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  • Published: 23 Jan 2014
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Everyone around us tries to split us up. Truth is, we always find each other. We're inseparable.


47. Chapter 45

April 8, 2012
9:45 AM
Justin: Come on, Dawn! We're gonna be late!
Me: Coming!

I threw on a gray top, black shorts, and black Converse. I ran my fingers through my hair, then sprayed on some perfume. I grabbed my phone off the nightstand, shoving it into my pocket as I trudged down the stairs. When I got to the bottom of the staircase, I took his hand in mine and intertwined our fingers.

Me: Mom, I'm leaving with Justin!
Mom: Okay. Don't stay out too late.
Me: I know!

We walked out of my house, walking towards his car. When we got to the middle of the driveway, he picked me up by my waist and threw me over his shoulder.

Me: Justin, put me down!

When we got to his car, he put me down, his hands still on my waist.

Justin: Why do you do this to me?

I tilted my head to the side.

Me: Do what?
Justin: Make me fall for you even more?

I wrapped my arms around his neck, looking into his eyes.

Me: You tell me.
Justin: How can I explain it when you're the one causing it?
Me: You're so confusing.
Justin: You know you love me?

I rolled my eyes as he leaned down kissing me. I smiled, kissing back as he wrapped one of my legs around his waist. I pulled away, putting my leg down.

Me: Let's go before you're late.

He nodded, kissing my nose as we got in the car.


Justin: I gotta work, okay?
Me: Okay.

He kissed my cheek.
Me: Love you.
Justin: Love you, too.

He let go of my hand as he walked away. I sat on the bench, putting my headphones in.

Jordan's POV

I hate it here. It's like solitary confinement, but better. I don't have to wear a straight jacket or take meds. I just have to come here, talk about my problems, and go back home. I rented an apartment for two months. It's only been one so far and I'm getting the help I need. The TV was turned on, showing a picture of my daughter and that kid she was with. I balled up my fists as I heard the news report.

"Popstar Justin Bieber was spotted in LA with his girlfriend. We don't know her name yet, but..."

I grabbed the remote, changing the channel. If she's still dating that asshole when I'm finished with my anger management classes, I'm going lockdown on her ass.

Normal POV

I got up from the bench, taking an ear bud out. I walked towards Justin, seeing his hands on another girl. I stopped in my tracks, jealousy burning inside of me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. When I opened my eyes, Justin was standing in front of me.

Justin: You okay?

I nodded.

Me: Yeah. Can I borrow your car?
Justin: Sure, but why?
Me: I planned to meet Tori at the beach and I wanted to get lunch for us.
Justin: Oh, okay.

He took his keys out of his pocket, handing them to me.

Justin: Just don't crash.
Me: I won't. I've never been in a crash before.

I took the keys, kissing his cheek as I ran to his car. I got in and started it, turning on the radio to a Christian station. It's not that I didn't want to stay. I just didn't want to end up punching the girl in the face.

Justin's POV

I watched my car as she drove off in it. To me, it seemed like she didn't want to be here. If she didn't want to come, she could have told me.

?: Justin, let's go!

I sighed, walking back to the director.

Normal POV

I got out of the car, closing the door behind me. I walked down the hill, meeting Tori at the bottom.

Me: Hey.
Tori: Hey.

She looked behind me, noticing Justin's car.

Tori: You took Justin's car?
Me: Yep.

We walked down the beach, sitting in the middle of it.

Me: So how's you and Logan?

She sighed.

Tori: We got into an argument last night and he left. He hasn't talked to me all day.
Me: What was the argument about?
Tori: He was mad for something I didn't do.
Me: Maybe something happened at school or at home and he just blew up on you.

She sighed.

Tori: I think he's still in love with his ex, though.
Me: Does he look at her a certain way?
Tori: Well, no.
Me: Then he still likes you.
Tori: Yeah, but I'm not sure he loves me. 
Me: Has he told you yet?
Tori: No.
Me: Maybe he's waiting for the right time to tell you.
Tori: Easy for you to say. Justin told you the three words after he kissed you.
Me: But he waited six months to tell me. He wasn't ready to tell me when he first figured it out.

She shrugged, looking down.

Me: Give him time, Tori. He'll tell you sooner or later.

Her gaze remained on the sand as she played with her thumbs. I got up from the sand, hitting her shoulder.

Me: Come on. Let's get something to eat.

She nodded, getting up from the sand.

Tori: Can I drive?

I bit my lip.

Me: I don't know. I mean, it's Justin's car and...
Tori: I won't crash. I promise.

I sighed.

Me: Fine. But I'll be watching you.

I took the keys out of my pocket, handing them to her.


I walked into my house, setting the bag of Burger King on the coffee table. I walked up the stairs and into my room. I took out a button down shirt, black shorts, and black Toms and started changing. When I was in my clothes, I put my hair in a ponytail and grabbed my phone, shoving it into my pocket. I walked down the stairs, grabbing the bag and walking out of the house.

Justin's POV

Just as I got my second break for the day, Dawn pulled up in my car, not a single scratch on it. I smiled, walking up to her. She smiled at me.

Dawn: Hey.
Me: Hey.

She held up a bag.

Dawn: Brought you lunch.
Me: Thanks, babe.

I pecked her lips, taking the bag from her. I sat down on the bench, taking out a cheeseburger and some fries. She sat down next to me, resting her head on my shoulder.

Me: You okay?

She nodded. I kissed her forehead before eating my food.


Normal POV

I sat there with my head down as I waited for Justin to finish work. I hate it when he touches up on other girls. Not only does jealousy burn inside of me, but I also think he doesn't car. I think he doesn't care about me whenever he's with another girl. Sure, I'm jealous, feels like he doesn't care about me.

He walked towards me with a smile on his face. I faked a smile, hugging him.

Justin: Let's go home, okay?

I nodded as he kissed my cheek, pulling away. We walked towards his car, hand in hand, but without our fingers intertwined. When we got to his car, I let go of his hand and got in the car. I stuck my headphones in, listening to my music as he got in the car. He started it up and drove off without another word.

Justin's POV

I  kept glancing at her, her headphones in her ears and her lips mouthing out the words to the song she was listening to. I sighed, pulling into a dark alley where no one could see us. I turned off the car, looking at her.

Me: Dawn.

She ignored me, tapping on the dashboard.

Me: Dawn.

She ignored me again, mouthing the lyrics. I sighed, undid my seat belt, and took her headphones out of her ears. She took her phone out, turning off the music and looking at me.

Dawn: What the hell, Justin?!
Me: You've been ignoring me ever since we left. What's going on?

She folded her arms over her chest, turning her head.

Dawn: Nothing.
Me: Then why aren't you talking to me?
Dawn: Cause I don't feel like it.
Me: What did I do, huh?! What the hell did I do to make you so pissed at me?!

She spun her head around, getting in my face.

Dawn: You really want to know, Justin?! You, out of all people, should know why I'm pissed off!

My eyebrows knitted together as she turned back around. I didn't do anything to her. Why does she...then it clicked. My eyes widened as I looked at her.

Me: Was it because I was touching on another girl for my music video?

Normal POV

I didn't answer him. I kept my arms crossed as my gaze stayed on the brick wall next to us.

Justin: Were you jealous because I was singing to someone else?

I didn't answer him again. He sighed.

Justin: Dawn, I was just acting. It wasn't real. Besides, if I put you in it, then it wouldn't make sense because you're already my girlfriend.

There was a silence between us. Not a comforting silence, but an awkward one. That was until he broke it.

Justin: Dawn, just-
Me: Forget it.

I took my seatbelt off and climbed into the back seat. I crossed my arms over my chest, my eyes on the floor.

Justin: Dawn, you're being ridiculous.
Me: Maybe if you'd stop lying, then I'd stop acting this way.
Justin: I'm not lying to you!
Me: Yeah, sure.
Justin: I'm not lying!
Me: Whatever.

I looked out the window.

Me: Just take me home.
Justin: Dawn...

I looked at him, getting in his face.

Justin: I'm not taking you home until you stop acting like a bitch!
Me: I'll stop acting like a bitch when you stop acting like an asshole!
Justin: I'm not acting like an asshole! You just refuse to listen to me!
Me: No, I refuse to believe you, liar!
Justin: I'm not fucking lying! You just won't admit anything!
Me: Fine! You want me to admit something?! I was jealous when I saw you touching on that girl! That's why I went to hang out with Tori so I wouldn't let my anger get to me! I didn't want to ruin anything so I left! And the reason why I kept ignoring you was because I thought you didn't care about me! There, happy?!

The next thing that happened flew by quickly. He was on top of me, kissing me with so much passion. I kissed back with the same amount of passion, my hands on his cheeks. My hands moved to his shoulders, taking off his jacket to reveal his toned arms. His lips moved to my neck, sucking on my weak spot. A slight moan escaped my lips as his fingers played with the buttons on my top. He pulled away, nibbling on my ear.

Justin: You're so sexy when you're pissed off.

He pulled my shirt off, revealing my bra. He kissed down my neck to the middle of my chest as my hand rested on the back of his head. I felt his hands slide behind my back, his fingers tracing the back of my bra.

Me: Justin.

Ignoring me, his fingers played with the back of my bra.

Me: Justin.

Ignoring me again, he unhooked my bra, making me push him away and re-hook my bra. We both were breathing heavily as I put my shirt back on.

Me: We shall never speak of this.

He nodded as I buttoned up my shirt. I ran my fingers through my hair, climbing into the passenger seat.

Justin: I'm guessing you're ready to go home now?

I nodded. He climbed into the front seat, putting his jacket back on.

Justin: We should do that another time.

I rolled my eyes as he started up the car.

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