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  • Published: 23 Jan 2014
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Everyone around us tries to split us up. Truth is, we always find each other. We're inseparable.


63. Chapter 60

September 23, 2012
10:00 PM
Not much has happened over the past month. Avalanna's still in the hospital, Justin finished rehearsals, and tonight is Justin's go away party for his tour. The party already started and I'm sitting with Demi, Taylor, and my other friends?

Demi: So how about you and Justin?
Taylor: Yeah. We haven't heard much about you two in a while.
Me: We're good.
Tori: Have you two had sex yet?

I bit my lip, looking down. I heard them all gasp.

Adriana: You did, didn't you?
Me: Yeah.
Sky: Have you used protection?
Me: N-no.

Their eyes went wide.

Taylor: You could end up pregnant.
Me: I know, but I'm on the pill.
Demi: That's good.

The music around us stopped as someone cleared their throat. We all turned our heads, seeing Justin at the front of the room.

Justin: Dawn, can you come up here?

I bit my lip, getting up from my seat. I slowly walked towards the front of the room, my hands behind my back. He pulled me into his side, looking at the others.

Justin: You all know my girlfriend, right?

They all nodded.

Justin: Well, I have two questions to ask her and I want you all to hear them first.

Two questions? Damn, I never knew he'd give me a pop quiz. He turned towards name, taking my hands in his.

Justin: The first one's simple. The second one is more complicated.

I rolled my eyes.

Justin: Will you come on tour with me and be an opening act for me?

I smiled.

Me: Of course.

He smiled, but then it faded. He sighed deeply.

Justin: I know we've been together for only nine months, but it feels like we've been dating for years. You make me the happiest guy in the world and I don't know what I'd do without you. Everything about you is perfect and I never want you to think otherwise.

He let out another deep sigh.

Justin: Through thick and thin, we've always stick together. We never let anyone separate us no matter what. No matter how many times we've argued, we've stayed together. We never broke up and we never let go of one another.
Me: Justin, how long is this gonna take?
Justin: Dawn, just...listen, okay?

He took another deep breath.

Justin: You never gave up on me, even though I was under a lot of pressure. You proved to me that we all go through certain situations and we can survive them. You made sure I wasn't so focused on you all the time. This list could go on and on, but people have places to be.

Some people chuckled.

Justin: All this means is I want you to be with me...forever.

He took one of my hands in his and got down on one knee. I gasped, covering my mouth with my hand. He shoved his hand into his pocket and took out a diamond ring.

Justin: Dawn Marie Johnson, will you do the honors of becoming my wife?

Tears were cascading down my cheeks. I was speechless. After everything we've been through, I never knew he would propose to me.


Everyone laughed at their comment. My eyes were still on Justin, the ring still in front of me. I pulled him to his feet and kissed him. I pulled away, cupping his cheeks in my hands.

Me: Yes. I'll marry you, Justin.

He smiled as the room erupted into cheers. He slipped the ring on my finger and cupped my cheeks in his hands, kissing me. I kissed back, my hands resting on his chest. He pulled away, resting his forehead on mine.

Justin: I love you so much.
Me: I love you, too, babe.

He pecked my lips and pulled me into a hug.

Justin: I'll let your friends see the ring and we can go home afterwards.
Me: Alright.

He kissed my forehead before pulling out of the hug. I skipped over to my friends, sitting down in a seat.

Demi: Let's see it.

I put my left hand on the table, showing them the ring.

Tori: You're so lucky!
Me: I'm glad to have a guy like him.

Justin's POV

I sat down next to Ry Good, Alfredo, and a few others.

Alfredo: Congratulations, man.
Ryan: Yeah. I was hoping you'd do it sooner or later.

I rolled my eyes.

Ryan: But seriously, man. Congrats.
Me: Thanks.
Alfredo: You really love her, don't you?

I looked at her from across the room.

Me: She means so much to me. I don't know what I'd do without her.
Ryan: Well, you have her forever now.

I looked back at him.

Me: We're only engaged right now. We're not married yet.
Alfredo: Make it quick.

I rolled my eyes, looking towards her again. Her eyes met mine, but then she turned around, her cheeks flushing red. Nothing can ever ruin what we have. Nothing.

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