum asked me if he could see my phone because he forgot his, and the gullible person I am, I gave it to him. After a minute or two he gave me it back I double clicked on the home button to see what he was doing but he erased everything, slick move tough guy. After a minute his phone went off and he played it off as if he didn't hear it, wow but after that I knew he sent himself a text from my phone to get my number wow. After that we just started talking and sharing stories.

Ayley's POV:

When a dude with a fringe walked up I knew he was all ready staring at me so I ignored him, but when he started to talk it seemed the guys knew him all ready. I guess his name is Michael, and he was trying to get me to talk but I played it off like I couldn't hear him, I looked over to see Taylor and Calum hitting it off, wow thanks can't talk to her and the other boys talking to Michael. I didn't want to get wrapped up in him because he gave off this cocky vibe which I wasn't interested in getting involved with him any time soon. So I took out my phone and checked tumblr to see if anything was new and nope just weird junk, I'll check it when I get home. I put it back in my pocket and just listened to the boy's conversation about what girls they're going to take home. Ashton was talking about a blonde in the corner with a dress that showed off her ass, Luke was talking about a girl with long brown hair, with a nice mid thigh black tight dress that fight her body perfectly and Michael wasn't talking about anyone to take home. Which was weird because Luke told me a little about Michael which Luke said he's a player and just uses girls for sex. Which I didn't want to get wrapped up in. So I told luke I'm going to go to the bathroom and when I got there I just needed a breather for a second. When I got back it was all ready 1 am and I'm getting tired I didn't feel like drinking tonight but by the looks of it Taylor had a little to much to drink and was grinding on Calum. We better leave so Taylor doesn't have to bad if a headache in the morning. But too late for that. I turned around and told luke I'm going to heading out, we hugged each other bye and side hugged Ashton, I turned back but when I was about to leave Michael hugged me and whispered in my ear that he'll text me later and at that moment I felt him slip my phone back into my phone how did I not feel him take it. I just left I didn't want to start anything tonight so I grabbed Taylor and left. I got home and changed Taylor into some of my comfy clothes and put her on the couch, I went to my room changed and laid down. Right when I was almost asleep my phone went off beside my bed and I looked at it and it said

From: Michael

Goodnight sleep tight! I want to meet up with you tomorrow at the coffee shop down the road from Casey's gas station at 9:30 don't be late! -M xxxx

I didn't reply, I just went to sleep but before I went to sleep I just said to myself "I'm not going to get involved I'm going to tell him I don't want to be anything with him" and then I'll leave the coffee shop. Then I fell into a deep sleep.




Thanks for reading please comment if you want me to go on! Tell me how you thought of the chapter! Thanks bye!!!


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