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  • Published: 23 Jan 2014
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Everyone around us tries to split us up. Truth is, we always find each other. We're inseparable.


49. Chapter 46: Part 2

I wrapped my arms around her waist, spinning her around behind the set. I put her down, looking into her eyes.

Dawn: You're doing a great job.
Me: The beat part is no one knows we're dating.

She smiled, wrapping her arms around my neck.

Dawn: I enjoy kissing you onstage.
Me: Not in private?
Dawn: And in private.

I smiled, resting my forehead against hers.

Me: I love you.
Dawn: I love you, too.

I leaned down, capturing her lips in mine.

Normal POV

I smiled, kissing back. He pulled my body closer to him, deepening the kiss.

?: Okay, you two. Save it for the performance.

We pulled away, smiling at one another.

Ms. Wilson: Come on. We have a costume change and then we need to be onstage.

We nodded as she walked away.

Mr: Guess I have to change.

He kissed my nose, making it crinkle.

Justin: We'll kiss later.

I smiled, pecking his lips. I pulled away from him, walking towards the girl's dressing room.

Author's POV

The lights flickered, signalling for everyone to get back to their seats. When they sat down, the auditorium drew dark, the second act beginning. When the lights came back on, Dawn was on the bee with her head on the pillow. Logan and Tori walked onstage with Sky behind them.

Logan: You should be ashamed of yourself, Juliet. You don't love a Montague.
Dawn: Yes I do. I could care less what you say about him.
Logan: How can you love an enemy? You know the rules, Juliet. A Capulet always marries a Capulet, not a Montague.
Dawn: Whatever.

He sighed, walking out with Tori behind him. Sky sat next to her as she ran her fingers through her hair.

Dawn: What am I gonna do? I can never see him again and I'll be married before I do.
Sky: Maybe not.

Dawn looked at her, confusion written all over her face.

Sky: Benvolio told me where he is. He gave me the note Romeo sent him.

Dawn got up from the bed.

Dawn: Where is he?
Sky: He's in Fayetteville. He got an apartment there and he wants to see you.
Dawn: I'll leave tonight when everyone's asleep.
Sky: Good idea.

The lights went dim, the scene changing as they walked offstage. It changed to the courtyard, Dawn and Sky walking onto the stage.

Sky: You remember the address, right?
Dawn: Yeah.
Sky: I won't tell you're parents anything.

She spun around, hugging her.

Dawn: Wish me luck.

They pulled away.

Sky: Don't hurt yourself.
Dawn: I won't.

She turned around, running away. Sky let out a sigh.

Sky: I may be a Capulet and I may want you to marry Paris, but I also want what's best for you. I want you to be happy. And if you're happy with Romeo, then let it be.

She walked offstage, the stage growing dark. The scene changed yet again into the home "Romeo" was in. Justin was sitting on the bed, running his fingers through his hair.

Justin: I'm never gonna see her again.

He sighed, his head in his hands.

This is all my fault. If I didn't let my anger rise and burn up inside of me, I'd still be home and not here.

Just then, the door opened and closed, Dawn appearing on stage. He got up, looking at her.

Justin: Juliet?

She spun around, looking at him. She ran towards him, embracing him in a hug. He hugged back, kissing her forehead. She pulled away, looking up at him as she put her hands on his cheeks.

Dawn: I missed you.
Justin: You're not supposed to be here.
Dawn: Do you think I care? I have to do something besides sit in my room all day, waiting for you to come back.

He planted her lips on his, kissing him gently.

Dawn: I love you.
Justin: I love you, too.

She pulled away from him, sitting on his bed. He sat next to her, pulling her onto his lap. She smiled, kissing him. As they continued to kiss, the scene changed as the stage went dark. The scene was now the living room in Capulet's house. Logan was sitting on the couch, along with Tori and Sky. Tony came running onto the stage.

Tony: Juliet has gone missing!

Logan shot up from the couch.

Logan: What? She can't be gone. She went to bed after our talk.
Tony: She's nowhere to be found in Uptown Atlanta.
Then find her! Search all of Atlanta if you have to!

He nodded, running off.

Tori: What are we gonna do with her?

Logan looked at Sky who hasn't said a word.

Logan: Do you know where Juliet is?

She shook her head, her eyes on the floor.

Logan: Cat got your tongue? Where's Juliet?

She didn't reply.

Logan: Answer me!
Sky: She went to find Romeo!

She covered her mouth, realizing what she said. Tori stood up, looking at her.

Tori: And you let her?! Why didn't you stop her?!
Sky: The girl's in love.
Logan: So? That doesn't mean she can just go looking for him!

He sighed, running his fingers through his hair.

Logan: She's being married on Friday. No excuses.

The stage went dark, the scene changing to the apartment. Dawn and Justin were sitting up in the bed, her head on his chest as her fingers were locked in his. He played with her hair, twisting a few strands around his finger. He kissed her forehead, smiling down at her.

Justin: I'm proud of you.

She looked up at him.

Dawn: For what?
Justin: Leaving just to see me.

She smiled, sitting on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her waist, kissing her cheek.

Dawn: I love you so much.

He smiled, leaning in. Just before they kissed, Logan and a few others ran onto the stage. She got off of him, sitting on the bed.

Dawn: Uh...

She bit her lip, looking down at her lap.

Logan: Juliet, how could you?

She looked up at him.

Dawn: Dad, I-
Logan: Forget it. You're coming back home.
Dawn: No I'm not.
Logan: Fine.

He walked towards her, grabbed her bicep, and pulled her off the bed.

Logan: Now let's go.

Without another word, Dawn and Logan walked off the stage, leaving Justin behind. The lights went dim, another scene change occurring. It changed to Juliet's bedroom again. When the lights came on, Logan was pulling Dawn out into the stage, sitting her down on the bed.

Logan: Juliet, you know better than to go see him.
Dawn: What choice did I have. I told you I fell in love with him, but you refused to believe me.
Logan: A Capulet and a Montague don't belong together. It just doesn't happen.
Dawn: Honestly, I think the mayor would be happy if a Montague and a Capulet were together. It would probably help Atlanta instead of killing it.
Logan: I've had it with your obnoxious behavior, Juliet.

She stood up, getting in his face.

Dawn: I'm obnoxious? Maybe if you'd let me choose who I want to be with, I'd stop acting this way.
Logan: I'm not letting you choose because Paris-
Dawn: Paris this, Paris that. I've had enough of him! I love Romeo! Get used to it.
Logan: Enough!

She sat back down, his tone changing.

Logan: I'm changing the wedding to tomorrow. Don't try to talk me out of it because I'm not changing my mind. It's final.

He walked off the stage, leaving her on the bed. She groaned in frustration, throwing a pillow across the room. She ran her fingers through her hair.

Dawn: Why doesn't he understand?

She sighed dropping her head into her hands.

Sky: Juliet?

She walked in. Dawn rose her head.

Dawn: Yes?
Sky: I heard what Capulet said and...I want to help.
Dawn: How? I'll never see Romeo again.
Sky: You could.

She handed her a vile with clear liquid in it.

Dawn: What is this?
Sky: Chloroform, just in a liquid. The doctor gave it to me.
Dawn: But...why?
Sky: You want to see Romeo again, don't you?
Dawn: Yeah, but...
Sky: This will help. Pour it on a handkerchief before you wake up tomorrow. Cover your nose with it and breathe in. It will knock you out until sunset and when you wake up, you'll see him again.

Dawn wrapped her arms around Sky.

Dawn: Thank you.
Sky: I'll let him know what's going on.

Dawn nodded, pulling away. She took the vile and held it in her hands.

Sky: I'll leave to get him once everyone sleeps. Make sure to wake up before sunrise.

She nodded as Sky walked out of the room. The lights changed to a dimmer light, showing the time change. She held the vile in her hand along with a white handkerchief. She sighed, taking the cork off the vile. She poured all of it on the handkerchief, the handkerchief drying afterwards.

Dawn: It may be stupid, but if it's to get out of marrying Paris, I'll do it.

She put the cloth over her nose, taking a deep breath. Almost automatically, she fell onto the bed, the handkerchief falling from her hand. Sky walked into the room, taking the handkerchief from the floor. She walked offstage, shoving it into her pocket. As the lights slowly changed, Tori and Logan walked onto the stage. They saw Dawn passed out on the bed. Tori sat next to her, shaking her.

Tori: Juliet, wake up.

Dawn wouldn't answer.

Tori: Juliet.

She still wouldn't wake up. Tori shook her again, now panicking.

Tori: Juliet!

Logan walked over to them.

Logan: What's going on?
Tori: She's not waking up.
Logan: Get the doctor.

She nodded, getting up from the bed and running offstage.

Logan: Juliet, please, wake up.

Not a single word escaped her lips. He put a hand on her neck, checking for a pulse. Nothing. With his eyes wide, he ran off the stage. The stage grew dark, the scene changing again. It changed to a churchyard belonging to the Capulets. On a bed Dawn laid, her hands on her abdomen. Each Capulet put flowers around her, tears falling from their eyes. As everyone walked offstage, James was the only one who remained onstage. He knelt by her gave as the lights changed to before sunset. He sighed, standing up. Just before he walked away, Justin came onstage, stopping just before him.

James: Why are you here?
Justin: I wanted to see her one last time.

The tomb moved into the wings as they circled one another.

James: You're not welcome here.
Justin: I had to come.
James: No you didn't. Leave.
Justin: Not until I see her.
James: You have to go through me, then.
Justin: Fine.

Before he could strike, Dawn ran out onstage.

Dawn: Romeo.

His eyes met hers, his fist lowering.

Justin: Juliet.

He ran towards her, wrapping his arms around her. He pulled out of the hug, cupping her cheeks in his hands.

Justin: I thought you were dead.
Dawn: I was sleeping.

He leaned in, about to kiss her, when...

James: Stop this.

They looked at him. He took out a gun, aiming it at Justin. James grabbed her wrist, pulling her back.

James: If I can't have her, then neither can you.

Before the gun shot went off, Dawn pulled away from James and ran in front of Justin. When the gun sounded, she collapsed to the floor.

Justin: Juliet!

He ran to her side, moving her hair out of her face. With her "last breath", she caressed his cheek with her hand before her body went limp. Tears fell from Justin's eyes, gently lying down her body. Everyone came out onstage, surrounding the scene.

Justin: Let this be a lesson to all of you. First, my best friends, then Tybalt, and now the love of my life. In remembrance of my sweet Juliet, I ask you to put down your weapons and come to an agreement. Put your differences aside and come together. I know Juliet should appreciate it.

He put a hand on her cheek, caressing it lightly.

Justin: Do this for me dear, sweet Juliet.

He leaned down, kissing her. The stage went dark, the play coming to an end. The audience gave them a standing ovation as Justin pulled away.

Normal POV

I got up from the stage floor, walking off with Justin as the curtain closed. We stood in the wings as the curtain opened again. Everyone walked onto the stage except for the major characters. One by one, each person walked onto the stage. Justin walked onto the stage, bowing as the crowd erupted into applause. He looked at me, smiling. I walked onto the stage and bowed, the audience getting louder. I felt Justin's arms wrap around my waist as he kissed my cheek. I smiled, wrapping my arms around his torso. The curtain closed again as we walked offstage. When we were alone in the wings, he pulled me close to him.

Justin: I never knew you were so good at acting.

I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Me: Same here.

He smiled, leaning down. I pushed on his chest.

Me: We have to change.

He nodded, kissing my cheek.

Justin: Meet me in the foyer.

I smiled as he pulled away from me. He smiled, skipping to the boy's dressing room. I chuckled as he disappeared behind the door. I shook my head as I walked into the dressing room.

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