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  • Published: 23 Jan 2014
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Everyone around us tries to split us up. Truth is, we always find each other. We're inseparable.


45. Chapter 43

March 2, 2012
3:00 PM
All day, all I have been doing is tutoring. Justin decided to home school me for the rest of the school year. He doesn't want me to get into another fight after what happened last night.

I sighed, sitting down in the grass with Mia, Adriana, Sky, and Tori.

Adriana: So how's Justin?
Mia: Ugh!
Me: He's okay. I think he's a little bipolar, though.
Sky: Why do you say that?
Me: Because yesterday he was mad because I punched Selena in the face and then he wasn't after I sang to him.
Mia: Sounds bipolar to me.
Tori: Well, Selena deserved being punched in the face.
Me: Exactly. But Justin said he could have handled it.
Sky: Well, he loves you, doesn't he?
Me: Yeah, but-
Sky: Then you don't need to worry him getting back Selena.
Adriana: Plus, didn't you say he told you he'd never love another girl the way he loves you?
Me: Well, yeah.
Tori: Which means he can handle a girl rubbing all over him.

I shrugged.

Mia: Can we go to the beach?
Me: Sure.
Sky: I'm driving!
Tori: You always want to drive. Let me drive for once.

I shook my head at their behavior and walked towards the parking lot to my car.

Justin's POV

I walked into the studio with my phone in my hand. Since I didn't work last night because of the party, I have to work all day today. I get to see Dawn tonight, but other than that. I don't get to talk to her all day. I shoved my phone into my pocket as I walked up to Scooter.

Scooter: Since Boyfriend is put forwards the end of the month, we'll start on that.

I nodded.

Scooter: Head in the booth now and we can begin.

I nodded, walking into the recording booth.

Normal POV

We sat down in the sand in a circle, drinking smoothies.

Tori: How many days of school is she gonna miss?
Me: I don't know, but if she missed any more, she's not gonna graduate.
Sky: Speaking of which, how come you weren't at school yesterday or today?
Me: Justin got me  a tutor, so I'm homeschooled for the rest of the year.
Adriana: Did he do that so he could spend more time with you?
Me: I think so. But it's not like we'll be doing much together. He has a photoshoot for Boyfriend all next week and he'll be in the studio working on Believe.
Mia: Which means you can spend every afternoon with us.
Me: Well...yes and no. Justin doesn't work on the weekends, so I'll be spending every weekend with him.
Tori: You're still going to prom, right?
Me: Of course.
Sky: Who are you going with?

I gave her a blank stare. She blinked and face palmed.

Sky: Duh!
Me: So what about you guys?
Tori: Me and Logan are going together.
Adriana: The rest of us are going as a group.
Me: What about the guys?
Mia: Carlos can't go cause he was suspended...again.

I rolled my eyes.

Adriana: Kendall isn't going, since he went last year.
Sky: And James wanted to take you, but since you're with Justin, he asked someone else.

I shrugged.

Tori: Are you going to graduation?
Me: Since my name is still in the school system, I just have to get my tutor to tell them I completed all my courses.
Sky: What about finals?
Me: Same thing. I tell my teachers to email each final to my tutor and then I take it whenever I'm ready.

I shrugged, taking a sip from my smoothie. Just then, my phone vibrated in my pocket. I put down my smoothie and took it out, smiling.

Me: I'll be back.

They nodded as I got up and walked away, putting the phone to my ear.

Me: Hey, Justin.
Justin: Hey, baby.
Me: Are you on break?
Justin: Yep.
Me: How many songs have you done so far?
Justin: I did Boyfriend, Believe, and a few others.
Me: That's good.
Justin: So what are you doing?
Me: Hanging out with friends.
Justin: Oh, okay. I have to get back to recording, okay?
Me: Okay.
Justin: I'll bring you and my mom something later. Is that cool?
Me: Yeah, that's fine.
Justin: Okay. Love you.
Me: Love you, too.
Justin: Bye.
Me: Bye.

I hung up the phone, biting and smiling as I walked back over to my friends.


I strummed another chord on my guitar. I'm trying to write another song, but I can't figure it out yet. Just then, I heard the door open from downstairs.

Justin: I'm home!

I smiled, putting my guitar down and rushing out of his room.

Justin's POV

Mom: Oh, good, you're back.
Me: I brought some Chinese home.
Mom: Thanks, Justin.

She kissed my cheek, taking the bag from me. Just as she walked back into the kitchen, someone tackled me to the floor. I looked up, seeing her beautiful dark brown eyes in front of me. I smiled as she smiled back.

Me: Hey, baby.
Dawn: Hey.

She got off of me, helping me up off the floor. Once I was on my feet, I wrapped my arm around her waist, pulling her close to me.

Me: Baby, why did you do that? I could have gotten hurt.
Dawn: I know, but I was just glad to see you come home. I haven't seen you all day.
Me: Same here.

I kissed her nose, making it wrinkle. I chuckled, intertwining our fingers together.

Me: Come on. We have to eat.

She nodded, resting her head on my shoulder as we walked towards the kitchen.

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