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  • Published: 23 Jan 2014
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Everyone around us tries to split us up. Truth is, we always find each other. We're inseparable.


46. Chapter 44

April 1, 2012
8:15 AM
I smiled, jumping out of bed. Finally, I'm seventeen. After one month of waiting, I'm finally seventeen. Justin was still asleep, so it gives me enough time to prank him. I snuck out of the room and into the bathroom. I grabbed my shaving cream and a feather and snuck back into the room. I shook the can and opened it, putting some on his nose. I then tickled his face with the feather, making his hand come on his nose and rub the shaving cream all over his face. I laughed, making him wake up. He looked at me, smirking. I put everything back and when I came out of the bathroom, he was sitting up in bed. He got up from the bed and charged at me. I ran out the door and down the stairs.

Justin: Get back here!
Me: No!

I ran out the back door as he chased me around the yard. He grabbed the hose and turned it on, spraying me with water. I shrieked, running around the yard to avoid the cold water.

Me: Justin, stop!

He turned the water off for a moment, giving me the opportunity to run towards him and take the hose. I turned on the water and sprayed him with it, making him jump.

Justin: No fair!

He turned off the water and took the hose from my hand. He dropped it on the ground and walked towards me. He put his hands on my face, wiping the wet hair out of my face.

Justin: Happy birthday, baby.

I smiled, wrapping my arms around his neck.

Me: Thank you.

He smiled, leaning in and kissing me. After a few seconds, he pulled away.

Justin: Come on. Let's dry off and change.

I nodded, kissing his cheek as we walked back inside.

Justin's POV

As she was taking a shower, I grabbed her phone and called Tori.

Tori: Hello?
Me: Hey, Tori.
Tori: Justin? What are you doing on Dawn's phone?
Me: Tell Adriana, Sky, and Mia to meet me at the park. I'll tell you why when I get there.
Tori: Okay. Bye.
Me: Bye.

I hung up, putting her phone on the bed. I changed into some shorts, a tee, Vans, and a hat. I shoved my phone into my pocket just as Dawn walked out of the bathroom.

Dawn: Who was on the phone?
Me: Scooter. He wants to know which girl I should use for the Boyfriend video.
Dawn: Oh.

I grabbed my keys and shoved them into my pocket.

Me: Anyways, I have to go to a meeting with him today.

She pouted.

Dawn: I don't want you to go.
Me: I know, but I have to. I'll call you.
Dawn: When?
Me: Later this afternoon.

I kissed her cheek.

Me: Love you.
Dawn: Love you, too.

With that, I walked out of the room and down the stairs. I hate lying to her, but I had to. How else am I gonna get this done? I walked out of the house and towards the car.

Normal POV

I ran my fingers through my hair. We haven't spent any time with each other since his birthday and I'm starting to become frustrated. I understand he has to work, but we don't do anything anymore. He's at work all day while I'm doing school. I don't go back to work until May, since I have school. I sighed, getting up from the bed and walking down the stairs.

Justin's POV

Tori: So why'd you ask to meet us here?
Me: I want you guys to take Dawn to the mall and get her a dress.
Sky: For prom?
Me: No, for tonight. I want to make tonight special for her, since it's her birthday. Take Demi if you need to.
Adriana: What did you tell Dawn?
Me: I told her I was going to a meeting with my manager.
Tori: Why would you lie to her?
Me: So I could have time to plan.
Adriana: Is it a party?
Me: No. It's a surprise date, since we haven't done anything in a while.
Sky: Oh, okay.
Mia: So why am I here again?
Me: I'll let you guys tell her.

The others nodded as I walked away. I hope Dawn isn't mad at me when she finds out I lied to her.

Normal POV

As I finished my breakfast, Pattie walked into the kitchen.

Pattie: Morning, Dawn.
Me: Morning.
Pattie: Where's Justin?
Me: He said he had a meeting with Scooter.
Pattie: Oh.

Just then, the door bell rang.

Me: I got it.

I got up from my seat and walked towards the front door. When I opened it, I saw my friends standing there.

Me: Hey.
Adriana: Let's go.
Me: Pattie, I'm going out with my friends.
Pattie: Okay, sweetie.

I closed the door behind me as they pulled me to Sky's Mustang.

Me: Where are we going?
Tori: The mall. Demi's gonna meet us there.

I nodded, not wanting to know what they're plotting.

Justin's POV

I walked into the studio, Scooter's head shooting up.

Scooter: Justin, you're not supposed to be here until tomorrow.
Me: I know, but I need your help with something.
Scooter: Does it involve your girlfriend?
Me: Yep. It's her birthday today and I want to surprise her.

He sighed and closed a folder on his desk, leaning back in his seat.

Scooter: What did you have in mind?

A smile crept onto my face.

Normal POV

They threw six different dresses at me and shoved me into a stall. I hate it when I go shopping with my friends. Mia wants me in black, Sky wants me in yellow, Adriana wants me in green, Tori wants me in red, and Demi wants me in purple, since that's Justin's favorite color. I chose blue, since that's my favorite color. I wore the black one first, looking in the mirror in the mirror. I made a face then walked out. They all frowned and pushed me back in the stall. One by one, there were thumbs down for the dresses. I put on the blue one and looked in the mirror. I hope this is the one. I sighed, slowly opening the door. When I walked out, their eyes went wide.

Demi: That's the one!
Tori: I agree.
Sky: Justin is so gonna love you in that.

My smile faded as I looked down at the dress.

Me: That's if he ever sees me in it.
Adriana: He will soon.

I lifted my head up and smiled.

Me: Let's get this one.

They all nodded as I walked back into the stall.

Justin's POV

Scooter: What that all?
Me: Yeah. Thanks, Scooter.
Scooter: No problem.

With that, he walked away, leaving me standing on the beach. I took out my phone and called Dawn.

Dawn: Justin, where have you been?!
Me: Sorry, baby. I was just-
Dawn: What, cheating?
Me: Baby, I would never do that to you. You know that.

I heard her sigh on the other end.

Dawn: Just tell me where you are.
Me: I'll have your friends bring you to where I am.
Dawn: Jus-
Me: Love you.
Dawn: Love you, too, but-

I hung up, shoving my phone into my pocket. I can't give her any hints. I signed, smiling as I walked back to my car.

Normal POV

I pouted when he hung up on me. Why can't he just tell me where he is? I sighed and called my mom.

Mom: Hello?
Me: Hey, mom.
Mom: Hey, sweetie. How's being seventeen?
Me: Ugh! Justin's so confusing. He won't tell me where he is, making me think he's cheating.
Mom: Maybe he had something to do.
Me: Like what?
Mom: Maybe he could me...oh, I don't know, preparing a surprise for your birthday.

I shrugged.

Me: Maybe. But he could have told me.
Mom: Maybe he didn't want you to know so you could be surprised.

I sighed.

Mom: I gotta go, sweetie. I have to go to work.
Me: Okay.
Mom: Love you.
Me: Love you, too.
Mom: Bye.
Me: Bye.

I hung, shoving my phone into my pocket.


7:15 PM

Adriana: Come on, Dawn!
Me: Chill out, jeez!

I pressed down my dress, looking in the mirror. I sighed, running my fingers through my hair. I walked out of my room and beader down the stairs.

Justin's POV

I made the finishing touches and straightened out my shirt. This is her birthday surprise and a make up for our three months date, since I was recording. I sighed, taking my phone out. I called Tori, putting the phone to my ear.

Tori: Hello?
Me: Are you bringing her?
Tori: Yep. We're on out way now.
Me: Okay. Bye.
Tori: Bye.

I hung, shoving my phone into my pocket.

Normal POV

We stopped at the top of the hill near the beach.

Me: Guys, why are we here?
Adriana: You'll see.

I rolled my eyes, getting out of the car. Once I closed the door, they drove off. I groaned. Why did they do that? I sighed and started walking down to the beach.

You're well on your way to where I am. Here, you have to take off your shoes. Then, you follow the rose petals along the beach.

I smiled, taking off my shoes. I held them in my hand as I followed the rose petals on the beach.

Justin's POV

I nervously ran my fingers through my hair. How will this date go? I'm so nervous. I want her to like it, but I don't think she will. Calm down, Justin. She's gonna love it. Stop being nervous.

Normal POV

When the trail ended, I came across another sign.

You make me the happiest person in the world. I'm so glad you're my girlfriend and I pray we stay together. I don't want to lose you ever and I never want you to think I'm cheating on you. It hurts when you don't trust me. Take a few steps.

I took about five more steps when I say something come into view. There was a table for two under the arc I love. Candles and rose petals surrounded the table on the sand. I saw Justin walk out from behind the arc, his shoes off as well. He wore a white V neck and black cargo shorts. He held a white rose in his hand as he walked towards me. When he came up to me, he handed the rose to me. I gladly accepted it, taking it in my hands. He wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him.

Justin: How do you like your surprise?
Me: I love it.

He smiled, pressing his forehead against mine.

Justin: Happy birthday, baby.

I smiled, wrapping my arms around his neck.

Me: Thanks.

He leaned in slowly, making me lean in as well. Before our lips met, he smirked and picked me up. He spun me around in the air, making me shriek.

Me: Justin, put me down!

He kept spinning me around until he got tired and put me down. I playfully hit his chest.

Me: Don't do that to me!

He smiled and pulled my body closer to his.

Justin: You look amazing in that dress, by the way.

I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Me: And you look attractive as usual.

He smiled, finally kissing me. I smiled into the kiss, kissing back. My fingers ran through his hair as his made circles in the small of my back. I jumped a little, my lips pulling away from his. He smirked, taking my hand in his.

Just on: Let's get this evening started.

I rolled my eyes as we walked towards the table.


We pulled up to his house, Justin stopping the car. He got out, closing his door as he walked around to my side. When he opened my door, I didn't get out. I just played with my fingers as I stayed put.

Justin: Baby, what's wrong?
Me: Can you take me home?

I looked at him, his expression changing from worried to astonished.

Justin: W-what?
Me: I just miss my mom. I haven't seen her for almost two months and I miss her.
Justin: But what about your dad?
Me: My mom told me he left to get help, so he won't be back until May.

He sighed, looking down.

Justin: Well, if you want to go home, let me at least spend the night.
Me: Of course.
Justin: Let me just tell my mom, okay?

I nodded. He gave me a quick kiss before closing my door and walking up the driveway.

Justin's POV

Me: Mom, I'm home!
Mom: Where's Dawn?
Me: She told me she wants to go back home, so I wanted to spend the night.
Mom: Okay. Just no...
Me: I know, I know. Mom, we're not doing that unless she's ready.
Mom: Shouldn't you wait until marriage?
Me: I know, but what if she's ready beforehand? What am I supposed to do, sit there and try to ignore my raging hormones?
Mom: Okay, I get it. Go get some clothes and I'll see you tomorrow.

I nodded, trudging up the stairs.

Normal POV

I stopped singing when the driver's side door opened. I turned my head, seeing Justin holding a duffel bag. He put it in the backseat, starting up the case.

Justin: My mom said it was okay as long as we don't...y'know.
Me: Yeah, that's not happening with my mom in the house.

He chuckled, kiss in my cheek as he drove off.


I closed the door behind us quietly, trying not to wake up my mom.

Mom: Jordan? Back al-

She looked up, her eyes meeting mine. I smiled, clasping my hands together.

Me: Hey, mom.

Without another word, she ran to me, embracing me in a hug.

Mom: I'm so glad you're home.

I nodded, pulling out of the hug.

Me: I missed being here.
Mom: Well, I'm glad you're home.

She looked over my shoulder, spotting Justin.

Mom: You're spending the night, aren't you?
Justin: Yes, m'am.

She sighed.

Mom: Just no babies in the morning.
Me: Mom!
Mom: Just saying. Good night, you two.
Me: Night.

With that, we headed upstairs.

Justin's POV

Once we were in her room, she began to unzip her dress.

Me: I'll change in the bathroom.

I walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I took off my clothes and put on a pair of sweats and no shirt. I walked out of the bathroom as Dawn finished changing. She turned around, running her fingers through her dark brown hair. I looked at her body. She was in a black tank top and short shorts. She honestly looked like a Victoria's Secret model, just not for bikini a. I licked my lips, making my way towards her. I let my clothes drop to the floor as I wrapped an arm around her average frame. Before she could get a single word out, I leaned down and connected our lips.

Normal POV

I cupped his cheeks in my hands as I kissed back. I fell back into the bed, our lips not parting. His grip on my waist tightened as I ran my fingers through his hair. His lips moved to my neck, his breath sending chills down my spine. He kissed lover, his lips reaching my weak spot. I bit my lip, holding in a moan. He made small circles with his fingers in my side, making me tense up. I felt his hands move to the waistband of my pajama shorts.

Me: Justin.

He ignored me, tugging on my shorts.

Me: Justin.

He ignored me again, slowly pulling down my shorts. I pushed him off of me, sitting up.

Me: Justin! What the hell is wrong with you?!

His eyes became soft and calm.

Justin: I...I'm sorry, baby. I...I couldn't control myself.

I sighed, running my fingers through my hair.

Me: Look, Justin, if this is what's gonna end up happening, then we can't sleep in the same bed.

I pulled the covers over me, lying down.

Justin: Baby...
Me: Good night, Justin.

I closed my eyes. I heard him sigh and felt the bed move under me. I let out a sigh before falling into a deep sleep.

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