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  • Published: 23 Jan 2014
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Everyone around us tries to split us up. Truth is, we always find each other. We're inseparable.


6. Chapter 5

*October 21, 2011 ~ 7:15 AM*
I woke up to the sound of my alarm blaring in my ears. I groaned and shut it off. I don't want to go to school today. I threw the covers off of me, getting out of bed. I slowly made my way over to my closet, rubbing my eyes in order for me to wake up. I opened my closet and took out my black leather jacket, a pair of black skinny jeans and a white V-neck. I grabbed a pair of black combat boots with my backpack. I changed into my outfit and brushed out my hair, braiding it afterwards. I grabbed my phone and shoved it into my pocket, swinging my backpack over my shoulder. I ran out of my room, down the hall and downstairs. I saw my mom in the kitchen.

Mom: Morning, sweetie.
Me: Morning, mom.

I grabbed a water bottle and an apple from the pantry.

Mom: You're not gonna eat?
Me: I'll pick something up beforehand.

She nodded.

Mom: Of I'm not home when you get back, make dinner please.

I nodded and grabbed my keys off the counter, walking out of the house.

*7:45 AM*

I closed my locker, taking my phone out of my pocket. I turned down the volume to 'silent' and put it back in my pocket, I headed off to homeroom when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw James, the football quarterback.

Me: Hey, James.
James: Hey. Where you headed?
Me: Homeroom, you?
James: Same.
Me: Ava bugging you again?
James: As always.

We started walking towards homeroom.

Me: So do you know if you're going to college or not?
James: Yeah. You know, if I want to get into the NFL, I gotta go to college.
Me: True.
James: What about you?
Me: I don't think I'm gonna go to college.
James: I thought you wanted to be a lawyer.
Me: Please, after Civics in tenth grade? Hell no.

We walked into homeroom and sat near the back where Sky was. I sat down next to her as James sat in front of me.

Me: Anime fan fiction again?
Sky: Always.
Me: You and Addy both.

She smiled. I heard the clacking of heels echo around the room. Oh, God.

Lynn: Had fun fucking Justin Bieber again?

I flipped her off. She rolled her eyes and sat down with hear clique. She's the slut of the school.

James: Still about Justin, huh?
Me: She can't accept the fact that I DIDN'T SLEEP WITH HIM.

Kelly, a girl in her clique, winked at James. He rolled his eyes.

James: How did this all start?
Me: When Justin and Selena broke up.
James: When do you think it'll stop?
Me: When Selena admits she lied.
James: What do you mean?
Me: Selena posted on Twitter how I slept with Justin and that's the reason why they broke up. Thing is, she doesn't have proof and Justin knows that would never happen between us cause we're friends.

The bell rang, signaling school has started.

*12:36 PM*

I sat down at the table with Tori, Mia, Sky, Adriana, Carlos, Kendall, and James. Logan's sitting with his girlfriend.

Kendall: So what about that party tonight?
Me: I'm not going.
Sky: Me neither.
Tori: Nope.
Carlos: Why not?
Me: Remember last year? My mom grounded me for a month because I got drunk. I'm not doing that again.
?: Of course you're not cause you want to know what you're doing when you're fucking Justin again.

This bitch. I got up from my table.

Me: For the last time, I do NOT sleep with Justin Bieber.
Lynn: Really? Cause that's not what his ex said.
Me: I haven't seen him for three months. You really think I'd sleep with him when he's halfway around the world? It's kinda impossible to. So I suggest you sit your slutty ass down if you don't want to wake up in the hospital in the morning.
Lynn: I'm not a slut! You are!
Me: Really, I'm a slut? I'm not the one who's slept with every guy in the school since the ninth grade!

She slapped me across the face, her fake nails scratching my cheek.

Me: Bitch!

I punched her in the face. She fell to the floor, holding her face. Her clique rushed over to me, pulling me out of the cafeteria.

Me: Mia, follow up.

Mia nodded as the girls pulled me into the hallway. Ariana, Lynn's bodyguard, slammed my shoulders up against the lockers.

Ariana: Shouldn't have done that.

I lifted my knee up to knee her in the stomach. Bad idea. She pushed my knee down as hard as she could. I hissed at the pain. I think she broke my knee. She punched me in the face, throwing me to the floor. Blood dripped from my lip as I tried to get up. She kicked me in the side, making me fall back down. Ariana's been bulling me ever since I 'killed' her brother. I just called the police. He was gonna rape me if I didn't. Plus, he had a weapon on him. Do you really think I wouldn't call the cops?

She flipped me over, picking me up by my shirt. She rose a fist, as if to punch me in the face. I headbutted her and she let me go. She fell backwards, collapsing to the floor and blacking out. For a girl, I have a really hard head. I took deep breaths, trying to calm my heart rate.

Mia: Seems like you had this under control.
Me: Except I think my knee's broken.
Mia: I'm sure it'll heal up by the end of the day.

I tried to walk over to her. Bad idea again. I fell right in front of the lockers on my broken knee. I hissed at the pain, rolling into my back.

Mia: Want me to get James?
Me: Please?

She nodded and ran off. If this ever happens again, I'm getting homeschooled.


Mom: Dawn, what were you thinking?! You could've been expelled!
Me: I know, mom, but she pissed me off. I had to do something.
Mom: It happens again and you're being homeschooled. I'm not gonna have my daughter start things.
Me: Lynn started it! She called me a slut when I've never even had my first kiss yet!
Mom: I don't care who started it. If it happens again, you're being homeschooled. Understood?

I nodded.

Mom: Let's go.

She helped me off the bed, handing me a pair of crutches. My knee's not broken. It's sprained, but I still won't be able to walk until possibly Thanksgiving. Great.


I fell onto my bed, my leg stretched out on the bed. My phone rang beside me. I picked it up and looked at the screen, Justin's name appearing. I hit  'answer' and put it on speaker.

Me: Hey, Justin.
Justin: Hey.
Me: How's tour?
Justin: It's over for now, but I'm in Europe for some award shows and performances. I'll be back by the AMA's.

I sighed.

Justin: Skype me?
Me: Sure. I gotta get my laptop first.
Justin: Okay, bye.
Me: Bye.

I hung up, pushing myself off the bed. I limped towards my dresser, grabbing my laptop. I limped back to my bed, opening my laptop. Resting my leg on my pillow, I went on Skype, seeing Justin's invite on my screen. I hit 'accept' and waited. A few minutes passed and I saw his face appear on the screen. He smiled.

Justin: Finally I get to see your face again.

I chuckled.

Me: Same. You changed your hairstyle.
Justin: Yeah.
Me: Honestly, I like it better flat on your head.
Justin: Soon enough, I'll have to dye it.
Me: What color?
Justin: Dark brown, I think.
Me: That would be interesting.
Justin: I guess, yeah. So what's up?
Me: I got into a fight at school.
Justin: Again?
Me: Lynn started it. She was the one who called me a slut.
Justin: You're not. Why would she call you that?
Me: Cause Selena lied, saying the reason why you two broke up was because I was sleeping with you.

His eyes went wide.

Justin: She said that?
Me: Tweeted it, actually. Did you see the trend she started?
Justin: No.
Me: Good.
Justin: But why would she lie like that?
Me: Cause she hates me and wants me to stay away from you.
Justin: It's not your fault we kept seeing each other. It's not like I was cheating on her with you.
Me: Yeah.
Justin: So after the fight, what happened?
Me: Ariana popped my knee out of place. I have to wrap my knee up and I can't walk for about a month.
Justin: Oh.
Me: Yeah. My mom said if it happens ever again, I'll be homeschooled.
Justin: Is that supposed to be a bad thing?
Me: Not really.

He shrugged.

Me: Remember when you told me you had to confess something then last time you saw me?
Justin: Yeah?
Me: What was it exactly?
Justin: I was going to say that I-
?: Justin! Interview, now!

I'm guessing that's Scooter. Justin sighed.

Justin: I'll text you later okay?

I nodded.

Justin: Bye.
Me: Bye.

Then the screen went black. I sighed and closed my laptop. What was he trying to tell me?

Justin's POV

I closed my laptop. Every time. Every time I try to tell her the truth, Scooter's always telling me to get off the phone or get ready for an interview. I sighed, resting my forehead on the table. When will I be able to tell her with no interruptions?

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