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  • Published: 23 Jan 2014
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Everyone around us tries to split us up. Truth is, we always find each other. We're inseparable.


48. Chapter 46

April 20, 2012
5:30 PM
We're backstage in our costumes, getting ready for Romeo and Juliet. Justin is playing Romeo while I'm playing Juliet. A week ago, my theatre teacher emailed me, telling me Justin could play the role of Romeo. I was happy when I found out because I didn't want to kiss another guy while I'm dating him.

Ms. Wilson: We have thirty minutes until showtime. We should all be ready by 5:45.

She walked out of the girls dressing room, probably to tell the guys the same thing.

Sky: I'm so excited.
Me: Same here.
Tori: You're only excited because you get to kiss your boyfriend.
Me: Other than that, I'm glad Ava didn't get a part.
Sky: She could have gotten at least a words.
Me: True, but she can't act.
Tori: She can't.
Me: Plus, she wanted to get my part. If Miss Wilson gave her the role and Justin was playing Romeo, then she'd end up kidding my boyfriend and I'd go psycho on her ass.

Tori let out a laugh.

Tori: That just made my evening.
?: Excuse me, ladies.

I turned around, seeing Justin standing there. I smiled, wrapping my arms around his neck.

Sky: Get a room, you too.

I rolled my eyes as Justin wrapped his arms around my waist.

Justin: How's my Juliet?

I rolled my eyes, ruffling his hair.

Justin: You're gonna have to fix that.
Me: You have hands. You do it.
Justin: Later.

I rolled my eyes again.

Me: You're so complicated.
Justin: Aw, I love you, too.

I playfully hit his chest.

Me: You know you're lines, right?
Justin: Yep.
Me: Good, cause I don't want to have to give you your lines while performing.

He chuckled, resting his forehead against mine.

Justin: I love you so much.
Me: I love you more.
Justin: No you don't.
Me: Really? How much do you love me?
Justin: How many stars are in the universe?
Me: Thousands, maybe even millions.
Justin: I love you more than all of those stars. How much do you love me?
Me: From here to Neptune and back.
Justin: Wouldn't it be Pluto?
Me: Pluto's not a planet, dumb ass.
Justin: I'm not a dumb ass.
Me: You can be sometimes.

He rolled his eyes.

Justin: I have to get my costume on. I'll see you on stage.
Me: Okay.

He gave me a quick kiss before leaving the girl's dressing room. I turned around, bumping into Lynn. I rolled my eyes.

Me: What do you want?
Lynn: You better be glad I'm Lady Montague. If I was Juliet, I would make you with your boyfriend.
Me: And I would punch you in the face.

I scoffed, walking past her.

Author's POV

Right at six, Miss Wilson walked out onto the stage with a mike in her hands.

Ms. Wilson: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Hollywood High's performance of Romeo and Juliet. Every actor you see on this stage is in my drama class. In respect for every actor, I would like you to please silence or turn off all electronics, for they interfere with the mikes the students are using.

Every person in the house turned off their electronics, looking back at the stage.

Ms. Wilson: Please remain seated during the performance until the intermission. If it is an emergency, please quietly exit through the doors behind you. Thank you and enjoy the show.

She smiled, walking off stage as the audience clapped. The lights dimmed as Ashley came out on stage. A spotlight showed on her, starting off the play.

Ashley: Two families in the city of Atlanta, Georgia have their own sides of the city. Downtown Atlanta is where the Montagues lives while the Capulets live in Uptown Atlanta. Central Atlanta is the borderline for both families. One from each family fall in love with one another, resulting in their parents becoming more aggravated with each other. Therefore, let us see where this leads to.

She walked off stage left, the lights changing to the scene.

Louis: When I gives you my word, we'll attack.
Tyler: If you say so.
Louis: And before we're under attack, we'll strike.
Tyler: But as you live, they'll kill you.
Louis: Please, I'll kill them before they even touch me.
Tyler: But you're not quick enough to strike.
Louis: The only thing that makes me strike is one of Montague.
Tyler: So you're saying you're afraid of them?
Louis: No! I can kill any Montague, even a lady.
Tyler: That proves them weak.
Louis: Exactly, and since women are the weakest, it's easier for them to get them put of here. Therefore, when the women are out, Montague's men will leave as well.
Tyler: This fight is between us.
Louis: Yes. When I kill all the men, I will take their women and cut off their heads.
Tyler: The heads of the women?
Louis: Of course.
Tyler: Good idea.
Louis: Thanks.
Tyler: Oh, look, here come the Montagues.

Sam and Cody walked onto the stage, mumbling nonsense.

Louis: Come on, let's fight them.
Tyler: How, by running away?
Louis: Don't be a chicken.
Tyler: I'm not.
Louis: Let's let them begin.
Tyler: How about we look at them in disgust as we pass by?
Louis: I have something better. I'll trip them so they know we're there.

As they walked past Sam and Cody, Louis tripped Sam, making them look at the two Capulets.

Sam: How dare you trip us!
Louis: It's you're fault you're so clumsy.
Sam: I'm clumsy? You're the one who tried to trip us.
Tyler: Starting a fight, I see.
Sam: Me? No. I refuse to fight.
Louis: But if you do fight us, then we're just alike.
Sam: No better?
Louis: Um...

Matt walked towards the two groups.

Tyler: Say you're better than them. Benvolio's coming.
Louis: Yes, better.
Sam: Liar.
Louis: Fight me, then.

As they began their fist fight, Matt came between them.

Matt: Guys, enough! You don't know what you're doing!

They stopped fighting, pulling away from one another. Caleb came on stage, scoffing.

Caleb: What, you're afraid to fight. Come on, Benvolio. Stop chickening out.
Matt: I'm not chickening out. I'm being smart. Stop this madness.
Caleb: What, you expect me to walk away? No. I hate all Montagues including you. Fight me, coward!

Caleb swung at Matt, resulting in Matt swinging back. Everyone else came along, circling them.

Montagues: Come on! Give 'em all you got!
Capulets: Get them all!
Montagues: Down with the Capulets!
Capulets: Down with the Montagues!

Logan and Tori walked out onto the stage, watching them fight.

Logan: What's going on? Give me my weapon.
Tori: Why do you need it?
Logan: Montague threatens me. Give it here.

TJ and Lynn walked onto the stage.

TJ: Chill, man! I'm not fighting you.
Lynn: Why would he fight you whole our men are doing it for us?

Kendall walked onto the stage, separating the two sides.

Kendall: Quit it! Everyone in Atlanta is unhappy because of this rivalry. You guys keep this up and it'll be your heads! Now scatter!

Everyone ran off except for TJ, Lynn, and Matt.

TJ: Who started it? Benvolio, were you near the scene?
Matt: I was minding my own business when I saw two of Capulet's and two of us were fighting. I tried to stop it when Tybalt came along and called me a coward. He swung at me first and I swung back. Then others came to watch and that's when the mayor came along.
Lynn: Where's Romeo? Have you seen him? It's good he wasn't caught up in this.
Matt: Before the sun came up, he was gone. I went to find him and found him under a tree. I went to confront him, but he ignored me, staying in his own world. I tried talking to him, but he got up and ran away.
TJ: I saw him crying, but I don't know why. He came home before sunset, but locked himself in his room.
Matt: Do you know why?
TJ: I'm afraid not.
Matt: Have you confronted him?
TJ: Alone and with others, but he was talking to himself. We don't know what makes him upset.

Justin came on stage, his head held low and his hands shoved into his pockets.

Matt: Look, he's coming. You can go back home. I'll talk to him.
TJ: As much as I want to talk to him, it's better if you do. Come on, honey.

TJ and Lynn walked off, leaving Matt and Justin alone.

Matt: Morning.
Justin: Is it really that early?
Matt: It's almost nine.
Justin: Oh. It must be me that the day seems so long. Was that my dad who just left?
Matt: Yeah. Why do you think the day's long?
Justin: Out-
Matt: Out of love?
Justin: Out of her league.
Matt: Well, love seems so kind when in reality, it's a pain in the back.
Justin: You don't understand. You don't know how I feel. While you go out and enjoy the world, I sit here, loving someone. You've never been in love so you don't know how I feel. You don't know what I go through, loving someone who doesn't feel the same way.

He got up, heading stage left.

Justin: Make fun of me all you want. I'm leaving.
Matt: Hold in, I'm coming with you.
Justin: No. I need to be alone, I'm not myself.
Matt: Just tell me. Who do you love?
Justin: You want me to tell you?
Matt: If it makes you feel better.
Justin: Telling you won't make me feel better.
Matt: If you do, I could help you.
Justin: Even if you were Cupid, it wouldn't help. She's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen, yet she's not in love with me.
Matt: If she doesn't feel the same, then forget about her.
Justin: I can't.
Matt: Just look for another.
Justin: Even if I find another girl, it won't be the same. I could never forget about her no matter who I'm with.
Matt: I'll help you one way or another.

He nodded,m leaving stage right. The lights changed as well as the scene. Logan, James, and Robbie walked onto the stage.

Logan: Montague and I are the same type of person. Since we're both around the same age, it's hard for us to not agree.
James: You both may be alike, but you have your differences. But besides that, what do you say about my offer?
Logan: I mean, she's old enough, but I'm not sure if she'll agree.
James: The sooner, the better.
Logan: But it's too soon. I'm sure she wouldn't agree. Then again, if you can get her to love you, then I don't have a problem about it. But we have to get the word out. I mean, we could have a dance where everyone can come and then we can tell them.

He turned to Robbie.

Logan: Let everyone know throughout Atlanta. Find all the people who's names are on the list.

He handed him a piece of paper and walked off with James.

Robbie: There's only one problem; I can't read.

Justin and Matt walked onto the stage.

Matt: Come on, Romeo. Forget about her. Fall in love with someone else.
Justin: You have no idea what I'm going through.
Matt: It can't be that bad. God, lighten up.
Justin: It's impossible for me to. I feel locked up in some asylum, treated like─oh, hello.
Robbie: Hello. Can you read?
Justin: Sadly, yes.
Robbie: I need help with this.

He handed Justin the piece of paper as he read it out loud.

Justin: "Martino, his wife and kids; Anselme and his kids; a widow; Placentio and his nieces; Mercutio and his brother; my uncle, his wife and kids; my nieces Rosaline and Livia; Valentino and Tybalt; Lucio and Helena." Ask them if they can come. Where to?
Robbie: Our house.
Justin: Who's?
Robbie: Capulet's.

With that, he walked off stage, leaving Justin and Matt behind.

Matt: Isn't Rosaline the one you love?
Justin: Yeah, why?
Matt: This is perfect. We can go there incognito and start comparing her to other girls.
Justin: I don't know.
Matt: Come on. It's the only way you can get over her.

He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.

Justin: Fine. But we're staying hidden.

They walked off stage, the lights going dim. The set changed changed to a room in Capulet's house. Tori and Sky walked onto the stage.

Tori: Where's Juliet? I need to speak to her.
Sky: I've been calling her all day and she hasn't answered. Juliet!

Dawn sighed.

Dawn: What?
Sky: You're mother wants you.

She groaned, walking onto the stage. She sat next to Tori.

Dawn: What is it.
Tori: We need to talk.

She looked at Sky, shooing her away. As Sky was about to walk off, Tori stopped her.

Tori: Actually, I might need you, regarding how old Juliet is.
Sky: It's sad how I know her age but you don't.
Tori: Well, I'm not responsible for knowing her age.
Sky: Aren't you her mother? You should know her age.
Tori: Just...shut up.

She looked at Dawn.

Tori: Anyways, I came to talk to you about marriage.

She rolled her eyes.

Tori: What are your opinions on it?
Dawn: It's something I refuse to speak of.
Sky: I knew it! We shouldn't have brought it up.
Tori: Anyways, you should think about it now, a girl your age. Here in Uptown Atlanta, it's normal for a girl your age to get married. And Paris is the perfect one for you.
Sky: Definitely. He's so hot.
Tori: So what do you say? Will you meet him? He really likes you and he wants you to come to the dance tonight. He'll make you look better.
Sky: He'll make you look like royalty.
Tori: So can you meet him?
Dawn: I'll meet him, but I'm not loving him.

Tony walked in.

Tony: Excuse me, but the dance has been prepared. Guests are coming and we still need to fix a few things. 

He left as Tori got up.

Tori: I'm gonna go. Stay here and get ready.

Dawn nodded as she walked out. The lights went out, another scene change. Justin, David, and Matt appeared on stage along with six other Montagues.

Justin: What should we tell them?
Matt: Nothing. We'll just wear these masks, converse with a few girls, and leave.
Justin: I'll just stand aside while you two do it.
David: No, you have to dance.
Justin: Are you kidding me? I can't even take a step without falling on my face. You, however, can dance in your sleep.
David: You're in love, bro. Borrow a set of wings if you need to, so you'll fly instead of fall.
Justin: Easy for you to say. Not even wings could keep me from falling.
David: You're so in love you don't even make sense.
Justin: I don't make sense because love is painful.

David put on his mask.

David: Well, you can be in love, but I'm getting girls to dance with me.
Matt: Come on, Romeo. Let's go inside.

Justin sighed.

Justin: Okay, but I'm standing on the side.
David: We won't be there long. I promise you, we'll be out when we're done. Now, come on, we're burning daylight.
Justin: No we're not.
David: I meant we're waisting time standing out here when we could be dancing with someone.
Justin: I'm not going in there.
David: Why not? You think someone's gonna ask who you are?
Justin: I had a vision about it.
David: So did I.
Justin: Really? What was it about?
David: That visionaries lie.
Justin: Well, some don't.
David: Oh, so I guess you've been hit by the Sandman. His sand has you in a deep sleep and this is all a dream. He's-
Justin: Okay, okay, I get it. You're now just rambling on and on.
David: True.
Matt: Guys, we should go. They already finished their meal.
Justin: We go in now and we could get caught. Let's wait a little while longer.
Matt: Fine.

They walked around the stage and stood center left stage. The scene changes yet again as they stood in the wings. Tony and Billy came out on stage.

Tony: Where's the chef? He should be out here helping us put this away.
Billy: He really can't keep making us do his job.
Tony: Take it all up.

Billy nodded, starting to take up the plates.

Tony: Antony!
Billy: Yeah?
Tony: You're needed in the foyer.
Billy: I can't be two places at once, y'know.

Logan and Dawn walked onto the stage, standing in front of everyone. Dawn had her arms folded over her chest, not wanting to meet this "Paris" guy.

Logan: Ladies and gentleman, welcome! Thank you for coming. Enjoy the rest of the evening.

The music began to play as everyone began to dance. Logan walked away with Cameron.

Logan: It's been a whole since our last dance. When was that?
Cameron: Thirty years ago.
Logan: Oh, God, it's been that long?
Cameron: Probably longer.
Logan: We need to dance again.

Justin walked over to Tony, pointing at Dawn who was dancing with James.

Justin: Excuse me, but who's that?
Tony: I don't know.

Tony walked away, leaving Justin by the wall. He looked at Dawn, admiring her.

Justin: She's...beautiful. She's one of a kind. She's the only one I can see in the room. No one is as as her. Oh, God, I think I'm in love with her.

As he walked towards Dawn with his mask on, Caleb saw him, balling his fists.

Caleb: Why is he here? He's not a Capulet. Ugh, I'm gonna kill that Montague.

As he stormed over to Justin, Logan stopped him.

Logan: Take it easy, where are you going?
Caleb: There's a Montague among us and I'm going to beat the life out of him.
Logan: It's Romeo, isn't it?
Caleb: Yeah, that retched Romeo.
Logan: Leave him be. I don't want a disturbance among us. What I've heard is he's the talk of the town and if we bash him, it'll be worse for us than if is for him. Just ignore him and enjoy the rest of the night.
Caleb: Fine, but only for you.

With that, he walked off with his fists clenched. Meanwhile, Dawn spun out of James' arms and landed in Justin's. They looked into each other's eyes as if they were the only ones in the room. He put a hand on her face, caressing her cheek lightly.

Justin: I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you are. How you dance with grace and how you stand out unlike any other girl here.

She pulled away, looking at him.

Dawn: Why are you here?

He took her hand in his, gently rubbing her knuckles.

Justin: To find out who you are.

She lowered her head, her eyes now on the floor.

Dawn: You might hate me if you found out.

He put his hand under her chin, lifting her head up.

Justin: I could never hate you.

She gave him a weak smile. He cupped her cheeks in his hands as he looked into her eyes.

Justin: Kiss me.

Her eyes went wide as she looked around the room.

Dawn: But what if someone sees?
Justin: Who cares?

With that, he leaned in and kissed her, whistles coming from the audience. They pulled away, smiling at each other. Sky pulled her away, separating the two.

Sky: Come on, Juliet. It's time to go.

Dawn and Sky walked away, leaving Justin by himself.

Matt: Come on, let's bounce.
Justin: Who was that?
Matt: She's a Capulet. Now come on.

He pulled Justin away, the lights going dim as everyone left the stage. Another scene change occurred, changing to an alley by Capulet's home. Justin walked onto the stage.

Justin: I don't care if she's a Capulet. I have to see her.

He climbed over the gate, landing on the ground. He his behind a shrub, trying not to be noticed. Matt and David walked onto the stage.

Matt: Romeo! Romeo!
David: He's so sneaky. We'll never-
Matt: He went this way. Call him.
David: Are you kidding? If Capulet's men hear us, they'll know he's in there. Let love get him trouble.
Matt: But...
David: Let's get out of here before we get caught.
Matt: What about-
David: Leave him. Let's just hope he comes out alive.

Matt rolled his eyes as they walked off the stage. The scene changed to the balcony at Juliet's room.

Tori: Juliet, what were you thinking?
Dawn: What?
Tori: You should have been kissing Paris, not Romeo.
Dawn: So that's his name.
Tori: Why did you kiss him?

She shrugged, biting her lip. Tori gasped, surprised.

Tori: You're in love with him?
Dawn: So what if I'm in live with Romeo?
Tori: You can't be, Juliet. He's a Montague.

Dawn stepped back, shocked by what she said.

Dawn: No. He...he can't-
Tori: But he is.
Sky: Face it, Juliet. Your love for him is forbidden. If you're seen with him, it could be your head.

They walked away, leaving her by the balcony. She sighed, looking up at the stars.

Dawn: Is it true? Is our love considered forbidden? Oh, Romeo, how I love you so. Why can't you be a Capulet like my father or someone from another city? Why does it have to be this way? Why can't our families get along for once? Does it have to be this way?
Justin: No, it doesn't.

She looked down, seeing him standing there.

Dawn: Oh, my God, what are you doing here?
Justin: I had to see you.
Dawn: You shouldn't be here.

He chuckled, climbing up the vine. He climbed over the railing. He cupped her cheeks in his hands.

Justin: I love you.

Before she could speak, he kissed her. She kissed him back, her hands resting on his chest.

Logan: Juliet!

She pulled away, looking into his eyes.

Dawn: You need to go.
Justin: When will I see you again?
Dawn: Soon. I'm not sure when, but soon.

He kissed her hand, smiling at her.

Logan: Juliet!
Dawn: Coming!

He climbed down, smiling at her as he ran off.

Logan: Juliet!

She spun around, facing him.

Logan: It's past your bedtime. You need your sleep.

She nodded, walking back into the room. The lights went dim, another scene change occurring. When the fluorescent lights came back on, the scene changed to Juliet's room and the courtyard. Dawn, Logan, and Tori walked onto the stage. Dawn collapsed onto the bed, covering her face with a pillow.

Logan: So how do you like Paris?

She groaned, rolling onto her stomach.

Tori: You're gonna have to like him.
Dawn: No I don't.
Logan: Yes you do because you're marrying him.

She rolled onto her back, sitting up on the bed.

Dawn: Why area you forcing me to be with someone I don't even love? Shouldn't it be my decision to marry who I want? If I'm old enough, to marry, then I'm old enough to choose who I want to marry. And I don't want to marry Paris.

She fell back on the bed, covering her face with the pillow.

Logan: What are we gonna do with her?
Tori: Give her time, honey. She'll come to her senses.

With that, they walked off stage, leaving her alone. Meanwhile, in the courtyard, Matt and David were waiting for Caleb to come along, since they rearranged the fight. Justin was hiding because he was trying to figure out how to stop the fight. David sat impatiently.

Matt: Maybe we shouldn't fight him.
David: Are you kidding? We scheduled a duel with him and we're not backing out now.
Matt: Well, you can fight him and get yourself killed.
David: Fine. Don't fight him and be looked down at for the rest of your life.
Matt: You heard what the mayor said. If blood is shed, it's our heads.
David: Stop being a wimp.
Matt: I'm not being a wimp. I'm being smart.
David: And where does brains get you? Nowhere.

Caleb walked onto the stage with some of his followers.

Caleb: I think you'd want to listen to Benvolio, Mercutio. I could kill you in the blink off and eye.

David came face to face with him, his switchblade ready in his pocket.

David: Do it then.

Just before Caleb was about to strike, Justin came between the two.

Justin: Stop. This isn't how we should settle things.

Caleb pushed him away.

Caleb: Get out of here, lover boy. This fight is between real men.
Justin: I promised Juliet I wouldn't let this happen.
Caleb: Who told you that you were allowed to see her?
Justin: No one, but-
Caleb: Exactly, no one.
Justin: I don't hate Capulets because I'm in love with one.
David: Oh, God, Romeo, just leave.

David pulled out a switchblade.

David: Choose a weapon, Tybalt.
Caleb: Certainly.

He took out a switchblade as well.

Justin: Mercutio, put that away.

Ignoring him, he began to fight with Caleb.

Justin: Benvolio, stop this.

Matt shook his head. Justin sighed, getting in between the two.

Justin: Guys, stop.

Going under Justin's arm, Caleb stabbed David in the side with his switchblade. David fell to the ground, holding his side. Matt got up, running to David's side.

Matt: What happened?

David removed his hand from his side, fake blood appearing on his hand.

David: I've been stabbed in the side by a Capulet.
Matt: I'll get a doctor.

Before he could run off, David pulled him back.

David: No.
Justin: The wound doesn't seem so bad.
David: But it is. I could feel the blood filling my lungs.

He looked up at Justin.

David: Why did you come in between us?
Justin: I thought I'd get hit instead.
David: Well, look where that led to.

Matt picked him up, helping him to the Montague's part of town.

David: Now either I'm going to die or live.

With that, he and Matt walked off stage, leaving Justin alone.

Justin: In everything I do, someone in my family ends up dead. I promised misled I would stop this fight, but I made everything worse.

He held his hand by his side, his knife in his pocket.

Justin: Forgive me,m Juliet, for I have to avenge my friend's death.

He walked towards Caleb as his followers congratulated him for killing Mercutio.

Justin: Hey, Tybalt!

Caleb turned around to face him.

Caleb: What, lover boy?!

Justin took out his knife, ran towards him, and "stabbed" him in the chest, his body going limp as his followers fled.

Justin: That's for killing my best friend.

He looked up, seeing Dawn in the window. He dropped the weapon, realizing he broke his promise to her. Kendall walked onto the stage, Juliet's bedroom moving into the wings. Logan, TJ, Tori, and Lynn walked onto the stage along with the citizens.

Kendall: What happened?

Matt walked onto the stage, standing by the wings.

Matt: I saw everything. Mercutio was killed by Tybalt who was killed by Romeo.

Everyone looked at Justin, their eyes showing hatred.

Justin: I did it out of anger. I never meant to take his life.
Kendall: Whether you did it out of anger or not, you still shed blood.
Tori: He's a Montague. He killed Tybalt in pure hatred of us Capulets.
Justin: No I didn't. I-
Kendall: Romeo, you are no longer allowed in the city of Atlanta. You must leave. Now.

Sighing, he turned around, walking towards the vom. Before he could walk away, Dawn ran onstage towards him.

Dawn: Romeo, wait!

He turned around, seeing her. She ran up to him, cupping his cheeks in her hands.

Dawn: Don't leave.
Justin: I have to. I killed a Capulet.
Dawn: Tybalt was a jerk anyways.

He took her hands in his, looking into her eyes.

Justin: I have to leave.
Dawn: Then let me come with you.
Justin: You won't survive the world beyond this city.

She put a hand on his cheek, caressing it with her thumb.

Dawn: You'd protect me. I know you would.

They both leaned in.

Logan: Juliet, what are you doing?!

She turned around as his hands wrapped around her waist. Logan and Tori walked up to her, pulling her away.

Logan: Leave. You're not welcome here anymore. Leave now.

Dawn tried to get out of his grip.

Dawn: Dad, please.
Logan: He killed Tybalt. He's banished and you can't do anything about it.

She got out of his grip, running towards Justin. Logan grabbed her wrist, pulling her back.

Logan: Juliet!
Dawn: I love him!

She threw his hand off, running into Justin's arms. Everyone onstage shook their heads. Logan grabbed her arm, pulling her out of Justin's grip.

Logan: Leave, Romeo. You're no longer welcome here.

He looked at Dawn, mouthing 'I'll come back for you' as he turned and walked away. Logan pulled her away, walking towards center stage. The lights went dim, the intermission beginning as everyone walked offstage.

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