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Everyone around us tries to split us up. Truth is, we always find each other. We're inseparable.


56. Chapter 53

Warning: This chapter contains mature content.

June 22, 2012
9:30 AM
I got out of the car, walking towards the gate to her neighborhood. She told me she would meet me here by ten. I leaned on the hood of my car, may hands shoved I to my pockets as I looked around. Just then, I heard the gate open. I looked up, seeing her dad walking towards me with a cigarette in his mouth. I bit the inside of my cheek, trying not to lose my temper. He took out the cigarette, tossing it on the ground.

Me: Where is she?
Jordan: Inside.
Me: Let me see her.
Jordan: No.
Me: Why?
Jordan: Look, kid. After twelve years without spending time with my daughter, I finally get to spend time with her. I can't have you ruining that.
Me: I'm not ruining anything. It's your fault she doesn't want to spend time with you.
Jordan: Actually, it's your fault.
Me: How's it my fault? I was there for her for over a year. Ever since you led her, I was the only guy she ever trusted. I called her beautiful when you called her ugly. I comforted her when she cried over the time you called her a slut.
Jordan: I can't have her running around with a kid. She needs a man, not a boy.

He sighed, turning around.

Me: I love her.

He scoffed, turning back around.

Jordan: Sure you do. I used to be just like you. Ran around with her mother, not caring what her father said. Then she got pregnant and I just walked away. The same thing will happen to you. Once you get what you want, you'll leave her with a broken heart.
Me: You don't know anything about us.
Jordan: I don't want to. I don't want to know anything about you, either.

He snickered.

Jordan: Face it, kid. It's best if you leave now and never return. If you do, let's just say things won't be pretty. I suggest you give up your career, give up on Dawn, and go back to Canada where you came from. I'd leave as soon as possible if I were you.

With that, he turned around and walked away. I bit my lip, looking down at the ground.

Me: If I leave, she's coming with me.

Normal POV

I looked over the balcony, watching Justin move his car into the bushes. He jumped over the brick wall, hiring behind a tree. I bit my lip, smiling.

Dad: Dawn, I'm going out. No TV, no friends, and no boys.

Ignoring him, I leaned against the railing, watching Justin intently. I heard him sigh, the door closing behind me. I watched my dad get into his car and drive off. When he was no longer seen, Justin ran towards my balcony. He climbed up the ladder, hopping over the railing. I smiled, my hands resting on his chest.

Justin: How come he wouldn't let you come out?
Me: Because he grounded me.

We walked into my room, closing the doors behind us.

Justin: How come?
Me: Because I wanted to see you.
Justin: Doesn't he realize that you love me?
Me: He could care less.

I sat down on the bed with him sitting next to me.

Justin: We spoke earlier.

I turned to face him.

Me: What did he say to you?
Justin: He told me to stay away from you.
Me: Why?
Justin: I honestly don't know, but I'm seeing you anyways.

I smiled, kissing his cheek. I noticed his eyes were on my bathrobe. His hand went on my thigh, sliding up my leg. I slapped his hand away, biting my lip.

Me: Justin, stop it!
Justin: Show me what's under that bathrobe.
Me: You want to see?

He bit his lip, crawling towards me.

Justin: Show me.

His lips brushed against mine, making me smirk. I undid the knot in my bathrobe and pulled the bathrobe off. I pushed him down on the bed, straddling him. He smirked, flipping us over.

Justin: I love you, baby.

I smiled as his lips met mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck, kissing back. His lips trailed down to my neck, making me tense up a little. He kept kissing lower and lower when I heard the door open downstairs, I pushed him off of me, covering myself up.

Me: Get in the closet.

He nodded, kissing me. I smiled, pushing him away from me. He got in the closet, closing the door as my bedroom door opened.

?: Dawn?

I looked up, seeing my dad walk into the room. He let out a sigh, leaning on the door.

Dad: Look, I realized I was a little harsh on you. I should give you some freedom, considering you're seventeen. But...that doesn't mean you can still see Justin.

I groaned, falling back on my bed.

Dad: I don't want you seeing him again. He's not for you, so I suggest you give him up now.
Me: I'm not breaking up with him, if that's what you want me to do.
Dad: I want you two to fall apart. Face it, Dawn. When he leaves you out in the street, alone, you're gonna wish you never met him.

He walked out of the room. Before he closed the door, he looked at me.

Dad: Oh, and you might want to put some clothes on. You look like a slut.

I cringed as he walked out of my room. Tears filled my eyes as his car drove off. I felt two arms wrap around my waist.

Justin: Don't listen to him, baby. You're beautiful just the way you are.

He kissed my cheek. I sighed, pulling his arms off of me as I turned around too face him. Lowering my head, I covered myself up with the blanket.

Me: No, Justin. He's right.
Justin: Baby-
Me: Let's face it, Justin. I'm not good enough for you. I'm just another slut-
Justin: Stop it, Dawn!

He wrapped his arms around me, my head on his chest. Tears rolled down my cheeks and onto his white shirt.

Justin: I need you to stop believing every word that douchebag says.
Me: But-
Justin: No buts.

He looked me in the eyes.

Justin: You need to stop being so insecure about yourself.
Me: Justin...
Justin: Please.

He gently kissed my lips.

Justin: For me.

He kissed me again, his hand cupping my cheek. The blanket fell from my hand as I kissed back. He fell back, making me fall on top of him. His hands rested on my thighs as mine were on his chest. He pulled away, flipping us over. I smiled, his nose touching mine. I bit my lip, pushing him off as I got up from the bed.

Justin: What'cha doing, baby?

I grabbed my eye liner pencil and walked back over to my bed. I sat down, taking his arm.

Justin: What are you doing?

Ignoring him, I wrote 'I love you' on his arm. He smiled, taking the pencil from his hand. He gently pushed me down on the bed, turning my head to the right. He started writing on my neck, making me jump up.

Justin: Hold still.
Me: It tickles.

He pushed me back down, continuing to write his words. When he was finished, I got up, running towards my mirror. I looked at my neck, seeing he wrote 'Your so sexy' on it. I spun around, bumping into Justin.

Me: Why did you write that?
Justin: Cause it's the truth.

I rolled my eyes as he pulled me closer to him. He smiled, pulling away.

Justin: Let's go for a bike ride.
Me: But you don't have a bike.
Justin: Do you still have the spare?
Me: Yeah.
Justin: Then come on.
Me: Let me change first.
Justin: Kay.

He kissed my cheek as he walked out of my room.


Justin's POV

I laughed as her head landed on my stomach. We just fell off the bikes and landed in the grass, the bikes by our feet. I looked down at her, running my fingers through her hair. The conversation I had with her dad earlier ran through my head. Should I give up singing, leave California and never return? What would happen to Dawn, then? I wouldn't be able to leave without her. She means everything to me. Hell, she is my everything. If I gave up my career and left California, she'd come with me. But...would I give all of that up just to be with the girl I love? Would I give up the fame, money, and fans just to be with her? The answer for that is yes. I would give up everything just to be with her. But she wouldn't let me. She'd rather have me performing for my fans than have her.

Dawn: You okay, Justin?

I looked at her, her dark brown eyes staring at me.

Me: Just thinking.
Dawn: About?
Me: What would happen if I gave up my career.

Her eyes went wide, making her sit up.

Dawn: Are you going to?
Me: No, but I was thinking about it.
Dawn: Good. Your fans would be very disappointed if you gave it all up.
Me: The true fans will understand. The others wouldn't. They'd probably be all, "I thought you loved us, Justin! How could you?" or something like that.
Dawn: Would you ever take a break? Like stay hidden for a while?
Me: I mean, yeah, if paparazzi kept annoying the hell out of me.

She chuckled, kissing my cheek. I smiled, pulling her onto my lap.

Me: I love you.
Dawn: I love you, too.

I smiled, leaning in. As my lips gently brushed against hers, I heard the gate open. We both looked, seeing a car pull up. She got off of my lap, grabbing the bike.

Me: What's wrong?
Dawn: That's my dad.

My eyes went wide, making me jump up. I grabbed the other bike, following her to her house.

Normal POV

After putting the bikes away, he pulled me close, kissing me. I smiled, playfully pushing him away from me.

Me: Go before you get caught.
Justin: I'll see you tonight?
Me: Yep.

He smiled, giving me another kiss.

Me: Go.

He winked at me before running away from me. I smiled, climbing up the ladder to my balcony. As I landed, my bedroom door slammed open. I looked up, seeing my dad looking through everything.

Dad: Where is he?
Me: Who?
Dad: Don't play dumb with me. Where is he?

H walked past me, looking over the railing then at me.

Dad: He was here, wasn't he?

I didn't answer him. I just looked down, biting my lip.

Dad: Answer me!

I shuddered, nodding my head. He sighed, punching the wall.

Me: I only asked him to meet me at the gate. That was it. The rest was all him, I swear,

He looked at my neck, furrowing his eyebrows.

Dad: What's that?

I covered it with my hair, walking away from him. He pulled me back, pushing me into the wall.

Dad: What is it?

He turned my head, looking at my neck.

Dad: He wrote that, didn't he?

I nodded slowly. He grabbed my bicep and threw me to the floor.

Dad: Since I can't trust you, you're getting punished.

I bit my lip, not wanting to know what he meant.


I sighed, throwing on my leather jacket. I looked at my reflection, seeing a bruise on my face. I covered it with my bangs, biting my lip. I sighed, shoving my phone into my pocket. I turned off my lamp, walking towards my door. I snuck down the stairs, noticing it was dark. I sighed in relief, walking on my toes towards the front door. Slowly, I reached for the doorknob.

?: Where are you going?

I soon around, facing my dad. My hand was still on the doorknob, turning it slightly.

Me: N-nowhere.
Dad: Sure. Where are you going?

I didn't answer him, turning the knob some more.

Dad: You better not be seeing that boy again.

I didn't reply, turning it some more. He walked towards me, reaching out to grab my wrist. Before he could touch me, I threw the door open and ran out.

Dad: Get back here!

I kept running, not daring to look back.

Justin's POV

I stood in the middle if the park, a white rose behind my back. Tonight, I'm gonna make her feel special. She deserves it for making me so happy for six months. She needs to be treated right, considering the fact her dad hasn't changed, even though he went to anger management classes. I shook the thought off. I'm not letting her dad ruin what we have. Just then, something bumped into me. I looked down, seeing Dawn on the ground. I took her hand, helping up. She got to her feet, looking at me.

Me: Are you okay?

She nodded, looking down.

Me: Why were you running?
Dawn: My dad. I was trying to sneak out and he caught me. I ran, hoping he wouldn't follow me.

I noticed her bangs covering the side of her face, making me perplexed.

Me: Why are your bangs in your face?

She shrugged.

Me: Dawn, just let me...

I trailed off when I saw a bruise on her face. My eyes widened, anger boiling inside of me.

Me: Dawn!

She pulled away, rubbing her arm as she looked down.

Me: He did that to you, didn't he?

She didn't answer me.

Me: Didn't he?!

She shuddered, nodding her head. I slipped the rose into my back pocket, clenching my fists.

Me: What else did he do to you?!

She slowly took off her jacket, revealing scars and bruises on her arms. I was beyond pissed now.

Me: He beat you?!

She nodded.

Me: Why?!
Dawn: B-because I l-let you in the house.
Me: He has no right to touch you like that!

She walked up towards me, putting her hands on my cheeks.

Dawn: Calm down. Please.

I took a deep breath, unclenching my fists. She gently kissed my lips, letting the kiss linger for a moment. She pulled away, resting her head on my chest.

Dawn: I don't like it when you're mad. It scares me.
Me: I know. But I can't stand seeing you hurt like this.

She looked up at me, a small smile forming on her face.

Dawn: I love you for that. I live it when you get defensive.
Me: I have to protect what's mine somehow.

She playfully hit my chest, making me smile. I took out the white rose, holding it in front of her.

Me: This is for you.

She smiled, taking it in her hand.

Dawn: Thank you.

I smiled, taking her hand.

Me: Come on.

She smiled as I pulled her towards my car.


Normal POV

I furrowed my eyebrows as he parked in his driveway.

Me: Why are we at your house?
Justin: No reason.

He got out, closing his door as he jogged over to my side. He opened my door taking my hand and helping me out of the car.

Me: Thank you.

He kissed my cheek closing the door behind me. We walked to the front door, him opening it as we walked inside.

Me: Where's your mom?
Justin: She moved out when it was our five months.

I nodded as he closed the door behind us. He led me up the stairs to the middle of the hallway. He pulled on a string, a staircase appearing. He moved out of the way, ushering me to go ahead of him.

Justin: Ladies first.

I smiled, walking up the stairs. When I reached the top, I couldn't believe my eyes. I never knew how close his house was to the city. The view was amazing. In the corner near the edge, there was a table for two. There were candles and a bottle of champagne with rose petals surrounding it. I gasped when I felt his arms wrap around my waist.

Justin: Just you and me tonight, baby.

He gently kissed my neck, pulling away. He took my hand and led me to the table. He took two glasses, popping the cork off the bottle. He poured a little in each glass, handing one to me. I took it, looking at the liquid.

Me: Isn't it illegal for us to drink this?
Justin: It's only a little. Plus, there's no alcohol in it. I asked.

I nodded as his glass hit mine.

Justin: To us.
Me: To us.

We took a sip, putting our glasses down. He pulled out my chair, making me smile. As I sat down, he pushed my seat in, walking onto the other side of the table. He took my hand in his, rubbing my hand in a comforting way. There was a dish in front of us. He took off the top, revealing something I've never seen before.

Justin: It's an Italian dish called Perciatelli all' Amatriciana.
Me: So you speak Italian now?
Justin: No, I don't.
Me: Um...okay.

He put some on a plate and handed the rest to me. I thanked him as we began to eat. When we were finished, he turned on Pandora on his phone, the song Tonight (Best You Ever Had) by John Legend playing. I smiled, standing up.

Me: I love this song.

He smiled, getting up as well. He walked over to me, taking my hand in his. He put a hand on my waist as I put mine on his shoulder. We started dancing on the rooftop, the music playing in the background. He spun me around, catching me in his arms. He pulled me back up as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Me: How'd you learn that?
Justin: By watching reruns of Dancing With the Stars and practicing.

I rolled my eyes, resting my head on his chest.

Me: This is amazing, Justin.
Justin: Trust me, this is only the beginning. I looked at him, a smile forming on my face.


We walked down the stairs, standing in the hallway. After he put the hidden staircase away, he led me down the hall towards his bedroom. He opened the door, letting me walk through first. When I walked into his room, I gasped, seeing rose petals scattered all over the bed. His song Love Me Like You Do played softly in the background. I turned around, seeing Justin closing the door behind him.

Me: You did this?

He cupped my cheeks in his hands, looking into my eyes.

Justin: I told you it's just you and me tonight.

Before I could ask, he kissed me. I kissed back, resting my hands on his. He picked me up, wrapping my legs around his waist without breaking the kiss. He carried me to the bed, sitting me down on it. I felt his hands on the hem of my shirt, gently pulling it up. I pulled away, letting him pull my shirt over my head. I pulled up his shirt as well, tossing it on the floor. He kissed me again, making circles on my inner thighs. His hands went to the hem of my shorts, tugging on them. I let him pull down my shorts. He threw them on the floor, unzipping his jeans. He slid them off, throwing them as well. I leaned back, my back hitting the bed as he hovered over me. He leaned down, kissing my lips. I kissed back, wrapping my arms around his neck. His lips trailed to my neck, my heart rate increasing.

Justin: *whispering*I want you.

He kissed lower towards my collarbone.

Me: *whispering*Prove it.

He smiled against my neck, kissing my lips. I felt his hands slide up my side, sending chills down my spine. They moved towards the back of my bra, his fingers tracing it. He undid my bra, his lips moving towards my neck. My back arched a little, giving him the opportunity to pull it off. He tossed it onto the floor, kissing lower towards my collarbone. Moving past my chest, his lips trailed down my stomach, making me giggle. He kissed the bird tattoo on my hip, sitting up. He looked at me.

Justin: Are you okay?

I took a deep breath, nodding my head.

Me: Yeah. I'm just not used to this.
Justin: This is your first time?
Me: Yeah.
Justin: Same here.
Me: How come you're not nervous?
Justin: My hormones are crazy right now.

I nodded. His fingers gently trailed along the lining on my underpants, tugging on them a little. I let him take them off as they slid to my ankles. He took them off, tossing them onto the floor. He took off his boxer briefs, throwing them onto the floor as well. He pulled the comforter over us, hovering over me.

Justin: Are you sure about this?
Me: Yeah.
Justin: You sure?
Me: Yeah. 
Justin: We could just put our clothes back on and forge-

I cut him off by pressing my lips to his. He smiled during the kiss, his hands on my hips. I felt him push inside of me, making me pull away. It hurt a little, but after a while, I was fine. I bit my lip as he increased his pace. His lips trailed my neck, his touch sending chill down my spine.

Justin: *whispering*I want to hear you.

He pushed in deeper, making me whimper.

Justin: *whispering*You can't hold it in forever.

He kept thrusting, resulting in my nails digging into his back. I couldn't take it anymore. I let out a moan, making him smile. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me up so I was sitting on his lap. He kept trusting, resulting in my head going back. My arms were wrapped around his neck as my chest was pressed against his. I moved my hips against his, grinding on him. He laid us back down, sweat beading down from his forehead. He went in deeper, making my back arch.

Justin: Say my name.
Me: *whispering*Justin.
Justin: Much louder than that.

He pushed in deeper, making me moan.

Me: Justin.
Justin: Louder.

He went in even deeper.

Me: Justin!
Justin: Louder.

He went in as deep as he could, making me reach my climax.


He finally pulled out, hovering over me. We breathed heavily as we looked at each other. He kissed my lips gently, heat radiating from his body. He rolled off of me, both of us sweating. I looked over at him, resting my hand on his cheek.

Justin: I love you so much.
Me: I love you, too.

He smiled, kissing my lips. I kissed back, my hands on his cheeks. He pulled me on top of him, making me pull away.

Justin: Let's get some sleep, okay?

I nodded as he kissed my forehead. I rested my head against his bare chest, falling asleep.

Justin's POV

I smiled down at her, twisting a strand of her hair around my index finger. I'm glad she decided to leave her dad to be with me. It proves she'd do anything to be with me. After six months of being together, she never gave up on us. She stayed with me no matter what came her way. I love her so much and I believe I proved that to her tonight. I'm never leaving her. Ever. She means too much to me to let go.

I can't believe I fell for her once we met.

I can't believe I admitted I loved her.

I can't believe we got together.

I can't believe we never split apart.

But mostly...







I can't believe I made love to her.

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