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  • Published: 23 Jan 2014
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Everyone around us tries to split us up. Truth is, we always find each other. We're inseparable.


8. Chapter 7

*November 20, 2011 ~ 5:45PM*
I hopped out of the shower, wrapping my bathrobe around me after drying myself off. Justin's supposed to be here in forty-five minutes and I just got out of the shower. I walked out of the bathroom and down the stairs, blow drying my hair with my electric blow dryer. When I got in the living room, my hair was two-thirds of the way dry. I sat down on the floor in front of my mother.

Mom: Fishtail to the side?
Me: Yeah. Then when I get there, I could take it out and it'll be wavy.

She nodded and started braiding my hair. I looked down at my phone, seeing a text from Justin.

'I wonder what you're gonna look like.' - Justin

I replied.

'You have a 45 minute wait.' - Dawn

':(' - Justin

I chuckled and shook my head. Five minutes later, my mom patted my shoulder, indicating she completed the braid. I jumped up and rushed into the kitchen. I sat down at the table, my mother handing me a bowl of Ramen noodles and a plate of steamed broccoli. It took me about ten to fifteen minutes to eat every single bite and put my dishes in the sink.

Mom: You have fifteen minutes.

I nodded and ran up the stairs. I know I have fifteen minutes, but you never know. Justin could come earlier than he said he would. I ran into my room and gently took my dress out of the bag. I took my bathrobe off, letting it drop to the floor. I was already in my undergarments, so no problems there. I took the dress off the hanger, holding it up. I gently stepped into it, trying my hardest not to make a crease in it. I pulled the dress up, zipping it behind me. I grabbed the studded cross necklace off of my bed and wrapped it around my neck. Justin gave it to me when I was in the hospital. It was his 'get well soon' gift to me.


I sat down on my bed, putting my heels on. This will be the first and last time I'm ever wearing heels. I'm only two or three inches shorter than Justin. I don't need to wear heels that make me six feet tall. I stood up and grabbed my shoulder wrap, wrapping it around me. I spun around and looked in the mirror. I smiled, then stopped, realizing I needed to brush my teeth. I walked into the bathroom, turning the water on. I brushed my teeth fast and hard, trying to get every inch of plaque off my teeth. Shutting the water off, I looked in the mirror and smiled. White teeth. I did a thumbs up and walked out, hearing my phone go off. Rummaging through my songs, I finally found it, the screen lighting up. I saw a text for Justin.

'I just pulled in through the gate. Be at your place in five.' - Justin

Throwing my phone in my clutch, I ran over to my dresser, grabbing my bottle of Someday. I sprayed some on and put it back down. Chills went down my spine, thinking about that Someday commercial. What if he did that to me?

The doorbell rang downstairs. It's him.


I grabbed my hair pin, clipping it to the side. I heard the door open downstairs.

Mom: She's almost done.

I grabbed my clutch and headed towards my bedroom door.

Justin's POV

Avery: Just in time, Justin. She's almost done.

I nodded and stepped inside. She closed the door behind me, eyeing me up and down.

Avery: You look like you just came out of Titanic.
Me: That was the goal.
?: I'm ready.

I looked at the staircase. I heard her take in a breath as she began to walk downstairs. Halfway down the staircase, I saw her. Her hair was fishtailed back back and be dark brown eyes met mine. As she continued walking, I couldn't help but notice her flowing blue dress. All I could do was stare. It was as if she put a spell on me. She looked She finally made it down the stairs and was now in front of me. I bit my lip, eyeing her up and down.


I couldn't find the words. It seemed as though I was frozen, my words becoming lost as I stared into her eyes. She lowered her head, rubbing her arm.

Me: Words can't describe how you look.

I walked towards her, lifting her head up so she would look at me.

Me: You took my breath away.

Her cheeks turned deep red. I smiled, caressing her cheek with my thumb.

Avery: So she's leaving with you tomorrow, correct?

I wrapped my arm around Dawn's waist, looking at Avery.

Me: Yes, m'am.
Avery: Dawn, your things are packed?
Dawn: Yep.
Avery: Good cause then I can take it over to Pattie's later. Have fan, you two.
Me: I won't lose her in a storm of paparazzi.
Avery: Please don't. I don't want to have her call me, saying she lost you.
Me: I'll have her by my side no matter what.

I kissed her forehead. She blushed and hid her face in my shoulder.

Avery: Aw. If you two were dating, you'd be the cutest couple ever.

Like she'd ever fall for me.

Avery: Have fun. I'll be watching here.

I smiles as she opened the door for us. We walked out of the house towards my car.

Me: The limo's at my house. We'll take it to the AMA's and back.

She nodded, not looking at me. When we got to my 'Batmobile', I opened the door for her. She thanked me and got inside. I closed her door and went well to the other side.

*6:45 PM*

Normal POV

We're in the limo on our way to the AMA's. Justin's sitting on the right side of me.

Justin: I noticed you're wearing the necklace I gave you.
Me: I wear it everyday.
Justin: Really? I never noticed.
Me: Because you don't eye me up and down everyday.
Justin: True.

I opened my clutch, taking out my phone. I turned down the volume and put it back.

Me: For some reason, ever since you came back, my friends haven't talked to me.

I began taking my braid out.

Justin: Maybe there's a reason.

I shrugged, struggling to take the braid out. I felt his hands on mine.

Justin: I got it.

I dropped my hands as he undid my braid. When he was finished, his hands dropped from my hair. I turned to face him.

Me: Thanks.

I began to run my fingers through my hair.

Justin: Why did you braid it in the first place?
Me: For the wavy effect.

He nodded. I eyed him up and down, biting my lip.

Me: You look like you just came out of Titanic.
Justin: That was the point.

I rolled my eyes. This boy.

Justin: So after tonight, we're going over to my place.

I nodded.

Me: How long are we gonna be in New York for?
Justin: A few weeks.
Me: What about Canada?
Justin: Until New Year's. Then we'll go to Miami so I can record some of my new album.
Me: You didn't say anything about Miami.
Justin: I know. I'll talk to your mom about it.

I nodded and rested my hands in my lap. Suddenly, the car came to a stop. Justin's door opened, a man standing there holding an umbrella. Justin looked at me.

Justin: Stay by my side, okay?

I nodded as he grabbed my hand. We both got out of the car, flashes going off in our faces as we stepped onto the red carpet. He let go of my hand, leaning towards my ear.

Justin: *whispering*Follow behind.

He walked in front of me, taking some photos by himself. I followed him, standing next to him. Questions were thrown at him as soon as I stood next to him.

?: Justin, who's the new girl?
?: What happened to Selena?

Ignoring the questions, he kissed my cheek, making me blush and hide my face in his shoulder.

?: Aw.

We took a few pictures, then walked off. We met Scooter at the end and boy, was he pissed. He pulled us to the side.

Scooter: I thought I told you not to bring her.
Justin: And I thought I told you I don't care what you say.
Scooter: Take her home. Now.

I lowered my head. I knew this would happen.

Justin's POV

I looked at Dawn and noticed her head was down. I looked back at Scooter.

Me: If she doesn't stay, then I won't stay. And everyone will look at you, wondering where I am.
Scooter: Fine. She can stay. But when you go on to perform, you better look at Selena the whole time.

He walked away, leaving us standing there. I looked at Dawn, her head on my shoulder.

Me: Just ignore him. He doesn't understand.

I grabbed her hand as we walked to our seats.

*10:00 PM*

There's only one hour left and Dawn's falling asleep. I have to perform again with LMFAO at the end of the show. I rubbed her arm, taking a few glances at Selena. She rolled her eyes and looked at the stage. I looked at Dawn, her head on my shoulder as her eyes began to close. I gently shook her, making her look up at me.

Me: Are you bored? Is that why you're falling asleep on me?

She nodded.

Me: Play on your phone or something.
Dawn: I don't want to be rude.
Me: It's fine. I barely pay attention to these things anyways.

She lightly chuckled and took her phone out. She began playing Temple Run on her phone. I rolled my eyes, looking at the stage.


*11:50 PM*

I laid her down on the bed, tucking her in. I kissed her forehead and walked out of the room.

Normal POV

I woke up in darkness. The only light I could see was the spotlight around me. I stood up, looking around. No one in sight. I could hear voices around me, but saw no one. I sighed and began to walk around until I hit something. It felt like a wall. I put my hand in front of me and felt a wall. But...I could see though it. Maybe a glass wall? I heard the voices again and looked around. I turned around and saw a glimpse of Justin and Selena...arguing?

Selena: Why do you care about her so damn much?
Justin: You want to know why I care about her, Selena?!
Selena: Please give me an answer.

Then it faded. I saw another one of when my dad.

Mom: Jordan, you can't leave your daughter like this. She's only four.
Dad: I told you, Avery. You should have had an abortion like I asked.
Mom: You know I'm against that! Either she stays or you go.
Dad: Fine. I don't need this bullshit from you.

My mother slapped him across the face.

Mom: Don't you dare curse in front of your daughter!

My dad pushed her to the floor, standing over her.

Dad: And you don't tell me what to do.

Tears ran down my face as the memory faded. I saw another appear, but it was Justin and Scooter while Justin was on tour.

Scooter: All you do is talk about her. Why not talk about Selena that much?
Justin: Cause Selena annoys the hell out of me. She's too complicated to deal with.
Scooter: Deal with her. You're gonna have to the rest of your life.

Justin scoffed.

Justin: You really think I'm gonna marry her? Yeah, right. I'd rather marry someone I'm in love with than marry someone I continue to argue with.

Then it faded. I could hear someone calling my name. I turned, seeing a figure run towards me. I could no longer feel the wall in front of me. The figure came closer and I automatically knew who it was.

Me: Justin?

The person came closer and I could finally see his face. He smiled and cupped my face in his hands.

Justin: I have to tell you something.
Me: What?
Justin: I-

His face suddenly went pale. He collapsed to the ground, his body next to my feet.

Me: Justin!

I knelt by his side, holding his hand. I saw blood stain his white shirts it flowed from the wound in his chest.

Justin's POV

Today was the day I was planning to tell her the truth. I took a deep breath as I walked up the driveway towards her front door. I knocked on it three times, the door opening to reveal Avery. She smiled, knowing why I came.

Avery: She's in her room.

I nodded and walked past her up the stairs. When I got to her room, I heard her voice.

Dawn: Jason, I told you. I can't see you today.

Jason? Who's Jason?

Dawn: Cause I have to get things situated.

I knocked on the door, then opened it. She looked at me, then hung up.

Dawn: Hey, Justin.
Me: Hey.

I sat down next to her on her bed.

Dawn: Justin, there's something I have to tell you. I-

I couldn't take it anymore. I gently cupped her face in my hands and pressed my lips to hers. She didn't kiss back. She just pushed me away.

Dawn: You can't do that, Justin.
Me: Why not?
Dawn: Because I have a boyfriend.

My heart cracked. No. It shattered to a million pieces.


I shot up out of bed, breathing heavily. It was only a dream. I heard a scream coming from the end of the hall. My head was telling me to ignore it while my gut was telling me to go see what was wrong. I got out of bed, stretching as I walked out of my room.

Normal POV

Me: No! Justin, stay with me! Please!

His eyes shut and his hand dropped from mine. Tears rapidly ran down my face.

Me: No! No!

I could hear someone calling my name. Justin's body vanished before my eyes.

?: Dawn, wake up.


I shot up out of bed, tears rolling down my cheeks. My heart was beating out of my chest. I looked at the door and saw Justin standing there. I jumped out of bed and ran to him, embracing him in a hug.

Justin: Dawn, what's wrong?

I looked up at him, my hands cupping his face.

Me: Don't leave me, Justin.

His face was confused.

Justin: What are you-
Me: Please!

I broke down into tears, falling to my knees with my hands on my face. I felt his arms wrap around me and pick me up. He carried me to the bed, my hand having a tight grip on his shirt. He sat me on his lap when he sat down on the bed. He pulled my head into his chest as I continued to cry.

Justin: Shh. It's okay. I'm here.
Me: P-p-promise me you w-w-won't l-leave me.

I felt his lips against my forehead.

Justin: I promise.

He let me go, lying me down on the bed. He got up from the bed and pulled the covers over me.

Justin: I'll be right across the hall, okay?

As he turned to walk away, I grabbed his wrist, pulling him towards me.

Me: Stay.
Justin: Dawn...
Me: Please, Justin!

I lowered my head, my tears falling onto the comforter.

Me: I need you.

I heard him sigh and felt the covers move next to me. I looked and saw Justin getting in next to me. Another tear fell from my eye as I rested my head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

Justin: Can you go to sleep?

I shook my head. He sighed and began to sing.

It's like an angel came by and took me to heaven
Cause when I stare in your eyes, it couldn't be better
Let the music blast, we g'on do our dance
Bring the doubters on, they don't matter at all
Cause this life's too long and this love's too strong
So baby, know for sure that I'll never let you go

Soon enough, I fell asleep in his arms.

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